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It has been a month to the day since I got completely healed from severe  multiple food allergies.

The miracle happened at our church, The River Christian Church (Auckland) conference – HIS PRESENCE Conference | UNCONTAINABLE.

The conference itself was phenomenal.  The worship went off in every session.  Each message was bang on and relevant and God’s NOW words for me and so many others.  It was great to connect with River people and friends from other churches, and of course, make new friends.  Our kids had their own River Kids conference and had an amazing time discovering more about God and His great love for them.

I felt that the message on the Friday night by Paul Saunders was just for me.  It was so where I was at – or more importantly, so where I need to be.  It was about no limits and how nothing is impossible with God.  He challenged us to live uncontainable lives, believing that God is the God of no limits and all possibilities and to lift our expectation.

I left that night after the ministry time, where I encountered God in an amazing way, full.  Satisfied.  Challenged.  If nothing else happened on conference I would have been happy.

Then Saturday morning happened. Read the rest of this entry »


The other day I hinted that I had something incredible to share with you.

Four days onwards I am still finding it hard to wrap words around what has happened.  Its that momentous.

Let me begin with the backstory.

For a number of years I had some serious health struggles.  I was always exhausted.  I was always sick.  My skin was raging with eczema.     My vitamin and mineral stores within my body were depleted.  Life was becoming gray.  I was always at the dr and spent a few years constantly being on and off antibiotics for various sinus and skin infections. The only solution was to take antihistamines and go to bed.  Nothing was changing.  Progressively it became worse. Read the rest of this entry »


I have something incredible to share with you all…

but as yet I still havent been able to find the right words.  I havent been able to wrap words around how amazing it is, how amazing God is.  Yes, I’m speechless!  I want to tell the story and do it justice in a way that people would know that God is real and that nothing is impossible for Him.  I want to tell it in away that conveys the magnitude of what this means for my life.

I’m awestruck.


I’ll give you a clue.

That’s me getting prayed for at our #HisPresence14 Conference at The River over the weekend.

And I got healed.

Seriously healed.

Life changedly healed.

Watch this space for an update later in the week!

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i brought these for the kids but… well… you know how it goes… mango slices are delish!




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on saturday our church took part in the Botany Community Day for our 3rd year running.  its a great way to connect with the community and to let people know who we are etc.  we had a mini carnival area for the kids and gave out balloons and Water From The River.  its always a fun day and i love some of the random and God conversations!  even spiderman loves our water!





today i discovered  a new bread.  allergwise bread.  its gluten free, egg free, dairy free – aka good for me!  and its THICK!  and has real crusts!  and is amazing! like real toast.  the texture and taste is like real toast!  its completely different from all the other gluten free breads on the market. as a result my tummy is so full!   i had some for lunch and then we had bacon on toast for dinner!   i purchased my loaf from New World Botany for $7.50


also loving:

SAS re:retreat

field of dreams

river water

bible in schools

holistic hair shampoo and conditioner

winter pj pants


hkc youth

bacon.  of course bacon

elevation worship

christine caine

live your list podcast

Leading and Loving It

chunky necklaces

random questions






and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.



so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving

1621811_10201674898574564_942216624_n 1926714_10201675386946773_188936644_n

This past week part of Caleb’s intermediate school homework included baking for the Room 11 Hottest Homebaker.  They had to bring baking for 30, that reflected their family heritage.  We chose Belgium Slice because i make it, my mum makes it and her mum made it.  Of course i make mine gluten/dairy and egg free so we had a tag team with me and tony in the kitchen for supervising different ingredients.   He also had to write the recipe out, create a display sign and write a few paragraphs about why this entry reflected his family heritage.  The results, i’m told, are delicious.



Belgium Slice

125g olivani

125g sugar

1 egg replacer (or 1 egg)

1T golden syrup

1 ½ c gluten free flour

1t gluten free baking powder

2t cinnamon

2t mixed spice


Cream olivani and sugar

Add egg replacer, mix well

Add syrup and sifted dry ingredients


Press into a greased flat slice tin

Bake 18 mins in moderate oven 180degrees

Ice with white icing and sprinkle with raspberry jelly crystals




“I just made excuses until my dream came true!” Said no one ever.

It’s true, excuses never move us forward. They only drive us backward, but we still make so many of them, don’t we?

If ideas came as easily as excuses, we’d all be geniuses.

Today’s task is to drag a few of your excuses into the bright light of day.

I want you to write down three excuses that you tend to make. And then I want you to write the truth beneath them. I’ll go first:

1. It’s hard to work out because I travel so much.
Not true. I won’t start speaking a lot and travelling a lot until April. It’s very easy right now to work out.

2. It’s hard to eat healthy because I have so many lunch meetings.
Not true. Nashville is full of healthy restaurants.

3. The workout my trainer gave me takes too long.
Not true. I just don’t give myself enough time at the gym.

The funny thing is that once you do this exercise, it’s harder to listen to those same excuses next time.

Get your pen, get your paper, get your Facebook group.

Let’s eliminate a few excuses.


