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listening to: been hooked into a new band after catching a song of theirs on LIFE FM called The Letter Black.  their song BELIEVE is my fav.  also been listening to music by Gateway worship – particularly love the song RUNNING.  always draws me nearer to God, i want to stop and worship whenever i hear the song.  also love the newish song by JESUS CULTURE called SHOW ME YOUR GLORY, so catches my heart!


on the box: watched Prince of persia the other day with my husband.  my description is that it is one of those movies to watch with someone you love on a saturday night over chocolate and a bag of chips.  its more about the people you’re with than the movie.  weak acting.  awesome action.


reading:  just finished a nora roberts book called High Noon.  hostage crisis investigator drama.  good.  i like novels, i like stories.  thats my downtime.


coming up: this weekend we have the Light Party, which is a halloween alternative type thing at our church.  we run it as an outreach and give flyers to the school and run it for free.  this year shes my baby and so this week will be busy with details and doing.


preaching:  preaching at youth on the 14thish on evangelism and the lost and also at young adults late november.


blest: i got a new computer.  amazing.  i dont know much technical stuff but its cool.  and it has sound.  and a flat screen.  stoked.  such a blessing!


in the word:  in numbers, job, psalms, corinthians, isaiah.  really enjoying the practicality of how to live a natural supernatural life in corinthians and the historical power of God in numbers…


i miss:  Lost


eaten:  i ate the yummiest butter chicken last night – but i think it gave me funny dreams.  i love naan bread!


been thinking:  lots about not giving into temptation (as you’ll know if you’ve read my blog lately) and more probably about a generation rising that will live to honour God in radical outstanding ways, that will know their God and be strong and do exploits.  its so in tension with the overwelming experience and knowledge of the grace of God – the two go hand in hand, grace and obedience.  love and living out.  i long to live holy because He loves me so and gave His life for me.


enjoying: the sunshine and the dry washing and the warmth and the way it makes people feel happier


challenged: to learn how to accept compliments without wanting to deflect attention away from myself…


joined: a bmx club.  well caleb has.  meets friday nights and is a real family focused group for kids.  love watching caleb stretch himself.  looking forward to making some friends and shinning some light.  but loving watching caleb get into it!


rejoicing: at the love and grace of God poured out upon us.  wow.



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