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tomorrow in SAS we’re talking about personality and using the myers briggs personality test to examine ourselves a bit closer…  its a great way to wrap some words about some aspects of who we are… and can give good insights why someone is wired a certain way…  me and antonio find it really useful when we find ourselves on different pages to then stop, look and semi analyse what and why we may be feeling a certain thing.  it helps us understand ourselves and each other better.


i am a ENFP = Extravert(67%)  iNtuitive(50%)  Feeling(75%)  Perceiving (11%)


and my results are:  ENFJ Extravert(100%)  iNtuitive(62%)  Feeling(88%)  Judging(11%)

  • You have strong preference of Extraversion over Introversion (100%)
  • You have distinctive preference of Intuition over Sensing (62%)
  • You have strong preference of Feeling over Thinking (88%)
  • You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging  (11%)



When I was about 6 months old as a Christian our church went on a family camp. As just as at the previous camp when we were sent out to go and talk to God, where I sat under a tree and cried my eyes out because I knew I was never good enough to get to heaven on my own, the camp I got saved at… we got sent out to go and talk to God. I again picked a tree to sit under and you guessed it, cried my eyes out. And I didn’t really hear anything. I had some massive walls up and I was just trying to figure this whole knowing God thing out anyway.

Anyway after a while I went to the bathroom, near the tree, to wash my face. I looked up and on the mirror was scratched my name. My name! I thought that was “cool, but weird” and so went outside. My eye caught the reflection of glass in the sun right where I had been sitting. I went over, curious, to investigate. There where I had been sitting was a broken bottle or glass. The glass was old, worn and dirty. Broken. You could hardly see through it. At that very moment I heard God say that though you may be like that glass now, dirty and broken, I will make you like that mirror. That mirror with my name on it.


as seen on fb… 8 things you may not know about me



1.  i am an amputee (okay, just the top digit of my little finger, but still) (i had a trike accident when i was 4) (i now have a stumpy little finger and no nail)

2.  it rained on my wedding day and we had no flowers because our florist was on the scene in a traffic jam at a fatal accident but have amazing photos with black umbrellas.  you don’t appreciate how wet it is until you see the video.   our exit song from our reception, organised by our fabulous MC’s was “Bless Her Beautiful Hide” from 7 Brides For 7 Brothers, which is one of my top 5 movies, still.

3.  i have complicated food and environmental allergies, which means i follow a pretty restricted diet, but the trade off to health is so much more worth it.  but i do miss marmite and burgers and chinese food.

4.  i have a second life at night when i don’t sleep and listen to podcasts

5.  i adore turkish delight hot chocolate

6.  i’m still obsessed with LOST and almost any tv programme that i end up liking has some connection to LOST, be it by actor or by director.  my favourite characters in LOST were ben, jacob, daniel, desmond, locke, hurley, sawyer and kate.   i confess, that yes my daughters name is partly inspired by Lost.   Lost is my happy place.

7.  my bookcase reflects my personality and passion.  i am sure books is the 6th love language, or a combination of words of affirmation and gifts (my top two) for me.  if i love someone, i give them a book and if i get given a book i feel supremely loved. 

8.  i love jesus and still get awed by His love and grace

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i’m always a little bit fascinated by personality tests – and love that empowerment that comes with reading a tag line that describes how i’m wired.  perhaps that’s a words of affirmation / love languages thing…


anyway i was encouraged by the Strength Finders test (results below) as it again reminds me who i am and what i am passionate about and to walk THAT road… not someone elses road. 

i am ME.

this is who GOD has made me.


I am His and for His glory and purpose. 

I am wired a unique tailor made way for the purpose God has me.  And its enough.  More than enough. << DO THE TEST





Belief: people strong in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.

Positivity: People strong in the Positivity theme have an enthusiasm that is contagious. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.

Developer: People strong in the Developer theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements.

Self-Assurance: People strong in the Self-assurance theme feel confident in their ability to manage their own lives. They possess an inner compass that gives them confidence that their decisions are right.

Significance: People strong in the Significance theme want to be very important in the eyes of others. They are independent and want to be recognized.

