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today: is monday #weseetomorrowfirst and i confess, i do love mondays!  monday is my day off and i try to fill it with friends who do my heart well.  this week also my girl goes to school camp!  exciting stuff but oh my mummy heart is stretching!

want to be: close to God

blessings: opportunities

thinking: about the amazing privilege i have to walk through life with amazing people

planning: on having an awesome week

listening to: Ascend the Hill.  i found a cd of theirs in my car last week (after i thought i had lost it a year or so ago) and its like having a new cd.  they’re amazing if you havent heard them, check them out!  will wreck your heart!

watching: arrow

reading: hmmmm i confess that i’m not really reading much at the moment.  blame the overdue fines at the library.  i am reading MINGLING OF SOULS by MATT CHANDLER on my tablet.  is very good!

writing: a message for friday night at youth!

loving:  my family

grateful: for God’s grace and love

orange flowers


today: is monday #weseetomorrowfirst and the first day back at term for the kids at school and me at SAS

want to be: speaking the words of God, hearing His unique and on time message for preaching this Sunday night

blessings: opportunities

thinking: about the amazing privilege i have to walk through life with amazing people

planning: to drink turkish delight this week

listening to: Hillsong NO OTHER NAME – sooooo good.  loving that the songs are all about jesus.

watching: downtown abbey season one on dvd

reading: leaders eat last

writing: about energy management for SAS next week

loving:  my gracious husband

grateful: for God’s grace and love


today: is a great sunday for afternoon snoozing

want to be: more wiser, more deeper, more real, more connected to God

blessings: compliments

thinking: about the amazing privilege i have to walk through life with amazing people

planning: term 2 for SAS

listening to: ginny blackmore – bones (like right now!)

watching: the blue sky

reading: allegiant by victoria roth

writing: about beauty and media myths (SAS)

loving: the revival bible

grateful: for God’s grace and love


today: i’m at our SAS re:retreat – we were meant to be away last week at a bach but unforeseen circumstances meant we had to postpone it… so we’re doing some of our content in the class room today and making the most of auckland’s glorious locational beauty

want to be: the J.J.Abrams of preaching and communicating (aka creative and unique and innovative)

blessings: watching God unfold His plans in peoples lives

thinking: about needing extra hours in the day

planning: this week is pretty time crunched so i’m planning my time tightly… its all go with re:retreat, ConnectLIVE, dental nurse appts, dr appt, camp meeting, housegroup, mumstime, mentoring, bible in schools (back for the first time this year!)

listening to: Tides Live

watching: Field of Dreams tomorrow night

reading: Having a Mary Spirit in a Martha world – Joanna Weaver

writing: a TOUCH YOUR WORLD message for sunday am on 16th march @ The River 

loving: SAS

grateful: for grace


today: has been one of those yes days – great morning at church, great church lunch, great conversations and connecting, great chillaxing in the arvo and tonight i’m preaching – i count this as a good day!

want to be: speaking God’s words

blessings: opportunity

thinking: about personal preaching goals

planning: our SAS camp this weekend coming up in Whiritoa (beach views!)

listening to: bryan and katie torwalt’s KINGDOM COME album

watching: my kids play minecraft with tony

reading: Culture of Honour by Danny Silk

writing: last minute changes for my message tonight – on Joshua 5:13-15

loving: the grace and power of God, He is more amazing than i can even imagine

grateful: for 5am-s


today: is sunday, a wonderful opportunity to draw close to God and to love people

want to be: following Jesus completely and wholeheartedly so that others are drawn to Him

blessings: the incredible sunrise this morning, though the sky has gone gray and now its raining

thinking: about making the most of the last day of school holidays

planning: a roast dinner with family tomorrow night

listening to: loving ZION UNPLUGGED by Hillsong United. so good.

watching: Sherlock S1

reading: Before Happiness by Shawn Anchor

writing: assessments for SAS (Set Apart School) at The River 

loving: the undeserved but very welcome grace of God

grateful: for opportunities to be me


today: is the first day of the holidays and my girl slept in till 9.30am – yay! 

want to be: present during these holidays, creating moments and memories

blessings: Caleb won an amazing award at the school prizegiving that so commends him for WHO he is… feel so proud and honoured to be his mum

thinking: about christmas food – i‘m cooking this year for our family and tony’s mum – we’re having a pork roast and roasted veges, pigs in blankets and then mixed berries, icecream and meringues (for those that can eat them)

planning: SAS (Set Apart School) for next year!

writing: assessments

loving: reading the Word of God afresh, esphesians still continues to blow me away

grateful: for a family that never gives up, always hopes, loves together

listening to: alive by young and free with evangeline singing and dancing in the background

reading: RED by Ted Dekker



inspired by finding joy

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today:  is sunny and the family are off at granny’s doing some tasks that require men and power drills while i prepare an amazing roast dinner and enjoy some writing time

want to be: overcoming

reading: my son got given a bunch of artemis fowl books a few weeks ago and i am loving them!  also reading Quiet by Susan Cain

listening to: Bryan and Katie Torwalt KINGDOM COME

looking forward to: face to face time with our Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE group next week!

blessings: seeing people step out and be who God has created them to be

thinking: about our upcoming young adults camp The Weekender in just under a month!

planning: The Weekender!

writing: housegroup session for this week about attitude, habits, vision and destination

loving: sunshine and columbus coffee mentoring sessions

grateful: for a really encouraging prophetic word last night at church


inspired by finding joy


today: evangeline is sick… not sure if its a bug or allergy related… i’m soooo not good with vomit

want to be: drawing closer to Jesus

blessings: i got real mail today!  i won a copy of Leading and Loving It by Brandi Wilson and Lori Wilhite and it arrived today, beautifully presented with love! 

thinking: about our Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE group starting this tuesday (for me! Monday night for most of the group).  i’m really excited about what God is doing to do in our group and why He has brought us 12 women together for such a time as this!  yay for technology that despite distance and even time zones we can join together to share and pray and encourage each other to go hard after God, to serve Him and build His Kingdom.

planning: bible in schools lessons for the rest of the term

reading: back over things i’ve written on my blog and i’m not sure if its odd or not, but i’m encouraged by what God is saying to me through what i’ve said (is that odd?)

listening to: Glorious Ruins by Hillsong – loving this album!  and my son has developed a fondness for Mumford and Sons so yay spotify – we’ve been having a blast!

writing: posts for a new adventure

loving: how our family pulls together

grateful: for a husband not freaked by vomit or freaked by a wife that doesnt do well with it


inspired by finding joy


today: is one of those days – and i’m glad to be a SAHM so i could curl up, throw on spotify and have some worship and horizontal time! 

want to be: learning more and more about God every day – He is amazing – and i want to be able to communicate that reality and grace and power and understanding

blessings: my lovely kids, my funny (in a good way!) husband and wonderful friends

listening to: rend collective, phil wickham, bryan and katie torwalt

watching: love person of interest – partly cos it has a LOST connection!

planning: on tidying the house tomorrow!  housegroup tomorrow night – but washing on the racks in the lounge and washing to put away – yay for all that sunshine!

writing: intermediate school applications

loving: God’s grace and never ending love

grateful: for the open doors and opportunities


inspired by finding joy

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