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Prayer isn’t crucial because it changes God but because it changes me!

Simple, heart felt prayers where I ask God to be with me, have an amazing way of filling in some really big gaps in my life.

When I pray, I see things more clearly. I realize perspectives otherwise beyond me. And, I gain wisdom that can override my frail humanity. Sometimes when I pray I feel confident that I’m right, or am convicted that I’m wrong.

It’s interesting that in order for God’s peace to rule in my heart as mentioned in the Bible… I have to spend time with God!

Praying helps me do just that. And the really beautiful thing about praying for God to be a part of our day is that it can start at any time. Even right now.

by Lysa Terkerust

“In every block of marble i see a statue as plain as though it stood before me shaped and perfect in attitude and action. i only have to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” Michelangelo

Sculpting a masterpiece doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a process that requires time and careful work. The same is true for imperfect progress. God is chiseling us, making us new – and that requires time, careful work and a great deal of grace. ~ Lysa Terkeurst


"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4)

This doesn’t mean he’ll give us whatever we desire. In a sense that would be cruel and dangerous.

This verse means the more we offer Him our pleasure, satisfaction, and delight as a surrendered gift, the more the desires we have will change to match His. It’s really a matter of trust. And a matter of rightly placing our delight into the hands of the only One ever meant to hold the weight of something that precious.

  ~ Lysa Terkeurst


i adore books. 

i am sure books is the 6th unwritten love language.  when i love someone, i give them a book.  when i am loved, i am given a book.  okay, so perhaps its a combo of gifts and words of affirmation…

but i sure love books.

and my husband loves books.  we are a book family.

we had to laugh though when we married and married our books together, filling a huge bookcase.

my books were all about revival and old dead guys who lived it.

tony had books about marriage and kids.

yes seriously.

for a long time the books i added were about leadership and evangelism, but over the past year i’ve added a bunch of really great marriage books to the case.  i must be maturing…


Some recommendations:

What Did You Expect? Paul Tripp

For Women Only / For Men OnlyShaunti Feldhahn

Sacred Marriage – Gary Thomas

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage – Mark Gungor


Other recommendations: aka books i love!

PursuedJud Wilhite

Leading and Loving it by Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson

Kings Cross – Tim Keller

Sun Stand Still – Steven Furtick

Death by Love – Mark Driscoll

Unglued – Lysa TerKeurst 

Undaunted – Christine Caine



our bookcase is at capacity.  our hallway bookcase is overflowing.  i confess i covet those inbuilt floor to ceiling bookcases… sigh… that would make my heart happy…  i find our bookcase is also the central place for photos, keys, pens, rings, craft things, screwdrivers… its the whatever place… there are times i wish it was more organised (aka less cluttered) but it really is a snapshot of who we are and our heart…


What books do you love?

ps oh i wish that was my bookcase above….!

Simon Peter had no idea that his obedience to something that seemed so small and insignificant could help him discover his calling in life, but it did! What little thing is God asking of you today?


i remember when i was at university my dream was to work in a church one day.  and be a youth leader.  they were my two life goals.

i had a big gap in my lecture schedule on a Thursday so i used to go and fold the church weekly newsletters.  back in the day we didn’t have flash printers that folded the newsletters themselves.  seriously.

so i would go and hang out in the office and fold the newsletters.  all of them. they needed folding – and well, i could fold.  it was a way to serve and make life easier for the staff.

it was a great opportunity to be around the church staff.  to have conversations with them.  to become friends with them.  to position myself  in their space and influence. 

i LOVED folding the newsletters because of this opportunity to be around them and to in my own small way, contribute to building the Kingdom of God.

anyway, to cut to the chase – when our youth leader stepped down i was asked if i would consider taking it on.

through folding the newsletters, saying yes to God to serve in what seemed such a small and insignificant way, i opened the door to my future and dreams  i developed credibility with the staff and grew by listening to them talk about God, church, life etc.



Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.  Be faithful in what opportunities are around you.  Be consistent and develop credibility and a record of faithfulness.  God will open the door at just the right time.


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Peter’s radical obedience to Jesus’ simple request ultimately resulted in him discovering the calling on his life.  Lysa Terkeurst // page 117 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN SAY YES TO GOD


The Lord’s request made no sense in human terms. Lysa Terkeurst // page 117 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN SAY YES TO GOD


we have to remember that Simon Peter didn’t know that something as mundane as lowering his net into the water would change his life – but it id!  and that’s how it can be for us.  our calling is revealed as we walk in daily obedience to Christ in the little things. Lysa Terkeurst // page 117 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN SAY YES TO GOD

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i love podcasts.  i listen to them when i go to bed, or when i’m not sleeping that great.

i think its so good to feed you heart and mind with truth, teaching, encouragement and challenge.  as a preacher i love listening to the different styles and “voices” people have, the way they tell stories, the way they communicate their message.


some of the ones that i def keep up with (i have some that are like, if its a really bad night i will, or if i’m wanting something different) that i thought i would share with you:

The River Christian Church – my church.  i love our pastors preaching.  and i’m on the list too there…

Tim Keller – He has one from his church but you can also search his name on itunes and find him at the Gospel Coalition (along with peeps like Matt Chandler)

Jud Wilhite from Central Christian Church (Los Vegas) – doing a great series in Revelation at the mo, and i love his PURSUED book

Judah Smith from The City Church – i have his JESUS IS book – love love love – and again love his messages and style of preaching

Coffee With Christine Caine – weekly podcast that just so hits where it needs to hit – challenging, inspiring, encouraging, practical.  love them!

Lysa Terkeurst – you have to itunes search her name – she has spoken at Elevation Church and other conferences and churches.  LOVE anything she does.  real. raw. funny.  wonderful.



Do you have a favourite podcast you listen to?


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"sometimes we girls think if we don’t make instant progress, then real change isn’t coming. but that’s not so. there is a beautiful reality called imperfect progress. the day i realized the glorious hope of this kind of imperfect change is the day i gave myself permission to believe i really could be different!" ~ lysa terkerust / unglued



*** i couldn’t help it… its been a LOST kind of day today… i love LOST



*** our mums group are working through the UNGLUED series by Lysa TerKeurst and wow is it fantastic… challenging, life changing, encouraging…


in week #4 we looked at 5 steps to work through in an unglued moment – in the moment where ALARMED, i RESOLVE (2 Chronicles 20) and i choose to be on God’s side and to do His will His way.


here are the 5 steps to help me remain emotionally more anchored in God…

Between the panic that begins Jehoshaphat’s story and the peace that ends it, the king’s actions provide a compelling framework for bringing our own unglued reactions to a peaceful end:

  1. Remember who you are (2 Chronicles 20:2-4)
  2. Redirect your focus to Jesus (2 Chronicles 20:12b-13)
  3. Recognize God’s job isn’t your job (2 Chronicles 20:14-17)
  4. Recite praises and thanks to God (2 Chronicles 20:18-22)
  5. Realize that reactions determine reach (2 Chronicles 20:23-30)

"I need my own set of default procedures for when selfishness, pride, impatience, anger, or bitterness rear their ugly heads. Because in the moment I feel them, I feel justified in feeling them and find them hard to battle. But God’s promises – His truths and examples from Scripture – are powerful enough to redirect me to the divine nature I’m meant to have." ~ Lysa Terkeurst ~ Unglued

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