“I have but one passion: It is He, it is He alone. — Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf




my main passion in life is to know God and make Him known.   really it is my version of love God and love people. 

to live this out i:


know God

  • advocate strongly for bible plans and regular quiet times
  • carve out time for God – put it in your diary
  • just do it – make it a habit
  • have fresh worship
  • go to church, be part of a housegroup
  • read books
  • listen to podcasts
  • feed your spirit
  • be intentional


make Him known

  • go to church, be part of a housegroup
  • talk to strangers
  • live it out in your real life
  • be authentic
  • be open to talking about God
  • pray for people
  • be connected
  • you are the senior pastor in your world


you may have heard me say one or all of those things.  they are the fabric of who i am and how i live my life.  its not about rules, but its about relationship with knowing His love and His grace and His purpose for life and then living it out in our real world.

Claire McLean LandL


**** introducing myself for our Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE Group (for more info about my group check HERE: Leading & Loving It ConnectLIVE)


Name: Claire

Where are you from: I’ve lived here in Auckland (our countries largest city), New Zealand but spent my childhood/teens moving around the country, from the tip of the south in a rural town to the top of the north.  New Zealand has a population of about 4 million people, 1.5 million of them living in Auckland. The LOTR was shot here in New Zealand and it is stunningly beautiful!

Where do you live now? Auckland, New Zealand

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today is an auspicious day.

today i turn 20.

it was 20 years ago today that i stood and went up the front at an easter camp, in a shearing shed, and said YES to Jesus.

it was 20 years ago today that i became a christian.




i grew up in what could be called a semi religious home.  my mum took us to the catholic church.  i made my first communion and confirmation.  my dad stayed at home and cooked amazing roast lunches.  i DID really want to know God though and there are several experiences that i know have shaped my faith, expression and relationship with God from childhood but church was boring and irrelevant.

In early teens though i decided that God must not be real, as He didn’t seem to be “there” – so I figured I would live my life without the “hassle” of thinking about Him and “His laws” (very catholic way of thinking) and so did that.  i chose to live my own life my own way.

Our family moved quite a bit and when I was 15 we moved from Gore (the 5th place i’d lived already)… where I went from a 300 student co-ed school to Blenheim, where I had to go to a 1000+ all girls school!  Talk about freak out!  It was major culture shock!  one of my new friends then casually asked me during classics class if i would like to go to  youth group with her.  I went along with her one night for one reason and one reason only.  There were boys there!  Great reason for going to youth group eh lol!

Anyway on that first night someone PRAYED and I KNEW God was REAL and I knew I wanted to know Him. i had seen people pray my whole life when i went to church with mum – and this was like it was real, and that he was really talking to a real God, that i could know, not far away, but near and personal, and not grumpy and angry, but loving and filled with grace.

i didnt really know what being a christian was and if it was diferent from what i had seen on a sunday growing up, but i felt there must be something more.

I waited until I went to their Easter Camp (about 3 weeks later) and there, not knowing what a Christian was or did, what the expectation was, what my life would be like… anything… yet I became one… I went up the front and responded to God, and encountered Him radically. By that i knew something was different – that i had given my life to God and became His child. sounds like a Christian cliché eh, but very real. i felt clean and new and forgiven. life had purpose and meaning. it was the start of an adventure.

so i went along to easter camp and i think for the first time heard clearly about who Jesus is and why he died on the cross and that you could have peace with God, peace on the inside.

i went forward when they asked if anyone would like to give their lives to God and had what can only be called a supernatural experience.  i felt God.  i felt a warmth and a heat that couldnt be explained by the room i was in.  i felt happy and peace.  i felt loved.  i knew that i had crossed a line, that 10 minutes before i was not a christian but then all of a sudden i was. 

it was more than going to church but about having a connection with God.  a connection i have all the time.  and that it was more than rules and being a nice person.  i pray and spend time with God, in my real life day.  i believe He speaks and guides us, supports us, encourages us.

there was a song that played during the camp that really spoke to my heart. 

Don’t you know that i formed you, before you were born i knew you, don’t you know that my plans for you are good.

look and see I’ve engraved on the palm of my hand, look and see I’ve engraved you on my hands


Did you know that your name is tattooed on the palm of God’s hands?

Did you know that?

Your name.

My name.

My name is engraved on the palm of the hand of God.

It is for sure engraved on the palms of Jesus’ hands – great big gaping nail hole wounds.

