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I’m so glad that God is like this.  He seeks us, He pursues us.  He never gives up on us.

No matter how we run, no matter how we fall, He is there.


Revival is a passion and longing of mine.

I am passionate to read and learn about past revivials, the testimony of what God did, and how He reached the lost and poured himself out on a community and group of people.

I am passionately interested in what worked and waht didnt, not for form sake or for just knowlege sake but for application and wisdoms sake.

I am longing to see God pour himself out on my own nation and community….

I love listening to preaching about revival.

I love songs that stir our hearts towards revival.

Now its not just about butts on seats. Or special salvation prayers been recited. Or response cards been filled out.

It is about encounters with God. By the lost and the saved alike.

People becoming awake to the presence and power of God.

It is about the soverign pouring out of God on a community and peoples hearts been turned by the Holy Spirit towards God. It is about the blind eyes open towards teh truth of the Gospel. and about real blind eyes been opened and healed. Miracles. Demonstration.

Come Jesus. Come Holy Spirit. Come Mighty God. Come. Come. We need you.

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