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This week again you can find me writing over at The Fearless Experiment.

It is such an honour to lend my heart and words to this incredible platform.  Lindsay is an awesome wife, mother, speaker, writer and all round woman of faith.  She has created The Fearless Experiment to reflect her passion for people, esp women, to step out and live fearlessly in love with God and loving people, daring to stand up and daring to step out into great things with God.

When she asked me to write I felt so privileged and also so freaked.

This is me stepping out.  This is me out of the box and out of the out boat and out of my comfort zone.

But that is the beauty of it.

I get to live it.  I am daring.  I am putting my hand in the hand of God and though afraid, am doing it anyway.

I get to call myself fearless.


This week’s Fearless post is about not letting our history define our identity or limit our destiny.   I’d love you to go over and read.

Paul hasn’t swept his history under the mat, ignoring it, but he has settled it with God. He has faced forward into forgiveness which means his history no longer restrains him, so he can overcome and face forward into his destiny.  This one thing He does.  He chooses faith.  He chooses hope.  He chooses the grace of God.  He chooses to be fearless in the forgiveness that God abundantly offers us.

Take grasp of this radical truth: God does not love you because of your performance; He loves you because of your position as His child.  With God, our value has never being in question.

Fearless Ones, we are children of God; we are valuable, and God wants to pour His love out on each one of us in amazing, remarkable, personal ways. We have to believe what God says about us even more than what we think about who we are.

God loves us not for who we are but for who Jesus is in us. There is nothing we can do to earn His love. He loves us simply because we belong to Him.  Stop trying to earn God’s love by what you do and give thanks that He loves you just as you are— not some future, fixed up version of you, but you right now.


How are you living fearlessly today?

Give me blogging + coffee

For me blogging is an expression of my own personal mission and purpose: to know God and make  Him known.

I read a fabulous quote today over at Jordan Fortenboher’s blog today that describes my own heart for blogging.  “Intentionality gives your blog both direction and momentum.”

Today I join part of a BLOG HOP which explores why I write and what I am working on.  Answering these questions stretches me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to be introspective about something I do for love and love to do.

Like Bunny from THE MASKED RABBIT who invited me to participate in the Blog Hop I question the validity of giving myself the label “writer”.  But here we are.  Writing.   And nearly 3400 posts on my blog probably backs me up.  That is a lot of words used.

Bunny has a fabulous blog that explores life and faith from her perspective as she lives it out.  I have appreciated her as we connect across the miles to talk about Jesus and walking with Him.  She always has something positive and encouraging to say and has an incredibly creative heart.  I think she has an eye for beauty and sees the potential in people.  God is writing a beautiful story through her life.

So to the matter at hand.  The questions.

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oooh wordpress just sent me a message to say happy five year blogging birthday! 

thanks for everyone that has come along for the ride and joined the conversation

i’ve made some amazing friends, despite distance and time zones

and shared my heart

thanks all!



so here are five things i love about blogging:

1.  communicating – i love talking to people, in real life, on the phone, at church, up the front, at housegroup and on the blog…

2.  comments – i love when people comment and share how something i’ve written touched their heart or was what they wanted to hear, or was the third thing they’d read that day on the topic aka that God was speaking and breathing through these written words

3.  connection – i so appreciate the connections i’ve made on here – ongoing friendships and shared appreciation of blogs

4. Christ – i love Jesus!

5.  calling – i feel that writing is part of my calling – to know God and make Him known, even if it is as a file for quotes i collect and ideas that may morph into a housegroup night or a preach…



because you believe, you speak @stickyjesus

that so sums me up.  because i believe, i speak.  because i believe, i blog.

i blog, because i have something to say.

i’m a talker.  and a writer.  i love to use words.  i love to communicate.  i believe it is in my DNA to talk and speak and communicate the gospel.

when i was little and in primary school i dreamed of becoming a writer. 

significant moments and memories involve writing.

publishing books in class.

special stickers on my writing.  i love gold stars! 

locking myself away in my bedroom with the typewriter creating a new fairy tale.

as i got older i wrote for the school page in our towns newspaper and (geek i am!) loved writing essays for classes.

and then i wrote lessons for housegroups i led.

then about 6 or 7 years ago i heard about blogging.

its writing.

with people to read it.

because if you’re like me, you write, but you want people to read.

what a gift!  i love blogging! 