Jon Acuff

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36539_10200307230423715_811794454_n 1006158_10200307238463916_1735587968_n 1010359_10200307236743873_415052479_n

not loving the cold – but love the neat scarves my mum knitted for the kids and couriered up to us!  i think today feels like the coldest day ever – we went out for lunch and to the movies with Granny – so was super nice to be able to wrap up warmly!  by the way we saw Despicable Me 2 and thought it was super cute, super sweet and quite funny!  The minions rock!  i’d really like to see EPIC – myself, perhaps not with the kids, maybe not with evangeline… has anyone seen it?  thoughts?





i’ve got a rep at church as “the gluten free girl” – mostly because i’m semi obsessive about things in my life and the huge lifestyle changes i had to make last year.  i have a friend who has just gone gluten free and she was asking me about baking.  i confess i haven’t baked much in the last few months – unless i’m making a never fail LOVE CAKE packet mix… so i broke out my gingernut recipe over the weekend and made crisp crunchy gluten free gingernuts.  so scrummy!  they’d be perfect to dunk in a cuppa coffee…

Kevin Olusola – totally loving this guy.  got hooked on him when my hubby played me a cool coke ad… so being the geek i am i had to google him more… and remembered i had done this before… and then on youtube saw he played with gungor… things were clicking into place.  i love gungor.  anyway back to kevin… wow.  talented.  faithfilled.  awe-some!  He plays cello and beatboxes.  at the same time and is part of Pentatonix


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elevation church have amazing creative people on their team… i was incredibly moved by this easter presentation, a wonderful analogy of jesus, the sin remover, the life giver



On a Friday morning, two thousand years ago, Jesus stood before the people, and Pilate declared, “Behold the man!” It was the sixth day of the week, the day God created man. And now the second Adam was undoing the first Adam’s sin.

Adam was always meant to wear a crown. Now Jesus would wear one.

Adam had been sentenced to toil among the thorns. Now Jesus would have those thorns twisted into His brow.

Adam was ashamed of his failure and sought to hide behind fig leaves. Now Jesus would wear the purple robe and hear the taunts of the mockers.

The hands of humanity that reached out for the forbidden fruit were the fists that beat the face of the precious Savior.

“Behold the man!” Pilate didn’t know what he was saying, but John the apostle did. Jesus is the perfect man. The image of the invisible God, the beginning and the end, the One in whom all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell. The one who shows us what God always intended humanity to be like. He is the One who takes the shame of our sin and bears the mockery of evil.

::: go read the whole article by Trevin Wax here at The Gospel Coalition



734416_4705677520216_1859551020_n 429445_4705672160082_1572824983_n 163587_4705675840174_958998956_n

last week i said i *wanted* to make some homemade cream eggs.  well i did.  they were fiddly and you had to be fast or the innards would melt… but they taste good.  esp the next day!  the kids thought i was super mum.  okay, i think i’m super mum making them! 


also Totally Loving:

All Sons & Daughters

Ungled by Lysa Terkeust

Butter Chicken by Magi (dairy and gluten free!)





and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.  so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving

evangeline’s ballet class are learning contemporary ballet.  love that!  whenever i think of CB i think of fix you SYTYCDA… this version always makes me cry. oh i wish i could dance like that!  here is another elevation church interpretive dance to hillsong’s oceans song (on ZION) that is awesome!





Cadbury Eggs Decoded!  Finally, you can make Cadbury-style Creme Eggs at home any time of year.  And you want to know the biggest secret?  The recipe is incredibly simple!  The molding takes some time and patience, but if you’re not concerned about looks, these babies are easy to crank out, and possibly more addictive than the real things.

**** so going to make these!




We’re priv’d to be doing some dating mentoring with some of our young adults… last night we sent them away with homework – to complete a myers briggs personality test thingy… great way to wrap some words about some aspects of who they are… can give good insights why someone is wired a certain way… i am a ENFJ = Extravert(67%)  iNtuitive(50%)  Feeling(75%)  Judging(11%)





483648_4674150252054_770585631_n 544523_4673723441384_1847758044_n 27157_4673875205178_1861452298_n 487491_4674010808568_1822926486_n

on saturday we went to the manx society train day.  this is usually held at christmas time but last year was rained out and the year before was cancelled because of my father in laws death.  so this was the first time back to a place and occasion that holds significant memory and association.  they had an easter egg hunt, lunch and train rides.  and this year the lovely elderly train driver trained my tony to be a driver… and tony broke the train.  ok, the train broke by itself, but tony was on his first lap as a driver.  so we’re milking it, with love, for all its worth.    it may become a “thing.”  aka, i got a speeding ticket in the mail yesterday, but tony broke the train. 



and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.  so what are you totally loving this week?

… check out what other peeps are loving whatever day of the week it is over at MNM’s BLOG

things im loving


coming up at the end of march i will have been gluten free for a year.  a whole year.

i’ve been egg free for about ten years and dairy free since september. 

i miss cheese.

i miss soft white fluffy buns and pizza.

i miss takeaways and convenient food.

i miss puff pastry and macaroni cheese.


but for me my allergies just aren’t about food.  its about life.  and surrender. 

its about walking with jesus.

yes i know.  geeky eh.  but it has become an analogy for me.


you see i have a very  restricted diet.

there is food i WANT to eat (even crave to eat) but i know it will make me really sick. sick sometimes for a week.  sick enough so i am unable to function as a wife, mother or person.

so i choose health and all the restrictions that brings.  i choose a lifestyle of surrender.

sometimes its really easy and sometimes its really hard, but i keep the end goal in mind – health.

feeling well.  feeling energetic.  free from the limitations reactions bring.

the same in my life, there are things i feel i want, even crave, but they’re things that God says are not beneficial to me, and are sin, and so even though the temporary may feel good, i choose the eternal.

i choose surrender.

i choose restrictions.

i choose to be free.

i choose life.

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