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We have to stop striving for what we want and just be IN LOVE with Him. His love language is LOVE. His expectation is LOVE. His gift to us is LOVE in the form of favor, power, authority, and grace. So, if you’re feeling a little withered and dry inside, if you’re feeling the need to be revitalized, if you’re feeling the need to revitalize the community around you, here’s your one step program. Your one-bullet-point sermon, your one trendy plan in two words: JUST LOVE. Talk to Him like you’d talk to a good friend. Listen like you would listen to a good friend. Worship Him with gratefulness. Spend time just being with Him and see what happens. Lindsay McPhail – The Fearless Experiment



Sometimes, when God places a dream right in front of us, all we need to do is be bold enough to take the first step toward it. – Lindsay Greb McPhail

Dreamers, we must build.

We must prepare to live the dream.

We must take the first step, the next step.  Be in step with the Holy Spirit who is at work in you to finish what He has begun.

We must grow into who we are called to become.

Dreams don’t develop in the comfort of waiting, they develop in the fire of intention.

Dreaming of becoming a worship leader?  Have singing lessons.  Upskill.  Join the worship team.

Dreaming of becoming a preacher?  Read preaching books.  Watch ted talks.  Write messages.

Dreaming of becoming a leader?  Volunteer.  Learn.  Listen to podcasts.

Dreaming of becoming a missionary?  Get a passport.

Be ready for that tomorrow.

Be ready for that opportunity.

Go the next level.

What are you doing today to prepare you for the dream?


Humility recognizes that we need others around us and that together we are building the Kingdom of God.   It lives in the filter of the grace of God, which means we are favored and blessed by God, aware of His mercy and love, His power and majesty, vs my own finite understanding and perspective. Humility seeks understanding and nurtures relationships, both with God and with others. Humility grows in the soil of worship. As we encounter God He shapes us and transforms us.

Go read some more over at THE FEARLESS EXPERIMENT 



the shifting of a season

the letting go of the past

and the fears

facing forward

uncomfortable, vulnerable, unsure


yet knowing that the best is ahead and the call is to be detangled and free

to shrug off the cocoon of the old into the freedom of flight

as we embrace change and growth and transformation,

as we embrace the uncomfortable, vulnerable, unsure

part of our soul cries out, afraid, in pain, challenged by the shifts in perspective, challenged by the shifts in behaviour, challenged by the chaos of our feelings

but relax, breathe, trust, hope

the better is yet to come

choose to die

choose to lay down

choose to surrender

abandon the anxiety, abandon the sin, abandon the old

when God confronts us and calls us forward into transformation

it is not for condemnation but for correction

but for connection

but for change

but for closeness

He is faithful

He is good





a friend wrote this over at A Fearless Experiment and i thought it so says it well:

I was looking out my window at some of the trees around my house and admiring the changing leaves, when something very obvious struck me. The trees don’t usually have all their leaves change all at the same time. First there are patches of change, before the whole tree is overcome by the Autumnal changes and eventually the leaves fall off.

The science teacher in me had a fair idea why this is, but I did a quick google check, just to make sure.  The answer simply is: light. The leaves exposed to the most light change colour first. They change first, and then die first. The same is true of us when we spend time in the Lord’s presence – in His light – we are irrevocably changed. There’s no denying a person’s testimony when they open that door of their heart and the Lord steps in. We are changed from the inside out. And bit by bit, piece by piece, we die to self.



if God is calling you forward into change, don’t worry, breathe.  He is good, faithful, right, great.  You can trust Him.


fearless experiment

If we actually could comprehend the depth of HIS love for us we wouldn’t be white knuckling things like guilt and fear and insecurities. If we were seriously confident in HIS love for us we would be encouragers and champions to absolutely EVERYONE… not just the easy people who aren’t threatening to us in any way. The thing about surrendering and submitting is they come across as week sounding by the world’s standards… almost like you’re giving in and giving up. BUT… there is HUGE freedom in saying yes to HIM… and trusting his love is ENOUGH… and then just letting it all go.


"If you truly believed God loved you, what would it look like?"

from The Fearless Experiment




so very stirred by a post a few weeks ago i read over at The Fearless ExperimentA Call to Fight – particularly stirred as i have woken up the last few days feeling sick, itchy, unbalanced, out of sorts, and not myself.  on a school holiday day.  there could be physical things going on – i’ve been GF for 4 weeks now, but i think i am lacking in iron and keep forgetting to take the tablets – which means i’m run down.  i’ve majorly changed everything i eat in the last 4 weeks – incl no junk food (which i’ve kinda been moderating for another reason all year) and i’ve just um, finished my period (sorry guys for the tmi) and then my son slashed his leg open on an escalator and so the other plans for the hols went out the window as he has had to stop and be still and keep that leg up.  so today when i woke up, i lay in bed and was like faith first, feelings second, faith first feelings second (another post over at The Fearless Experiment) and proclaimed and prayed that God is my Healer and God is my Strength.


Revival came when I acknowledged that this journey is a battle I was willing to fight.

I started fighting for my faith, fighting for my family, fighting for a life that is anything but stagnant and ordinary. I realized to have real breakthrough and serious transformation there could be no more sitting around waiting for life to happen to me. God showed me that HIS is an anointed fight… HIS is a battle we should all be up for… because HIS is the FIGHT that he has ordained for us all, from the beginning.


I proclaimed these words over my household… mostly because it’s one of the only verses I knew by heart, but hey it fit:) I knew that if the dark feelings of hopelessness, and discouragement weren’t from God, they were from the enemy, and I wanted them gone. In the power of Christ’s name and grace I rebuked the enemy and cast him from our house. I taught my boys in their fear to say the words, "In the name of Jesus Christ Get out of here devil!" and as they began to say them with power and joy it strengthened me.

in the past week when anyone has asked me how i am and how the wheat thing is going my first response has been to say GOD IS MY HEALER AND GOD IS MY STRENGTH.  this is what i stand on.  this is my declaration.  my proclamation.


i dont think i’ve articulated what’s really going on at the core.   and compared to the war some people are fighting, it may seem minor. 

but i know this one thing.  retreat is not an option.


But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved. Hebrews 10:39 



and i must say i was blest to click onto the Fearless Experiment this morning and read this:

"God uses ordinary people to accomplice extraordinary tasks" Do you believe that?

"In order for me to use you, you have to believe you are important to me."


ahhh that is my heart on a plate right there. i say it plenty when i preach and write and speak to our housegroupies.  today i’m feeling so very ordinary.*



















*But God is my Healer and God is my Strength

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