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By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. Hebrews 11:3

We frame our worlds with the words we speak.  ~ Christine Caine

In the beginning God spoke and the world we see around us, the light, the constellations, the air, the grass, the incredible diversity of plants and animal life, the majestic mountains and the depths of the oceans, it was formed by the words that God spoke.

Let there be light, and there was.

God continues to speak and continues to create in our lives.

Our world is still being created by the power of God’s Words.

And as image bearers of God, our words have power to frame our worlds.

Our words speak life or death, hope or hopelessness, light or darkness. There are consequences for the words we choose and speak. Our words frame how confident we feel and how fearlessly we tackle life. They infuse courage into our actions and choices. They look past circumstances and instead hold on by faith to the faithful promises of God.

Or in reverse, our words can shame and restrain us. They place walls around the opportunities and expect failure.   Instead of creating, they decimate.


Psalm 141: 3 Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips

David was mostly good at this – it was his prayer in Psalm 141.  If you read the psalms you see the authentic real life going ons of David.  It’s like facebook BC.  He is real about the hard times.  He pours out his fears, his sorrows.  But then he reminds himself that God is good and the best is yet to come.  Sometimes we get real, but forget to then refocus on God.


Michael Hyatt wrote this on his blog: I think almost every problem we experience can be traced back to the stories we tell ourselves. There may be a good reason for these stories, but in the end they produce bad outcomes

He suggests we change our story, thus changing our life.

I suggest we align our story with God’s Word.


Not just the words contained within the pages of the Bible, but the personal words that God has breathed life into for each one of us. The things God has whispered into our heart.

He says you are loved.

He says you are chosen.

He says you are called.

He says you are empowered, to do all and everything that He has purposed you to do.

He says you belong.


We need to allow Him to write HIS story into our heart, changing the soundtrack of negativity and insecurity that we often play on repeat, replacing it with faith and fearlessness in the expansive grace of God.

This year let’s be really intentional about how we speak – about ourselves, about others, to ourselves to others.


okay so its school holidays.  and its raining.  so we were indulging in some tv time and power rangers came on, something we haven’t watched before.  because i think my kids are too little.  but when flicking back to that channel this section of the episode caught my ear…  the bad guy/thing was using WORDS to wound the power rangers.  only one girl wasn’t affected “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” was her response… she was undefeated because she had learned through life experience that words shouldn’t have the power to hurt, but its what we think about ourselves that really matters.



it was a very visual trigger to a truth for me.  people will have misunderstandings about who we are.  as we grow up kids can be cruel and pull each other down in effort to pull themselves up.  words have power – the bible says that they have power, that life and death are in the tongue.  words can build or words can crush.  what are we using our words for?  if we could see the effect, if our words flung someone into a building or across a courtyard, would we be more cautious and speak words of life more?

and also importantly… do we have an unshakeable core?  do we know who we are?  do we know our own value?  not based on a worldly system of self esteem but built upon the truth of the Word of God, upon His esteem of us?  counter the lies of others, and the lies of our own hearts with the truth of the Word.

in Christ i can do all things.

i am greatly loved by God.

i have the righteousness of Christ by faith.

all things work out for good according to the plans and purposes of God.

God has a plan for my life.

God speaks to me and reveals His will.

i am fearfully and wonderfully made.


today i was reminded by power rangers… have God’s truth as the foundation of your life and you will never fall.

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