It was all because of love that Jesus died.  It was all because of love that God sent Jesus to live and to die on the cross as the sacrifice that pays for our sins.

The Bible is a book all about God’s love for you and for all people. This love was revealed when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came into the world as a human being, lived a sinless life, died on the cross, and rose from the dead. Because Jesus died, your sins can be forgiven, and because He conquered death you can have eternal life. You can know for sure what will become of you after you die.

You have probably heard the story of God’s love referred to as the “Gospel.” The word Gospel simply means “Good News.” The Gospel is the Good News that, because of what Christ has done, we can be forgiven and can live forever.

The Bible puts it this way…  Colossians 1:20-22 And God was pleased for Jesus to make peace by sacrificing his blood on the cross, so that everyone would be brought back to God. You used to be far from God. Your thoughts made you his enemies, and you did evil things.  But his Son became a human and died. So God made peace with you, and now he lets you stand in his presence as people who are holy and faultless and innocent.


20 years ago i discovered that God really is real.

and i discovered His love is amazing, everlasting, unchanging.

i discovered freedom, peace, hope.

i was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now i see.

“I have but one passion – it is He, it is He alone.” 

Count Nicolaus Ludwn Zinzendorf


today i celebrate a milestone.  an anniversary. 

it was 19 years ago today that i became a christian.

19 years ago my life changed for eternity.


i had recently moved to a new town with my family and was now attending a huge girls only school.  culture shock. when a friend invited me to youth group i had one thing on my mind.  were there boys there?  yes?  great, i would go.  great motivation to attend a youth group eh…

but i went and while there on the very first night i discovered that God was real and had a real strong sense that i had to do something about that.


i so went to their easter camp and i knew i was going to become a christian… whatever that really was…  seriously i didnt know what i was signing up for…


the camp was held at a shearing shed in a beautiful mountain surrounded valley in marlborough.

the speaker spoke about jesus and eternity and heaven and knowing God.


on the saturday afternoon he told us to go away and talk to God.

i sat under a tree, hiding from everyone, crying and making snot because i KNEW i was not good enough to make it to heaven on my own and that i had a dirty heart.  the anthem of the camp was keith greens Create in me a Clean Heart.  i knew that though i was only 16 and had lived an okay life that i was still dirty and guilty and not good enough.


that night the speaker shared the gospel. that jesus died in my place.  that jesus makes me clean.  that jesus makes the way to heaven.

he gave the invitation and i went forward.

and encountered God.

and had a heart transplant.


i was forgiven.  made new.  saved.  rescued.  cleansed.  loved.


19 years ago changed my life.  changed my eternity.




God himself was pleased to live fully in his Son. And God was pleased for him to make peace by sacrificing his blood on the cross, so that all beings in heaven and on earth would be brought back to God. You used to be far from God. Your thoughts made you his enemies, and you did evil things. But his Son became a human and died. So God made peace with you, and now he lets you stand in his presence as people who are holy and faultless and innocent.  Colossians 1:19-22

inspired by holly furtick’s post INSIGNIFICANT THINGS ABOUT ME i thought i’d give it i a go and give you more insight into my world




1. i read about 4 books at a time… one at night in bed, one while cooking diner (between stirs etc), one in the car while waiting for the kids to come after school, and usually another random/teaching type thing

2.  i love LOST.  you probably knew that if you’ve read my blog for more than 2 minutes

3.  i learned to bake about 3 years ago as a new years resolution and because my daughter has food allergies.  i’ve become a lot more adventurous over the past year.  some would even say i’m good.

4.  i have a very southern accent… southern New Zealand that is… means worrrrds like churrrrch and worrrrd and purrrrple and spirrrrit and shirrrrrt all come with complusorrrry extrrrrra Rs

5.  i can only play one game of Settlers in a row. 

6.  i go to an awesome brows place that takes 90 seconds to do them.  seriously.

7.  i listen to preaching at night if i cant sleep

8.  i am not a morning person but have in the last 3 weeks totally changed my routine so i get up at 5.30am

9.  my favourite way to spend an evening (apart from housegroup) is to curl up on the sofa next to my hubby and watch something like Fringe.  or Lost.

10.  i cant drink coffee after 10am in the morning.  i have a 12 hour affection level.

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