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Naaman was a powerful man, a commander in his countries army, he looked like he had it all together, that he was winning.   Unfortunately he had leprosy which was all bad news.  It caused bits to um, fall off, as you lose feeling and get infections and stuff like that.  It was contagious and incurable.

Long story short, Naaman had a slave girl who told Naaman’s wife that the God of Israel could heal him and to visit the prophet Elisha.  So Naaman got his posse together and hopped in a convoy of VW Camels and high tailed it to Israel.

Where Naaman faced a “get real moment”.

Naaman was important.  He had an image.  He had a reputation.  He was The Man.  He probably wasn’t posting selfies with the leprosy but in those days he probably could have “covered it up” both literally and figuratively.   He had issues both on the surface and under the surface.

And I mean don’t we all.

Don’t we all have things that we hide from everyone, including ourselves?   Things we’re not coping with.  Things we’re struggling with.  Doubt.  Insecurity.  Fear.  Failure.   Black and white sin.  It’s all like a leprosy of the soul.  Read the rest of this entry »


I believe that our lives tell a story.

They tell a story of a great hero, a rescuer, who loves with a great love and does amazing exploits to prove that, despite the circumstances and the obstacles, overcoming and courageous, determined and kind, wise and powerful.

Our lives tell the story of Jesus.

My life tells His story.

In my ordinary life i am a demonstration of His reality and His power and His grace.

He is my greatest hero.  my rescuer.  my redeemer.

He loves me with a great love and died on the cross as the greatest exploit to save me.

despite the circumstances, the obstacles, my rebellion

He prevails.

He is the hero.

He uses my life to show His love, to show His reality, to show His grace.

That His love never fails.

That He makes all things beautiful.

That as far as the east is from the west He removes our sins from us.

That He makes us His.

That He loves us first.

My story has had some ups and downs.  I have rebelled, strayed, cooled, disappointed.  I have loved, served, being faithful.

But constantly, He is.

Constantly, He will be.

“Our mess is the canvas on which God paints His story of redemption.” -Louie Giglio

I want my life to tell a good story.  A story that reveals His greatness and goodness.  A story that is raw and powerful and that compels others to live for Jesus. I want my story to engage with people and draw them in to hear HIS heart.

My life is being written now.  I am writing my life. The pages of my past are written in pen but the pages of my future are yet unformed.

By my choices i am “picking my path” (loved those books as a child!)

By my choices i am choosing to follow with the hero, or to walk my own way.

but i am confident of this one thing, that i am loved.  that i am called.  that i am forgiven.

Even if the red pen is used in my life story, His promise is that He will use all things for the good of those who love Him, for His glory, for His fame, for His story.

He is the hero.  He is the main character.

It is all about Him.


What would your life look like if you realized the unlimited love and grace and backing you have by God?  You following Christ will not always look the same as someone else following Christ. Why on earth would He have bothered to form you in your mother’s womb with your own DNA and life experience ahead just to copy what someone else you’re seeing is doing? Who would you be if you loved Jesus with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength? That’s what you’re meant to look like.  // Beth Moore

Imagine that person you dream of being.

Imagine, how does SHE go about her day?

What does the pattern of her life look like?

What are passions and priorities does SHE have?

How does SHE express and experience her vision?

What does SHE say about herself?

Now – go be her.

Be that woman.

“Remember, “Superwoman” is a media myth, so take the pressure off and go after being a Supernatural woman. She can have and do God’s “all” because she has put on the yoke and carried the burden of Christ, and not her own”. Christine Caine

Today you don’t have to be a superwoman – you can be you – on the journey, living today to the fullest, living today in the grace of God, living today significantly.

Today you don’t have to be everything to everyone – you are who you are.  there is no mould you must squeeze into.  there are no expectations.  embrace that person.  be who Jesus calls you to be.

know who you are – but most importantly, know WHOSE who are!

Today you are not a prisoner of your past or of limiting words – you are free by the power of Christ – you are called into victory by the Victorious King.

Today the unlimited resources of God are at your disposal as His all surpassing power dwells within us – so that HE is glorified.

