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I have something incredible to share with you all…

but as yet I still havent been able to find the right words.  I havent been able to wrap words around how amazing it is, how amazing God is.  Yes, I’m speechless!  I want to tell the story and do it justice in a way that people would know that God is real and that nothing is impossible for Him.  I want to tell it in away that conveys the magnitude of what this means for my life.

I’m awestruck.


I’ll give you a clue.

That’s me getting prayed for at our #HisPresence14 Conference at The River over the weekend.

And I got healed.

Seriously healed.

Life changedly healed.

Watch this space for an update later in the week!


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i brought these for the kids but… well… you know how it goes… mango slices are delish!




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on saturday our church took part in the Botany Community Day for our 3rd year running.  its a great way to connect with the community and to let people know who we are etc.  we had a mini carnival area for the kids and gave out balloons and Water From The River.  its always a fun day and i love some of the random and God conversations!  even spiderman loves our water!





today i discovered  a new bread.  allergwise bread.  its gluten free, egg free, dairy free – aka good for me!  and its THICK!  and has real crusts!  and is amazing! like real toast.  the texture and taste is like real toast!  its completely different from all the other gluten free breads on the market. as a result my tummy is so full!   i had some for lunch and then we had bacon on toast for dinner!   i purchased my loaf from New World Botany for $7.50


also loving:

SAS re:retreat

field of dreams

river water

bible in schools

holistic hair shampoo and conditioner

winter pj pants


hkc youth

bacon.  of course bacon

elevation worship

christine caine

live your list podcast

Leading and Loving It

chunky necklaces

random questions






and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.



so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving

1621811_10201674898574564_942216624_n 1926714_10201675386946773_188936644_n

This past week part of Caleb’s intermediate school homework included baking for the Room 11 Hottest Homebaker.  They had to bring baking for 30, that reflected their family heritage.  We chose Belgium Slice because i make it, my mum makes it and her mum made it.  Of course i make mine gluten/dairy and egg free so we had a tag team with me and tony in the kitchen for supervising different ingredients.   He also had to write the recipe out, create a display sign and write a few paragraphs about why this entry reflected his family heritage.  The results, i’m told, are delicious.



Belgium Slice

125g olivani

125g sugar

1 egg replacer (or 1 egg)

1T golden syrup

1 ½ c gluten free flour

1t gluten free baking powder

2t cinnamon

2t mixed spice


Cream olivani and sugar

Add egg replacer, mix well

Add syrup and sifted dry ingredients


Press into a greased flat slice tin

Bake 18 mins in moderate oven 180degrees

Ice with white icing and sprinkle with raspberry jelly crystals


after being in hospital a fortnight ago tony and i made the most of the kids being with their granny and me not wanting to really move and caught The Hobbit.  it had being out intention to go to it at the movies that day anyway in the evening as a date night but we went mid afternoon and just relaxed in the lovely air conditioned theatre.  it was a great distraction and i did love the movie and how it makes it so come alive.  i loved seeing Evangeline Lilly do her stuff!   i love love love the closing song I SEE FIRE by ED SHEERAN.  i’ve heard it about six times since then while at the supermarket / shopping.  def win.



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on my christmas list for the past maybe 7 years has being The Revival Bible (edited by Winkie Pratney) and THIS YEAR i got it!  i read a bible plan on youversion each night so have reserved my Revival Bible for some special reading in the morning.  I’ve been getting up early and getting my hustle on and then reading my bible while i wait for the kids to wake up.  The Revival Bible has some revival history and other revival “stuff” and i love it!  i also love having a fresh bible, nothing underlined, brand new brimming with revelation!  and its super sweet, evangeline comes in at about 7.30 and reads with me.  i like holiday time for these precious moments!





when i was in hospital we hit a wall when i was finally able to eat.  in fact i NEEDED to eat to poop to go home (tmi?  oversharing?) but the hospital didnt have anything suitable for my allergies right then and there.  so i made an emergency food call to my lovely husband and sent him on a gluten/egg/dairy free bread search.  first port of call was my local NATURAL HEALTH FOOD CO but alas and alak they were out of the bread i could have.  so i sent antonio around the shop looking at other products.  and he found pide.  i love their pide.  bakeworks make the bread i can have and i did a happy dance when they made their pides and torpedo rolls.  he got me lots.  more than enough for hospital so i’ve had a few in the freezer, which is wonderful but also filled it up so that other things couldnt fit.  so the other night i made turkish pide pizza.  slice them in half, toast them in the oven, spread with pizza sauce and add gluten free ham and other toppings (tomato, capsicum).  bake again.  oh so good.  i think i was in pide heaven!  my tummy was so happy!




