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last ballet practice before the big show!




peter & kids 1 peter and kids 2


On wednesday we had our housegroup christmas party and so left our kids in the safe hands of one of some crazy man we know (actually he’s our pastor) (and we’re priv’d to be friends!)  left to sounds of tickling and mayhem.  came home to find funny photos.  good time had by all…





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after/during/before the big show – was fantastic and our girls did so well!  also impressed by the dads (and an uncle) who in black tutu’s danced to swan lake, then gangham style.  hilarious!





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we had our Mainly Music christmas celebration yesterday and packed in lots of lovely mums and their preschoolers and babies to sing carols and dance and eat scrummy morning tea.




and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.


so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving


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last week my son had athletics day – but i only got pictures of evangeline.  i tried to take photos of him but he ends up being a blur as he runs, jumps and throws all over the place.  he did really well and had a fun day, which i think is the main thing.




we had a teddy bears picnic on monday at mainly music – i had seen this idea pop up onto facebook via pininterest and thought YES HOW COOL.  our lovely lovely lovely childrens pastor went and made it happen.  how cute are they – teddies in bed on a spoon!




i love Sound of A Soft Breath on facebook.  its a great devotional community – with quotes and bible verses and songs and “stuff” going up each day.  its awesome when someone responds, with a like or a comment, esp those that say “that was just what i needed to hear.” that so blesses my heart.  i love how God speaks.  i love how He can pop something up on our wall feed, or into our inbox, that is just the right thing that we need to hear, that refixes our heart with hope and grace again, that encourages us and gives us courage.  i love how His Word is active and alive and that He knows us so well.





looks amazing eh.  this is the healthy food guide chicken satay.  its gluten free, dairy free and nut free.  yes i know.  how can that be?  but its delish and definitely not taste free! they also have an amazing sweet and sour pork that i’ve made often in the last few weeks!   i’ve been 8 months gluten free now and love having a magazine with ideas and helpful hints!  




love love love thunder storms.  okay not at 2.55pm just in time for school pick up in the torrential rain – but i love the crash and sound of thunder storms.  i’ve taught my kids to love them too so they ran to the car excitedly!  we didnt have the hail like other places but lots of sound and light action!

love this that i read the other night in my bible plan: “God’s voice thunders in marvellous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, “Fall on the earth,” and to the rain shower, “Be a mighty downpour.”” Job 37:5-6


and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.



so what are you totally loving this week?


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things im loving


Jon Acuff is one of the funniest men ever.  but his funniness has such an edge to it that it gets into your heart.  seriously.  this recent post on loving the unlovable so got me.  encouraged me.  challenged me.  was God’s words to me.

: Sometimes the hardest part of loving people is that you don’t always get to hear the whole song.

You reach out. In a time of need or hurt or maybe even hope.

And you get pushed away.

You get chased away.

You get shoved away.

And you wait and you help and you stand in the storms of life with someone, and you feel like you are throwing a ball against a wall. You can’t tell if any of it matters. If your words or your actions matter at all. You think about giving up. You feel called to be salt and light, we know that’s printed in red, but sometimes in the space between hours and arguments, it’s hard to feel that way.

You keep loving. You keep hoping to see a change, not because it’s all about change, but because that would at least be a crack of light under the door.

But the light never comes. The door is never opened, even a little, and then they disappear. Not dramatically, maybe. They don’t float away on a hot air balloon or in a fast car. The ebb and flow of life just drifts them away. You feel you’ve wasted your time or maybe their time or everybody’s time.

They were so eager to blow things up. So eager to sink their own ship with bad, easy-to-spot decisions. The bridge was out ahead. You saw that a mile away, but they ignored you and kept driving. So unwilling to stop the car until it had hurtled deep into the valley of regret.

You forget about them. Or, mostly, you forget. A year gets stacked on another year and stacked on another year, until that person becomes one more person you reached out to who didn’t reach back. One more person you helped who ignored your help.

That’s the hard part about loving someone. Sometimes we don’t get to hear the whole song. We get to be a verse or a single lyric in someone’s journey, but the song doesn’t resolve. We watch relationships fade into the horizon, not really knowing if we’ve made a difference. :



this is me and our gorgeous childrens church pastor dressed up for the Mainly Music Queens & Kings day last monday… we had an awesome time with a bunch of kids dressed up in their finest royal clothing… always fun to dress up!





loving Citipointe HOPE IS ERUPTING cd – just got it from itunes today after someone had posted a song on fb that totally caught my heart… always good to have fresh worship and fresh expressions to communicate and articulate how great and good God is! 





mmm i love lemon lime and bitters drink… refreshing and sweet and tangy… my hubby brought me some for my birthday treat last week and though the weather is darkest winter i so love the mwahness of it! 






and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.



so what are you totally loving this week?



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things im loving

listening to:  bless one of my friends who has long term loaned me two of her new cds ; Kim Walker “Here is my Song” and Suzy Wills Yaraei, from Morningstar.  both are live worship albums which i love, love the feel of live music vs studio produced and the crowd adding their voice to the songs…  fantastic worship.  suzy wills yaraei has awesome musicality in her songs – awesome guitar and drums… is almost hard alternative rock, but worship!  i love love love it!  there is a great song on her album called DANCE which kim walker also sings on (they hang together and sing together) and it is awesome and me and evangeline love to dance to it…  you cant help yourself!

watching on tv: still loving heroes, we’ve just had the eclipse part 2 here…  Lost starts tomorrow night… as per previous post…  otherwise there is the smattering of Dora the Explorer and Wall-E for about the 6th time…  the kids love it..

reading:  reading a Brook and Brodie Thoene book, they are christian novelists…  is good.  intersting.  entertaining.  inspiring.  a good fill in book, you know between the Excellent Books….

reading in the bible:  am “proud” of myself (in hopefully a kosher way) as i have been consistantly reading my plan this year…  am in genesis, job, mark, romans and catching up in 1 samuel and jeremiah

achieving: today i went down to church and used their puter (as mine is bust) and made Mainly Music calendars and birthday certificates… for those not in the know Mainly Music is a preschool music/dance programme for kids and mums (and dads too) – is a real community outreach thing – we have about 25 families that come (mum and kids) and 97% of them are not church people!  we sing christian songs and random dance singing movement action type songs…  i had fun making cute calendars.  felt happy :o)  small things….

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