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Walls, I’ve decided, are dangerous.

Walls serve a purpose, yes.  They create a boundary and shelter us from storm and attack.

But walls can turn on us and serve us badly.

They keep good people out and distance us from healing.

Walls hinder progress and growth.

They restrict.

Walls make us a prisoner of our own making.

Walls keep us captive along with our pain and the things hiding in the dark.

We hide from each other.  We put walls up to keep us apart, to build a facade.  It’s part of our fallenness.

The danger of the wall is that it misrepresents us. What other people see is a lie. It’s not who we are or who we were born to be.

We need to realize that God loves us just the way we are right now, and His love for us will never diminish.  He loves the inside part of us.  He loves the broken places and has plans to heal and restore.  He loves us regardless of our flaws and our pain.  There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God in Christ.  No past, no present, no future, no falling, no sin, no mistake, no thought, no word, no action.

We need to take a deep breath, stir up courage and invite someone into the inner part of who we are.

We need to open the gates wide and let good people in, who want to help us walk free.  We need to open wide the gates to let God in, who is the One who can empower us to walk truly free.

We need to sometimes take a hammer to our pride and our fears and let the love and grace of God flood over us, washing us, freeing us, restoring us.

Don’t let your wall become a comfortable place to hide instead of choosing freedom.

Will you take the wall down today?

One brick at a time. Freedom is worth the risk.

As children of God we are free.

Freer than we may ever know.

We are no longer slaves, slaves to our self, slaves to our shame, slaves to our past, slaves to our rejection, slaves to our sin and the sins of others… we are free.  Truly free.

His freedom is limitless.  It removes every chain, every burden.

His freedom is given by grace, walked in by grace, felt by grace.  Oh what grace it is that sets me free.

I am no longer a slave, no longer ashamed, no longer at arms length – but I am invited in, right in.  I am invited to come and be loved and to love.  I am seen as innocent and acceptable by the grace and works of Jesus.

My freedom was not freely purchased, but cost the life of my Saviour Jesus Christ.  It is His death that won my freedom.  He who was no slave but is the King of the universe became slave to death to defeat it.

My freedom cost Him His all.

I receive.  I receive.  I bow and receive.  I worship and receive.

All that was won for me I receive.

Thank you for your freedom Jesus.


We can wear a mask and put our best foot forward for only so long.  We can squeeze ourselves into the expectation of someone else for but a fleeting moment.  Bowing to the pressure of our peers brings a temporary solution but essentially denies the truth of who we are.  For a season it works, but there is that sense that its not real.  That its all make believe and one day something or someone will see beyond the facade into the realness of who we are.

It can be exhausting.  The edges become frayed and gray.

But God promises life abundantly.  He calls us into a life of authentic truth.

He has created us, fearfully and wonderfully.  He loves us.  He likes us.

And so He calls us into those places of truth and reality.

To let go of the masks and to be who we really are.  To let the world see.

The world needs to see the real you.  Not a copy or an expectation.  Not an image of what we think they should see.

But you.  In all its truth.

Those promises of abundant life and the richness that God’s love and grace gives so lavishly are for you.  The real you.  They are to be lived and felt and tasted.

God welcomes you in, just as you are.  He delights in you.  He delights in your authentic self.  He has dreams for the real you.  Plans, purposes, promises.

God is calling you to step out of the boat of expectation into the warmth of His embrace and acceptance.

He is calling you to embrace who you are and to discover freedom and joy in being you.

You do not need to have it all.   You do not need to be a size whatever. You do not need to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect anything. You do not need to be married with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. You do not need to be classically beautiful.   You do not need to be anything more than who you are because God declares you are enough.  More than enough.

What mask do you need to let drop today?

What expectation are you trying to live up to?

What freedom is God calling you into?


Check out my latest post over at The Fearless Experiment!


The voices in my head tell me everything that I don’t like about myself, the remind me of my flaws and failings.  They however are silent when it comes to reminding me what God says about me and His promises and unfailing faithfulness.

“Regardless of what you want to do or who you are, fear will always see you as wholly unqualified for anything you ever dream or attempt.” Jon Acuff

Fear is going to tell you you cant. It’s going to lie to you and make excuses so you stop in your tracks.

Fear and insecurity partner with the enemy to limit us and restrict us. To kill the dream.

But God is great.   He is good.

He wants us to rip that negative self talk out of our heads, to change the cd so to speak and to hear HIS voice of hope and faith and truth.



There is something so captivating about this song and its call to come out of the hiding, to live fearless, at peace and at rest with God’s love, secure in His grace and salvation.

In God we have freedom.

Freedom from sin.  Freedom from the past.  Freedom from anything and everything.  He has paid with His life for that peace.

He is our shelter from the storm, the anchor in our life.


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Over the weekend I was priv’d to be at a Cleansing Streams Retreat day. I had gone along with our SAS crew as their coordinator, to be their in this part of their journey, be there if they needed a hug or an ear, and for myself too, to draw closer to God, to deal with any obstacles and hindrances.