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today i took the kids to FROZEN.  wow.  so loved it.  fell in love with Kristoff and Elisa.  incredible singing talent for the whole cast.  stunning animation.  my nearly 12 yr old son and 8 yr old girl loved it too.



and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving

light party

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we had a fantastic time at our Light Party @ The River last night.  A Light Party is a family friendly positive alternative to Halloween… Halloween is something that isnt very big here in NZ, but in saying that has become more commercialised and more popular… so local churches are putting on safe family friendly alternatives, is a great community night.  if we didnt have a Light Party we wouldnt dress up or anything at all as we’re not halloween fans at all.  Caleb went as Han Solo and Evangeline and her best friend were angels.  I wore Monarch Butterfly wings.  We promoted the event on community pages on FB and in the school our kids are at and had a great community turnout and response.  So worth it!

PS A ‘Light Party’ is a positive alternative to Halloween, and all pre and primary aged school children were invited to get dressed up as their favourite superhero or don their angel or princess costume (anything fun and positive!) There was a fantastic carnival atmosphere, loads of prizes and games, some dancing and jump jam, a parade and the night finished with a lolly scramble of 10,000 sweets and lollies!!


Esther_EAT_LoveCake (1)

i adore LOVE CAKES – gluten free cakes/cupcakes that taste like real cake…!  i had a wonderful friend from the states over today and she is ceoliacs and was such a blessing to me when i went GF so was nice to feed her with yummyness! 




This term for our mums group we’re doing a dvd series called LAUGH YOUR WAY TO A BETTER MARRIAGE by Mark Gungor.  We’ve watched a couple of sessions and have found it not only hilarious but insightful.  The series was recommended to me by a marriage counsellor who spoke at our women’s conference in June.   I’ve also read the book (twice) and again found it laugh out loud hilarious and incredibly insightful about both marriage and premarriage seasons.  as mentors for our young adults (both single and dating) we find this kind of information and medium a gift!

Creator of the popular Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Seminar, Mark explores the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships, combining striking clarity and practical solutions to common relationship woes. Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage isn’t your typical weekend marriage seminar. Mark’s entertaining illustrations are so hilarious and original, you’ll be sharing them with all your friends. His humor makes his teaching enjoyable, effective and memorable, helping husbands and wives remember these insights and immediately put them to work. Filmed in high-definition, this 4-DVD set includes Mark Gungor’s entire weekend seminar, as well as extra bonus material. You will experience all the facts and side-splitting fun of Mark’s look at life, love and marriage including: – The Tale of Two Brains – laugh till you hurt as Mark explains what he calls ‘the laws of relational physics’ – how men and women are wired differently and why. – Why Does He/She Do That – through a tool called the Flag Page, Mark is able to show husbands and wives a new way to discover what makes their spouse tick. – The No. 1 Key to Incredible Sex – this is it… the ‘yo mama’ session you’ve been waiting for. Mark goes through he five steps couples need to know how to experience incredible, mind-blowing, married sex… don’t miss it! – How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anybody – through this session, viewers will discover the power of forgiveness in their marriage… or what Mark likes to call, ‘The Reset Button’. Through this DVD experience, couples will laugh, learn and be able to make real, positive changes to their marriage. Share the Laugh Your Way experience with someone you love … even your spouse will thank you!  FROM ENTERTAINMENT FOR LIFE





saw this on FB the other day and so had to laugh – and share of course.  I love the Myers Briggs personality test and have found it really useful in leadership and marriage and mentoring.  I’m a ENFP.






and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving


36539_10200307230423715_811794454_n 1006158_10200307238463916_1735587968_n 1010359_10200307236743873_415052479_n

not loving the cold – but love the neat scarves my mum knitted for the kids and couriered up to us!  i think today feels like the coldest day ever – we went out for lunch and to the movies with Granny – so was super nice to be able to wrap up warmly!  by the way we saw Despicable Me 2 and thought it was super cute, super sweet and quite funny!  The minions rock!  i’d really like to see EPIC – myself, perhaps not with the kids, maybe not with evangeline… has anyone seen it?  thoughts?





