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This was my story.

For many years I had battled against food allergies and all the related problems that causes.  I had a complex set of allergies and specifics and spent 18 months visiting 3 different specialists each month for check ups, blood tests, progress reports.  I tried many elimination diets, some that helped and some that just made the journey more confusing.

But in the midst of the journey, in the midst of the fight, I believed that God would heal me one day.

One day.

Until that time I would have the symptoms and the reactions and the complications.

Until that time I would walk forward in my journey with allergies.

Until that time I would take my medication and eat restricted.

Until that time I would have allergies.

Just as the blind man was blind UNTIL Jesus healed him.

Just as the lame man was lame UNTIL Jesus healed him.

Just as Lazarus was dead UNTIL Jesus healed and raised him.

I walked by faith in UNTIL.

God was still always good and great.

He was still my healer.

He was still amazing.

I praised Him.

I was content and not content to be in the UNTIL.

I  had my UNTIL day on September 13, a Saturday at our church His Presence Conference.

On that day Jesus healed me.


I walk in the freedom and the rejoicing of that incredible miracle.


What are you walking in today?  What are you trusting God for?


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