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as one year finishes

and another approaches

i go into a season of dreaming vs doing

its school holidays

i’m present with my kids

adventuring with purpose

and the “other side” of my life goes on pause

but my heart grows

and i feed my vision

reading, praying, playing, dreaming

excited and expectant about what the next year brings

2014 will have new adventures



and i pray for grace and wisdom to stretch to fill the spaces God has called me into


to be who i am meant to be

i dream



i am the woman at the well

i am the paralytic

i am thomas

i am peter

i am the woman with an issue of blood

i am the woman caught in her sin

i am blind man told to wash in the pool of silom

i am Barabbas

i am mary martha and lazarus

i am the lost sheep, the prodigal son


i am thirsty and rejected

i am crippled by fear

i am the one who doubts

and then denies

i am the one unclean

i am the one looking for love in all the wrong places

the one who doesnt know the way

i am the one guilty

the one dead on the inside

lost, alone


He is my Saviour

who filled my heart with grace and love

who set me free

who gave me faith

who gave me purpose

made whole

who invited me with grace

and gave me eyes to see

who made me acceptable and innocent, free


found, loved


inspired by I AM by chistopher glenn


i can do all things

through Christ

who gives me strength

who empowers me

who leads me

who connects me with people and circumstances

who directs me into lives

it is His wisdom

and His words

and His heart and His perspective i need

i feel so inadequate in the face of what i know and what i see

but i know that He sees the unseen and the invisible

and that He speaks the truth that brings freedom

and He has the power that brings life

so i lean on Him

i lean into Him

i trust

i keep my eyes fixed on Him and take confidence in the glimpses where i know He is at work in and through me

where tears fall and where hearts soften and mend

let the weak say, i am strong

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from the inside out

Jesus changes us

Heals us

Restores us

He is all we need, the One who satisfies the hunger in our souls

Freed from shame and guilt, grief and pain

He transforms

Alive, Innocent, Righteous, Accepted, Beloved

He calls me by a new name

No longer ashamed

But now His Daughter

from the inside out

He makes me new

I will live in the freedom He has given me

I will live in the newness He has won for me

I will live alive and loved

I open my arms wide, to embrace and choose His ways and His love and His grace

No longer far away but brought near

No longer weighed by my past

But now set free to be all He has dreamed me to be

from the inside out

never the same


you have won

victory is all yours

and though here on earth

day by day

i walk

i fight

i stand

i rest secure

not dismayed

not overcome

not defeated

because you have won

victory is all yours

chains are broken

weight is gone

darkness lightened

i walk it out

i fight from victory

i stand in the midst of the storm

i rest secure in the knowledge i am yours, that you love me, that you rule and reign

breakthrough is near

victory is all yours

i am your daughter

i am your heir

i walk in all you have purchased for me

God is my healer

He is my strength



righteous one




what do you live for?

if we’re christians we live to know God and make Him known

and wrapped up in that is to be conformed to the character and heart of Jesus

to be like the Son

to demonstrate His love and grace on earth






we sometimes focus so much on wanting to know “what we’re going to do when we grow up”

that we can forget the BE part

who will be BE

not just when we’re grown up

but right now

we live not for ourselves

but the glory of our God

who has ransomed and rescued us

redeemed us and recruited us

if you dont know the DOING part of what you’re called

then dont worry, you know the BEING part

Be like Jesus

love like Jesus

serve like Jesus

be transformed and conformed into the image of the Son

and from there you will flow

live for His fame

live for His name


never be ashamed

of who God is and what He is doing

never be ashamed of His Kingdom and His righteousness

and the plans and purposes He has for us

never bow to the lower standard

but continue to rise and stand for Jesus and holiness

you are a child of the King

a son or daughter of the most High God





God is gracious and compassionate

know that and live that

for faith and righteousness please God

live with an eternal perspective

and trust in Him and His love

you are a child of God





you are a light

and the darkness tries to diss the light and diminish the light

let God’s voice be loudest

let His love be strongest

stand strong and firm for Jesus knowing that He is your sure reward


Your Word

is a love letter

of hope and grace

love and power

written to me and everyone else

Your love never fails

its so much higher, wider, deeper and fuller than i can imagine or dream

You are always with me

and will never leave me

loving me first

even in my brokenness and rebellion

You made the way

love expressed on the cross

salvation purchased, freedom wrought

loving me, calling me, drawing me, compelling me, saving me

Your Word is truth

when i doubt, or fear

when i would hold myself back

you pull me closer

never forsaking me, even in my brokenness and rebellion

Your love covers me

it sets the captives free


You love

You love me.


rain 2

this morning in worship as we were singing LET IT RAIN by Michael w Smith and Jesus Culture… such a “for such a time as this” song in our church – i was so moved to be calling out and praying for God to move and pour out His Spirit that this “saying” or “cry” resonated in my heart… only by Your Spirit… 

only by Your Spirit can revival happen

can the lost be found

can the sick be healed

the captives set free

only by Your Spirit

can blind eyes be opened

physically and spiritually

can lives be changed

fires lit

people restored

only by Your Spirit can we see what we dream of, can we built Your church and see Your Kingdom come

only by Your Spirit can a nation change, can i change

Come Holy Spirit

come Holy Spirit

come Holy Spirit

let it rain on me


i am calling out to You

my Lord, my God, my strength, my Rock

in You i put all my hope

i call out to You with need

knowing You are always with me

always there

always for me

My Father, my refuge, my Saviour

i know You see

i know You hear

i know You are here

i am calling out to You

ever knowing Your love and kindness

ever seeking to know You more

my God, my shelter, my Shepherd, my King

i will call

i will see

i will hear

i will know

You are here

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