i’ve got a rep at church as “the gluten free girl” – mostly because i’m semi obsessive about things in my life and the huge lifestyle changes i had to make last year.  i have a friend who has just gone gluten free and she was asking me about baking.  i confess i haven’t baked much in the last few months – unless i’m making a never fail LOVE CAKE packet mix… so i broke out my gingernut recipe over the weekend and made crisp crunchy gluten free gingernuts.  so scrummy!  they’d be perfect to dunk in a cuppa coffee…

Kevin Olusola – totally loving this guy.  got hooked on him when my hubby played me a cool coke ad… so being the geek i am i had to google him more… and remembered i had done this before… and then on youtube saw he played with gungor… things were clicking into place.  i love gungor.  anyway back to kevin… wow.  talented.  faithfilled.  awe-some!  He plays cello and beatboxes.  at the same time and is part of Pentatonix


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yesterday we celebrated Mothers Day with the kids and my MIL at the Auckland Museum… the kids loved the Oceans and Land, Weird and Wonderful (eeek those bugs are soooo gross!) and a Kids in the Past exhibits and i loved the vintage clothing and furniture display.  we spent a good quarter of an hour watching a pair of geckos to see if they caught any flies.  they are amazing creatures!  all in all it was a fun day out and about, including compulsory tree climbing, followed by a delish meal back at our house! 




You are a warrior who will battle for your children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, education and memories.

Go to battle my friends. This is your time. 

To read the rest of this amazing mothers day post (the script that goes with the youtube clip) head over to Lisa Jo’s blog



though i confess i’m not good with the vomit on the floor bit… but a fantastic insight into motherhood… well done NewSpring Church



stockxpertcom_id945311_size2 crown of thorns2

i’ve taken the plunge and made a fb page for my blog… it feels scary but i know that i read blogs mostly that i find in my newsfeed and love the ability to share so figured i’d do what i love… so you can now find me on ONE PASSION ONE DEVOTION FB 




fearless experiment

**** LOVE LOVE LOVE this post on The Fearless Experiment  called THE NARROWING.  oh its good for the soul, good challenging!

Suffering leads to perseverance. Perseverance to character, character to hope.

The Narrowing: It’s how you begin to feel a new heartbeat. It’s how you discover what’s really important. It’s where you find meaning.

It’s when Someone takes a hammer and a chisel and begins to chip chip chip away at what shouldn’t be there. It’s when Someone sees the masterpiece that lies beneath the rock, and He won’t stop until the excess lies broken and dusty on the floor.

It’s when, slowly and deliberately, chunks of the old you are chiselled away. Pride, self-preservation, comfort, greed, gluttony, and all other things dark and heavy. Those things you don’t speak of. Those things you fear and hate the most. You know.

You know something needs to be done. You know those things will cling to you unless Someone takes up the hammer.




i so love LOVE CAKES.  they are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and some other free stuff too, but def not taste free.  they are delish and soooo good.  today for mothers day i got special shaped muffin tin thingys so spent some of the arvo whipping some love cakes up… shaped like butterflies and bugs!  




and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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things im loving


coming up at the end of march i will have been gluten free for a year.  a whole year.

i’ve been egg free for about ten years and dairy free since september. 

i miss cheese.

i miss soft white fluffy buns and pizza.

i miss takeaways and convenient food.

i miss puff pastry and macaroni cheese.


but for me my allergies just aren’t about food.  its about life.  and surrender. 

its about walking with jesus.

yes i know.  geeky eh.  but it has become an analogy for me.


you see i have a very  restricted diet.

there is food i WANT to eat (even crave to eat) but i know it will make me really sick. sick sometimes for a week.  sick enough so i am unable to function as a wife, mother or person.

so i choose health and all the restrictions that brings.  i choose a lifestyle of surrender.

sometimes its really easy and sometimes its really hard, but i keep the end goal in mind – health.

feeling well.  feeling energetic.  free from the limitations reactions bring.

the same in my life, there are things i feel i want, even crave, but they’re things that God says are not beneficial to me, and are sin, and so even though the temporary may feel good, i choose the eternal.

i choose surrender.

i choose restrictions.

i choose to be free.