blogging is the ordinary person having an opportunity to share their story, to teach and preach, to given opinion and insight.  and ordinary people anywhere in the world can do this.  me, a sahm in auckland, new zealand – the ends of the earth – can be read by someone in Hawaii, Helsinki, Haifa, Halifax, Hamburg or Hollywood. 

writing is a voice.

blogs generally echo the personality of the author, church or company @stickyjesus

i use my voice to declare the good news of what God is doing and has done in my life.

i use my voice to share His goodness and faithfulness.

i use my voice to point to a way of living and doing.

i use my voice to encourage.

well that’s my plan and purpose.

blogging is simply a new way of telling stories.  in the same way that we seek out new modes of worshipping, preaching and reaching out, we must find new methods of sharing stories.  brian bailey, the blogging church @stickyjesus

my mission statement is to KNOW GOD and MAKE HIM KNOWN

it is my mission statement for every part of my life

my writing, my blogging is an expression of making God known.

its an extension of my speaking voice and the way i live my life out for jesus.

the name of my blog comes from this quote here:  I have but one passion—it is He, it is He alone. The world is the field & henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ. … Count Zinzendorf

i blog because i love jesus and i want you to know His great love for you too.

my prayer is that people that stumble across my blog will hear His voice resonating through my words.

that they will see how God’s work in my life is real – and that He wants to work in their life too.  theres something about that “if it works for HER, then it may work for me” premise!


But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all- surpassing power is from God and not from us. 

We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives.

However, we possess this precious treasure [the divine Light of the Gospel] in [frail, human] vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves.

2 Corinthians 4:7 NIV, MSG, AMP

i’m always amazed that people come to my blog and read.

and that they comment!

and i’m humbled when what i’ve said is something that blesses them and encourages them and challenges them.  yesterday i reposted something i had posted a year or so ago.  it came up on my radar and i just had a nudge to repost it again – Never Never NEVER Give Up.  and people commented that it was just what they need to read at just the right time.  wow.  what a gift that is for me too.  that God would use my words and my blog to communicate His great love to those who need to hear HIs voice and feel His presence.  blogging isnt just about what I have to say but about what HE has to say.  through me.

blogging creates communities and connections.  i have friends who i have met through blogging – i read their blog or they read my blog and then all of a sudden conversation begins and continues.  i’ve seen blogging do amazing things – one blog i read connects mothers of trauma kids and is a lifeline of hope, encouragement, strategy, humour and love.  they even meet up in real life.  awesome.

i confess dont follow many of the blogging rules.  i have some long posts. i post my preaching notes here.  i use my blog to file quotes and songs i love.  i sometimes abandon punctuation (which one of my friends who reads my blog said was the weirdest things!)  i care about people but i am not driven by numbers or popularity.   if people find me, they find me.

but i pray that everything written will glorify God and make Him known.

let me take this time to say that i so appreciate every comment and everyone that subscribes – i love conversation so please do comment or say hi!  i’d love to know how you “found” my blog and what you like (or dont like)  your encouragement is a great gift to me!  

we all have a voice.

we all have a story.

we all have things God shows us and teaches us.

we all have encouragement to give.

we all a testimony of transformation and challenge and surrender and sacrifice and success.

your voice is your voice.

use it.

make a difference.



join the group read and conversation here:



ps some of my fav blogs that i love to read are:

steven furtick

Perry Noble

A Beautiful Mess

A Ragamuffin SoulCarlos Whittaker

Stuff Christians LikeJon Acuff

Church Leaders – Small Groups

The Resurgence


and of course @stickyjesus


now you may think i’m talking about The Lamb’s Book of Life… but although, YES, my name is written in the most important book IN THE WORLD… my name and part of my story is in another book.  like published, on page.  in a book.  and i confess, its kinda (aka TOTALLY) neat!  esp cos its an awesome book about reaching a generation for Jesus and touching the world for His glory!


its called @Sticky Jesus – How to live your faith online@stickyJesus uniquely blends biblical truth and social media know-how and inspires with true stories of people engaging, connecting, and changing the world for Christ through social networks. Conversational and practical, @stickyJesus demystifies the technology of social media and awakens believers everywhere to the astonishing mission field now at their fingertips.


i havent read it yet… i’m such a geek that i just had to share how priv’d i feel to be part of this.  i’ll be reading it tonight and review it asap!

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