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“People were Jesus One Thing.   and they still are.  people who are sick.  people who are lonely.  people who are wandering, depressed and hopeless.  peple who have gotten themselves tangled up in suffocating habbits and destructive realtionships.”  Bill Hybels from Just Walk Across The Room

i love this quote.  i love this about Jesus.  i love how he loves people in the bible.  i love how he loves me.  i love how he saved me. and continues to save me in my life.

jesus doesnt ask us to be perfect when we come to him.  in fact he came to seek and save the lost and continues to do that.  and he uses us to help fulfill that mission.  as he died for us and died for the sins of the whole world to make us all acceptable to God and then he rose again and then asended to heaven – he gave his followers, his believers, his saved ones, the Holy Spirit to dwell within them and empower them to seek and introduce salvation (tell the good news – as it is God who saves, not us) to the lost.

know someone lonely?  know someone broken?  know someone depressed and hopeless?  know someone who smells?  know someone with a drinking problem?  know someone who failed?  know someone hurt?  know someone who needs Jesus?

remember, Jesus gave his life to save them.  they are lost.  Jesus has grace and compassion and love for them.  be part of the process.  plant a seed.  water seeds.  prepare ground.  share Jesus.  share the good news.  share what God has done in your life.

pray and ask Jesus to make his one thing our one thing.


Do you feel you “can’t”?

Do you feel like you are unable to do that thing they call evangelism?

Do you feel that you have “too big a fear problem”?

Do you feel that you have “too much an inferiority complex to overcome”?

Do you feel that you dont know enough to evangelise?

Do you feel that you are too self-conscious to win souls?

THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS : 1 Corinthians 1:27But God chose the foolish things of this world to put the wise to shame. He chose the weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame.

God chose little people, weak people, people with inferiority complexes to do great things.  to demonstrate his glory.  to share his great message of good news!

He chose:

A 17 year old boy, Joseph, to save his family, Israel
A Jewish maiden, Esther, to deliver her whole country
A hillbilly shepherd boy, David, to become Israel’s greatest king
An ignorant fisherman, Peter, to become the first pastor and chief apostle
A little boy with a sack lunch, a man with a rod, a man with an ox-goard, a widow with two mites

But you say, “I feel so weak, so unworthy…” good.  thats okay. remember – God has chosen the weak things. Paul went with tears, with fear and trembling, and he commanded us to work out our salvation (what we’re saved to do, that is, bear fruit–win souls) with fear and trembling. So, if you are scared, feel weak, feel foolish or self-conscious, you probably have all the qualifications to become a great soul-winner. (1 Corinthians 2:1-3; Acts 20:31; Philippians 2:12)


Philippians 4:13 “Christ gives me the strength to face anything.” (CEV) “You can do all things through Christ whom gives you strength.” (NKJV) Paul said he could do all things through Christ who strengthened/helped him.

is God a respecter of persons (i.e., does he give preferential treatment to any one person over another)? No. God doesnt play annointed favourites… he anoints his children – aka you and me!

God’s grace can help you to do all things … especially a natural thing which He designed you to do (i.e., walking to running to professional running)

That “natural thing” for christians to do is telling other people about what God has done in our lives and what he can do in their life.

We can grow! 2 Peter 3:18: Peter tells his disciples to “grow in grace, and in the knowledge…” meaning to continue us to their dying day because there is no impasse or end to knowing God – it is a day by day step by step journey!

a five year old boy cannot do what his big brother can do. But through the process of natural growth he may grow up and exceed his big brother in many ways.

you may not be able to witness and win souls right now but you can grow and learn and mature in the process…

“Another thing that spurs me on to preach ceaselessly is the thought of the multitude of souls which fall into the depths of hell, who die in mortal sin, condemned forever and ever… if you were to see a blind man about to fall into a pit or over a precipice, would you not warn him? Behold, I do the same…” “How often I pray with St. Catherine of Siena: O my God, grant me a place by the gates of Hell, that I may stop those who enter there, saying: “Where are you going, unhappy one? Back, go back! Make a good confession. Save your soul. Don’t come here to be lost for all eternity!” (St) Anthony Mary Claret (1808-1870)

Anthony resolved never to waste a moment of time, and during his 35 years as a priest, he wrote 144 books and preached some 25,000 sermons. On one trip, besides traveling, he preached 205 sermons in 48 days and 12 in one day.