i choose life.

when i look back at last year i actually feel i accomplished a lot…


i learned to cook gluten free (which seems very momentous)

i learned to EAT gluten free and diary free (definitely right up there as accomplishments go)

i preached at the women’s conference and hosted a chat show

i hosted The Panel at our young adults retreat and was a panellist for youth

i lost 12 kg

i didn’t dye my hair (from june)

i acquired more books and gave away some more

i helped coach my sons rugby team

i preached at both 7pm church and 10am

i went on the street outreach team

i joined the greeters team

i joined a leading and loving it community group

i found a new hairdresser

i made a lot of waffles

i drunk a lot of turkish delight hot chocolate… even soy ones

purchased some gumboots

got over my fear of blood tests

and very much more!


i feel happy with last year

those “activities” and milestones represent my life changed and fingers crossed aka praying, other lives changed



well farewell 2012!  its the last day of the year today!

you were challenging, joyous, different, filled with the unexpected and filled with blessing.


at the end of last year (2011) the one word i used to describe 2011 was CHANGE.  or TRANSFORMATION. 

2011 was the year was also totally characterised by tony’s dads ill health and many hospital visits, incl one from april till august, subsequent heart problems and then going in to say goodbye to him december 5th and his passing into glory early december 6th.  2011 will always be his year and a year that changed our family greatly.


so we entered 2012 tired and emotionally depleted and wondering what the year would look like.  most of our focus of 2011 was on tony’s dad and family and we had a different normal that involved a lot of hospital visits and weekend time as caregivers and his death at the end of the year. 


i entered into 2012 with little expectations.  it was almost survival mode, but not quite.  i was breathing.

apart from the usual expectations.

God would move greatly.

we would serve God.

take opportunities.

love people.

hear His voice.

build His kingdom.


again lots of changes happened in 2012.  again.

i was constantly physically exhausted and couldnt put my finger on any reason so went to the dr and after a barrage of tests and possibilities we found out i’m allergic to wheat. sounds simple – better than some of the alternatives, but not as simple as it sounds.  i’ve been gluten free for 9 months now.  it began a process of seeing specialists (immunolgy, dietian, dermatology) and having lots of blood tests and doing various exclusion diets. next year i’ll have some chemical patch testing and have phototherapy and see a sleep specialist, on top of my usual other specialists.  i’ve had blood sent to a university in australia and am awaiting on some special molecular results to do with allergies.  on the other end of the year i feel more energetic and more alive.  but its still a work in process.  the process has very much defined my year.  it defined what i could eat, what i could do socially, how my body feels, how much money i spend.  it’s being an adventure in the kitchen as i’ve had to relearn how to cook and bake.  even the simple sandwich isn’t so simple anymore.  the reactions i’ve had to food have been more extreme and severe, i’ve felt the lows, and i’ve felt more normal at other times.  normal wasn’t something perhaps i felt in the years leading up to this year. 

on the ministry front our housegroup has grown and we’ve loved every minute of it.  we love the new people God has brought into our lives and the priv it is to walk with them.  next year the catchment of people eligible for our group has expanded so much with school leavers that we’ve had to create a school leavers age group housegroup and send some of our current people into another group.  growth and squishiness is a good problem to have!

i’ve loved the opportunties to speak at church, both at our women’s conference and the 10am and 7pm services.  i feel most alive up the front and feel i’m living the dream.


so i’m not sure there is a defining word for 2012.  GROWTH perhaps.

i have grown personally, spiritually, characterally, physically. 


this year as 2012 closes i am filled with expectation for 2013.

i am filled with excitement and the tangible feeling of possibility.

again we will serve God, love people, take opportunities, hear His voice, draw closer, know Him and make Him known.

He is faithful, always.

worthy of all glory and honour.



some other random happenings and highlights/lowlights:

family holiday to blenheim,  matt chandler philippians series @ housegroup, new childrens church pastor, His Presence church conference (yay!), book buying, the kirby, the weekender, len buttner, ballet, school rugby, school camp, ann’s 70th birthday celebration, cross contamination, blood tests, botany community day outreach, street healing outreaches, praying for people in waiting roomshousegroup 80’s night, the vow girls night,  justone leading and loving it online conference, leading and loving it community group, ballet performances at school galas, field trips, norovirus, 10kg, civilisation…

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