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**** love love love YOU’RE ALREADY AMAZING by Holley Gerth… the chapter on “what’s your emotional style” so clicked with me… i dont know whether it was a fashion/shopping thing or the fact that as a mums group (and the women from our young adults housegroup) we’ve been going through UNGLUED by lysa terkeurst so i’m more hyper aware of ways to articulate emotionals and emotional transformations… nothing says it better than an extreme makeover!


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we all have an emotional style…  a one of a kind, complex way of showing our hearts to the world.  imagine i pick you and a friend up and take you to your favourite shop.  as you walk through the door i say “surprise! i’m sending you on a shopping spree.  you both get to pick an outfit.  there’s only one rule – it has to reflect you.”  while you and your friend might have a lot in common, you’re most likely to get something entirely different.  maybe you’re a “jeans a t-shirt” kind of girl while she heads right over to the pumps and pearls.  even if you choose something similar you’ll probably pick out a different colour or size.  what if i took you to another store, but this time it was filled with emotional expressions instead of clothes?  the same thing would probably happen.  your friend might feel totally comfortable in bold yellow joy while you feel more at home in the laid back blue of peace.  there would be all kinds of reasons why you made your choices, ranging from where you grew up and what you were taught in church, to how your brain is wired.  God, the ultimate designer, has custom created an emotional wardrobe for you.  and its beautiful. ~ Holley Gerth // You’re Already Amazing page 60


each one of us thinks our normal is THE normal.  our way of life, responses, and yes, emotions make sense to us.  but ultimately, our reality has to be tested against God’s ways of doing things. ~ Holley Gerth // You’re Already Amazing page 65


it may be just that once made sense no longer works now.  its time for a new emotional fitting!  you may have responses in your emotional closet you “outgrew” years ago.  ~ Holley Gerth // You’re Already Amazing page 67


its one of the great mysteries of womanhood that we all have moments when we stand in our closet, look at our clothes, and still think “i’ve got nothing to wear”.  and i’ve got a confession: its bee one of those weeks for me emotionally.  when that happens, its time for an emotional style check. ~ Holley Gerth // You’re Already Amazing page 70


Thankfully God’s promises give us something better to wear. ~ Holley Gerth // You’re Already Amazing page 72


what’s one emotional style you’ve learned from your upbringing that you want to keep?

what’s one you’ve outgrown and need to replace with God’s way of doing things instead?




"sometimes we girls think if we don’t make instant progress, then real change isn’t coming. but that’s not so. there is a beautiful reality called imperfect progress. the day i realized the glorious hope of this kind of imperfect change is the day i gave myself permission to believe i really could be different!" ~ lysa terkerust / unglued



*** i couldn’t help it… its been a LOST kind of day today… i love LOST



*** our mums group are working through the UNGLUED series by Lysa TerKeurst and wow is it fantastic… challenging, life changing, encouraging…


in week #4 we looked at 5 steps to work through in an unglued moment – in the moment where ALARMED, i RESOLVE (2 Chronicles 20) and i choose to be on God’s side and to do His will His way.


here are the 5 steps to help me remain emotionally more anchored in God…

Between the panic that begins Jehoshaphat’s story and the peace that ends it, the king’s actions provide a compelling framework for bringing our own unglued reactions to a peaceful end:

  1. Remember who you are (2 Chronicles 20:2-4)
  2. Redirect your focus to Jesus (2 Chronicles 20:12b-13)
  3. Recognize God’s job isn’t your job (2 Chronicles 20:14-17)
  4. Recite praises and thanks to God (2 Chronicles 20:18-22)
  5. Realize that reactions determine reach (2 Chronicles 20:23-30)
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