“You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work. And go not only to those that need you, but to those that need you most…It is not your business to preach so many times, and to take care of this or that society; but to save as many souls as you can; to bring as many sinners as you possibly can to repentance.” john wesley

On rare occasions we get a chance to do something radical for Jesus. Something out of the ordinary. Something where we put our lives on the line.  Something great.  Something spiritual.  Something extraordinary.

But most often, faithfulness is expressed in the mundane tasks of life. Meals prepared . . . lawns mowed . . . friends helped . . . prayers offered . . . appointments met . . . tears wiped . . . assemblies attended . . . games cheered . . .

Don’t feel guilty that your life borders on mundane. That is where faith, hope, and love are most often lived out.

Thats where we get to demosntrate the nature of God, who God is, in real life.

This doesnt mean our life is worthless or without meaning or insignificant.

Not at all.

We can do extraordinary things in the ordinaryness of our lives.  You see when we live ordinary lives we live them amoungst people.  people who need to know the grace and love God gives.  people who are lost without God.

and in even our ordinary things we can demonstrate God’s grace and love.  making a meal for a sick friend.  smiling at people.  taking a packet of chocolate biscuits into work…. simple things.  but they can open teh doors.

dont dispise your ordinaryness.  that is teh gift we have been given to live our lives out demonstrating God, being witnesses for him.  we are citizens of the kingdom of heaven living out our earthly days as ambassadors for him.  you are a light for the world, shinning THE Light of the World, Jesus for all to see.

keep shinning.  dont hide away.  keep being you and be open for God to express who he is through you.

Your faithfulness and obedience makes you extraordianry!

Daniel 11 says the people that know God will be strong and do exploits.

the people that know their God will be strong and do extraordinary things, mighty things, works of valour and wonder.

we all want to make a difference.  but we need to take our eyes off the stage as the only place extraordinaryness can happen and look around us at the opportunity to do exploits.  exploits open eyes that were blind to God and open hearts to his word and salvation.  exploits harvest.  exploits draw people to God.  exploits bring justice and mercy to circumstances.  exploits give.  exploits share the good news of God’s wonderful kindness.  exploits are bold in transitioning a conversation to spriitual things.  exploits pray for people.  exploits speak truth.  exploits choose righteousness.  exploits pray and hear from God.

get the picture?  we may think our lives are ordinary and insignificant.  but realize you are anything but ordinary and insignificant.  your name is iengraved on the palm of God’s hand and Jesus Christ, the son of God died for you.  the Holy Spirit lives within you and dwells in you and teaches you.  you will live forever.  you have been placed wehre you are and in your life situation as an ambassador for God on a mission.  to partner with hm and work with him.

to speak his message.

to demonstrate his love and grace.

to save the world.

Revival is a passion and longing of mine.

I am passionate to read and learn about past revivials, the testimony of what God did, and how He reached the lost and poured himself out on a community and group of people.

I am passionately interested in what worked and waht didnt, not for form sake or for just knowlege sake but for application and wisdoms sake.

I am longing to see God pour himself out on my own nation and community….

I love listening to preaching about revival.

I love songs that stir our hearts towards revival.

Now its not just about butts on seats. Or special salvation prayers been recited. Or response cards been filled out.

It is about encounters with God. By the lost and the saved alike.

People becoming awake to the presence and power of God.

It is about the soverign pouring out of God on a community and peoples hearts been turned by the Holy Spirit towards God. It is about the blind eyes open towards teh truth of the Gospel. and about real blind eyes been opened and healed. Miracles. Demonstration.

Come Jesus. Come Holy Spirit. Come Mighty God. Come. Come. We need you.

behold the harvest is ripe.  ready.  waiting.  prepared.

pray that the Farmer, the Father, Almighty God, would send out harvesters, evangelists, christians, you and I, into the harvest field.

the harvest field is our family, our friends, our workmates, our school friends, our neighbourhood.  it is people.

sometimes it isnt easy.  sometimes it is hard.

sometimes they might tell us to shut up.  or to not talk to them about spiritual things.  or that they just arent interested in chrsitianity or religion.

sometimes they might laugh at us or tell us that isnt just for them.

thats okay.

you know what.  it isnt our job to prepare the harvest.  our Father who loves those people with an evrlasting love and his Son who stretched his arms our on teh cross to make them acceptable and forgiven is preparing them.  sometimes preparation takes a lifetime.

our job is to speak.  to witness. to share. to  demonstrate.  to love.