Today we have a choice to magnify Him by trusting in His words and His promises.

Imagine believing everything God has spoken to you, whispered over you.

God says SHE is loved.  He says SHE is called.  SHE is my daughter.

Imagine living out those promises with confidence and faith, despite the fear and fragility.

Imagine beyond the boarders of today.

Now – go be her.

Be that woman that God says you ARE.

Loved.  Chosen.  Called.  Empowered.  Kind.  Gracious.  Able.
Loving.  Forgiven.   Self Controlled.  Peaceful.  Cherished.

I adore this post!  I just had to share it and file it as it may pop up as an example in a message somewhere someday….

How to Carve Out Your Life’s Passion – John Maxwell

Sculptor Ra Paulette has an unusual passion—he digs caves by hand and then turns his newly created spaces into works  of art. Using only a pickaxe, a scraper and a wheelbarrow, Paulette has been digging caves for nearly 30 years. His multiroom structures are remarkable; they are sculptures and art galleries in one. Filled with paintings, pools, skylights, furniture and waterfalls, Paulette’s caves are redefining the way art can be experienced.

For the Academy Award-nominated documentary Cavedigger, director Jeffrey Karoff follows Paulette as he carves into the earth, one shovelful at a time. In the film—which you can find at—Paulette explains, “When I’m working on a project, I’m totally obsessed. I’m thinking about it all day long. All night long, I’m dreaming… digging dreams. Most people who are engaged in physical labor aren’t having the fun that I’m having.”

I can’t say that I’d ever want to spend time digging in a cave, but I certainly admire Paulette. He has passion. He loves what he does, and he does it with exuberance.

When you think about or talk about your work , are you like Paulette? Does it consume you? Do you wake up excited about it? Do you go to sleep thinking about it? If not, your life may be missing an ingredient.

Paulette is 74 now and still digging caves. Recently I turned 68, and like Paulette, I am still on fire. While other people my age may be slowing down, I’m revving up. I wake up early, excited to meet the challenges of my day. I’m like a kid. Let me tell you something: You never have to drag a passionate person out of bed!


“When a man sets out of a journey to a great city, every step he takes is voluntary; he does not need to say, “I wish to go to the great city, I wish to go to the great city.” That first step is an indication of his intention. He journeys without saying it, but he cannot journey without intending it.” Molinos from 100 Days in the Secret Place

Life is a journey. Becoming a better mother is a journey. Becoming a better wife is a journey. Becoming a better preacher, communicator, writer, pastor is a journey.  Becoming a better human is a journey.

Let us set our eyes upon God and walk forward. God orders the steps of his children. His Word guides our feet. Let us be people who consider the end destination and determine to follow God as He leads, and live the journey.

Philippians 1:6 is a great verse to anchor yourself onto in the midst of the journey.  God is faithful to complete the good work He has begun in you.  He is faithful to get you to the destination of your journey.  What He begins, He finishes.

A journey begins with one step.  One step towards the destination.  As long as we are moving we are moving forward towards the goal.

What steps are you taking today?

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8 Ways to Change the World : Advice from 7 leaders on how to make a difference.

For most of us, it’s our dream from a young age: We want to change the world.

Once you start getting older, that dream starts taking on substance. Maybe you dream of being a musician, touring the world and using your influence to give back. Maybe you plan to start a company that will transform business or a nonprofit that will end poverty. Or maybe you just want to help make a change, whatever that looks like.

They’re all different plans, but they’ve got something in common: They’re not easy. Big ideas never are. Changing the world doesn’t happen by accident.



The Most Trying Part of Living a Good Story  Jeff Goins

Remember these three qualities of a good story

  1. Good stories don’t have predictable endings. Let go of your silly little plans and embrace the journey for what it is.
  2. Heroes don’t feel like heroes when they’re being heroic. Being heroic means doing the hard thing, which often hurts, challenging every selfish bone in your body
  3. Pain is how a character grows. A character doesn’t change without hardship, so if we want to live our own meaningful stories, we need to stop finding ways to avoid discomfort. Instead, we must step into inconvenience.



