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i was sure i had written down what i would specifically intentionally pray for on {Pray Day} days… but i cant find it… so here it is:


Monday – Family

Tuesday – Revival/New Zealand

Wednesday – Housegroup

Thursday – Me

Friday – Church


the purpose of {Pray Day} is to have intentional targets to pray and seek God on – its “part” of my time with Him and may sound more like ticking a list or “work” than love relationship but it works for me to keep my focus as well in those areas i am called to have authority in. 


Jesus, i pray that You would write Your message upon our hearts that we might speak life, hope, destiny and purpose into these young people

i pray that You would open their eyes to the reality of Your love and greatness, that they would find their greatest satisfaction in You.  i pray that they would know who they are in You, what their giftings are and what You have called them to do and be.  that they would be secure in purpose and confident in serving, empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

i pray that we would have lots of fun and that you would build community amongst us, that we would create lifelong friendships and be open with one another, able to challenge honestly, encourage lavishly and walk through life together.

i pray we would learn well, that we would love Your Word and love Your presence.  teach us new ways to communicate with You, to connect with You, to communicate with each other and to follow hard after Your ways and Kingdom. 

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today is the first day of my {Pray Day} and i’ve chosen to begin by praying for those closest to my heart and my primary mission.  my family.  this includes my wonderful husband, my spunky kids, my parents, my sister and brother, sister in law etc.  family. 

my heart is that they each come to know Jesus as saviour and that they will love Him all the days of their life. 

i pray my kids will grow up strong in their faith, confident in Jesus’ love and grace, knowing He has called them and empowered them and through Him they can do anything.  i pray their spirits will be drawn by the power of the Holy Spirit closer and closer to God, that they will not be distracted by friends or the world but that they will hold fast to God.  i pray they will run and not grow weary and that they will see amazing things, and do amazing things, for the kingdom of God.  i pray their hearts will be encouraged today and that they will learn to hear the voice of God. 

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