Evangelism is like making out… seriously… there are bases – first base, second base etc… and even before all of that there is the courting. so many of us when evangelising our friends and family and strangers want to “go all the way” right away… without taking time to develop relationship, respect etc… without the seed planting and watering… without hte conversation… we must remember evangelism isnt an instant thing in most cases and that we are part of the journey of demonstrating jesus to them and their hearts opening to the truth of salvation…

There are good evangelism practices and then there are “bad ones”. Things that work and things that just put people off…

Evangelism is real life communication and interaction with people.

For myself I think evangelism needs to be a priority – it is reaching out to the lost, people who don’t know God yet… knowing God is for both this life and eternity. The consequences of without God are not pretty.

Evangelism can be done in the context of friendship. It can easily happen there simply because you are sharing your life and who you are… and as Christians that is a pretty vital part of who we are. We can also talk to complete strangers or acquaintances about God. Conversation can happen naturally. They mention they are into horoscopes or astrology they are (to me) obviously into spiritual things, or at least intersted in spirituality…

Evangelism is a bit like being a “travel guide” and we can look at the “definition of evangelism as conversations with people on a spiritual journey”.

DO be yourself

DO look for conversation transitions

DO pray

for opportunities

for God’s heart

for the people you talk with

DO practice and allow for practicing

DO talk – We can witness by osmosis… NOT!


Don’t worry about what the person thinks about God NOW or what they’ll say

Don’t worry about changing their mind, having all the answers or proving God – it is God that changes hearts!

Don’t worry about saying “I don’t know”

1. Be around non-Christians.

2. Be part of a team effort. No one is solely responsible for leading someone to Christ.

3. Be creative. Focus on the objective of leading people to faith, not on specific methods you’ve been taught. Think outside the box, asking God for creative approaches to building trust in the lives of others.

4. Be patient.

5. Be unique. Nobody can do evangelism the way I do; that’s why God made me different from everyone else.

6. Be available.

7. Be aware of who the real enemy is. It’s not people who dont believe. Those people simply have different backgrounds and beliefs than you do. I need to see them through God’s eyes.

8. Be involved.

9. Be intentional. I’ve found it’s artificial to try to work a presentation of the gospel into every conversation. Instead, we talk about other issues of life, but I drop in just enough comments so people know where I’m coming from:

• “Last Sunday I ran into someone at our church who found where to get a great deal on laptops.”

• “Next week? Yeah, we can get together for coffee. Wednesday night I’m at housegroup, and Thursday we’ve got family coming over. Any other night would be OK.”

• “Yeah, dating can be tough. I found three or four books that really helped us. One was the Bible. Another was…”

the bible. 

and another book i highly recommend is The Heavenly Man about Brother Yun.

it is moving.


heart breaking.




i had heard much about this book and knew it was about persecution and suffering in China, but thought it was set 1940sish…

it is set in the late 1980s-2000’s.  aka MY time.  your time.  OUR TIME.  NOW. 

this is brother yun’s story of what God does in his life and through his life.

it is humbling to read.

it stirs the heart towards God.

there arent really words to describe it.

but read it.

“A foolish physician he is, and a most unfaithful friend, that will let a sick man die for fear of troubling him; and cruel wretches are we to our friends, that will rather suffer them to go quietly to hell, then we will anger them, or hazard our reputation with them.”  Richard Baxter

do we get what this quote says?

that we should care more for someones soul than for our own reputation with them.  sometimes we hold back from sharing with our friends and family about God becuase we’re being sensitive to their objections… we dont want to offend them…

but are we risking it all?

our lives should reflect God, it should demonstrate who God is and his great love and grace.

our words should share the good news, again of God’s love and grace. 

the two must be used together.  you cant have words and not live the reality of God in your life. you cant just live it and expect people to understand by osmosis…  we must act and speak. 

you k now, people are longing for answers and hope.  this is a generation of lost people in need of hope and truth.  our words may be just seeds but those seeds are important.  God can work mighty things through our converstions. 

be brave and bold and real and loving.

love our friends and family enough to share with them God and his love and grace.

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