Refill Your Passion Bucket #LiveYourList

1. Know your signs of fatigue. Watch the signs your body and personality are giving that will let you know that you need to find balance. If you are pushing yourself so hard that your body fights back…you might need to find balance. If you are acting in a way that goes against your core…you might need to find balance.

2. Say no. Learn to say no to the things you can’t or do not want to do while following your dream. Early on in your chase you may have not had the opportunity to say no…now you might need to say no! 

+ so many more good tips to finding balance




Three immodestly dressed women walk into a church…

It is my hope that we will come to realize that behind each immodestly dressed woman, is a broken woman. Christian, and non-christian alike.

Why isn’t our first reaction to the immodestly dressed woman one of,

“You are my sister. I love you! I don’t condemn you.” ?

Let’s start praying that the gospel so invades our hearts that we are able to give to others, what we so undeservingly have already received. Only when that happens will we truly be able to demonstrate gospel modesty.

And then… start imagining what it would feel like to throw away our internal lists of all the expectations that we put on ourselves, and others.  That’s a scary kind of freedom that is offered to us. Grace can be dangerous like that.



Thankfulness: Learning How to Speak a New Language

Wives we are fighting a real enemy who would love to see our marriages destroyed because of the huge affect our relationship with our spouse has on this world, beginning with our children.

Generations are affected by us not choosing the Lord and in this case, choosing to learn the language of thankfulness.

There is an urgency to fight; to wage war not of the flesh but of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:12) because God’s plan is not done yet! He is working in and through us to get us back to His original and beautiful design of marriage.



my life is made up of rhythms.

rhythms we have intentionally created and purposefully woven into the fabric of our life.

bible and prayers with the kids, every night, round 6.50pm, together.

my own bible reading time, using the m’cheyne reading plan on youversion in the evening

early night tuesday / washing day monday & thursday & weekends

worship wednesday

vitamin d, probiotic and supplement first thing in the morning

i have a rhythm for what i do in the morning when i wake up, i have a rhythm for what i do in the evening for going to bed


as a mother my life is all about rhythm and schedules, not as concrete as when my kids were babies but still the world revolves around scheduling and to be honest, meal times and washing


each day has its rhythm of events:

SAS Monday & Tuesday

Mentoring Monday nights

The best housegroup in the world Wednesday

Mums Time Thursday

Ballet Thursday

Date night Friday

Church Sunday


there are a few new rhythms that i’m intentionally choosing and repeating until they become unforced and natural

making my husband coffee when he gets home from work (i so appreciate him, but im not very thoughtful!)

getting up early, before everyone, to make the most of the alone time to exercise

no soda and sweets (unless socialising)

Read the rest of this entry »

The O’Briens are the kind of people who you’re proud to know – they embrace life, they live beyond themselves in so many ways. They are real life heroes of ours. Cat even has a medal to prove it.  I’ve known The Obrien’s since Dunedin days, i was even at their wedding (such an awww wedding) and they continue to inspire me and rock it out and live it real.  They did a cool thing a month or so ago.  They took their 3 kids to the mall and gave them each $2 to spend. They also made a $2 purchase each.  They then took a photo of the five purchases, didn’t say who bought what, and had their facebook friends vote on the coolest item.  (thanks Fee for the intro – everything you’ve said i couldnt have said better!)

So – we did our own #obrienstyle challenge today, the weather was kind of meh and i am still half feeling meh so today was da da da, the day!   I confess though we did it as a $3 challenge as what i saw and entered was $3… flexibility is fine i am sure in these kinds of things!


so then we posted a pic of the purchases up on FB and let the voting begins.  yes there will be a prize for the winner.


A – sticky flex magic ninjas. B – jandals. C – green glasses. D – nail polish. Vote by leaving the letter in the comment section.

Ps this was a fun cost-beneficial way to spend the afternoon




“Christianity is not a sprint but an endurance run. Therefore it is not how we start the race that counts, but how we complete it. How we finish is determined by the choices we make, and those are often formed by patterns we develop along the way.”
~ John Bevere

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