The Cleansing Streams Retreat day was beautifully and powerfully presented, with great teaching and ministry times. It was a very considered and wise approach to becoming free in such a group context, dealing with the spiritual heart of an issue and yet filled with love and joy and peace. It was challenging at parts but non-threatening because of the graceful atmosphere and environment that the leaders intentionally create.

This was one of the clips that they played over the day to bring our attention to the change and freedom that Jesus was giving, inside out.

Jesus takes who we are, just as we are, and He makes us new.  Brand new.  No shame.  No guilt.

It’s no longer about what I’ve done, but about what He has done.  Our acceptability is in Him.

Yes we have struggles and vulnerabilities and sin, but nothing will separate us from His great love not because of anything we can do to earn or repay salvation but because of grace.  His grace transforms me, inside out.

Do you know how Jesus sees you?



Fear doesn’t live here no more
Fear doesn’t live here no more
When Your name was spoken
Your name brought healing to me
Shame doesn’t live here no more
Shame doesn’t live here no more
When Your name was spoken
Your love brought healing to me
Condemnation no more
Sin lost all control
I am set free
By Your glory and grace
You broke every chain
I am set free
Your name Jesus
Your name Jesus
Jesus Your name
Your name brings healing to me
I am free
I am free
These chains have no hold on me
I’ve been healed

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**** it was a bad nights sleep the other night… which meant i listened to about 4 podcasts… i loved this one, i think it so resonates with me at the moment as i have a part of my mind and heart open for all things freedom and deliverance and light as we prepare for our women’s conference in june… i love how newspring have their tweet recaps!  easy quotes!


Recap from the "I Can’t Believe This is Happening to Me" (Escaping the Chains of Circumstances) sermon in 140 characters or less ~  perry Noble @ Newspring Church

  1. Jesus is greater than what you are going through. #Chains
  2. Freedom from my circumstances begins when I focus on Jesus. #Chains
  3. How would we know God is Provider if we never needed providing for? #Chains
  4. Worship is when we realize that the things over our heads are under His feet. #Chains
  5. Worship is when we realize even when we can’t control anything, God controls everything. #Chains
  6. Worship is when we realize how small we are and how BIG God is! #Chains
  7. We can sit around and worry or we can worship! #Chains
  8. God did not deliver Jesus FROM His circumstances, He delivered Jesus THROUGH His circumstances. #Chains
  9. When we shift our focus from circumstances to Jesus we will move from worry to worship! #Chains
  10. God can set other people free through your Worship. #Chains



* notes from the Leading and Loving It JustONE Virtual Conference today


When we live bound by our past we can’t live the life that God has called us to live!


Live in the freedom of who we are in Christ and don’t be in bondage to what we can/’t do

Don’t freak out or be in bondage to what you’re *not* able to do but rather step out in who you are in Christ!


Let God use your past to give others a future. Facts vs truth means choose what God says about you, not the world!

Don’t let fact bind us up—live in the freedom found and available in Christ


are you going to build your life on the facts of the circumstances or on the truth of the Word of God

john 8 – if we ABIDE in HIs Word the truth will make us free

dont let the facts keep you in a prison of fear or doubt or insecurity


you reproduce who you ARE not what you say

so much of our leading isnt about TASKS but about BEING

the degree with which you are willing to go after your freedom the degree you will have that freedom in your ministry


Don’t be bound and limited by your past. Allow God to use it to help someone else’s future.

we cant do anything to change the past but the good news is we can all do something to change the future

The pain of recovery is more difficult than the pain of the injury – but it is PURPOSEFUL

He rescued me and set me free so i could turn around and see others set free

God uses everything to accomplish His purposes

God takes every aspect of our lives and weaves it into a tapestry for HIs greater glory

with us *brokenness* stops


Some time later, Jesus went up to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish festivals. Now there is in Jerusalem near the Sheep Gate a pool, which in Aramaic is called Bethesda and which is surrounded by five covered colonnades. Here a great number of disabled people used to lie – the blind, the lame, the paralysed.  One who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, ‘Do you want to get well?’ Sir,’ the invalid replied, ‘I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.’ Then Jesus said to him, ‘Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.’ At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked. John 5:1-9

Jesus later, a few verses down finds the man again and says “go and sin no more”


I love this passage. I love it because it’s a radical life changing encounter with Jesus and a radical life changing healing. I love it because of the ripple effects from this one event would have rippled out into his family and community and city. I love it because it challenges me in my areas of paralysis that nothing is too big for Jesus to heal and nothing is too big for God to change and that Jesus can break life long chains of pain and restriction and sin and fear.


We’re going to look at 3 keys from what Jesus said to this man that can revolutionise our own lives.



"What is stopping us from getting up and moving on? Don’t let the enemy paralyze you to keep you where you are." – Beth Moore

And why does the enemy want to paralyse you?

Because you are a force for the Kingdom of God – demonstrating the reality of God and His love and grace.

Isaiah 61 says – the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour


YOU are anointed and appointed to wreck havoc on the kingdom of darkness, to see peoples eternities changed and to bring glory to God.

Devils worst nightmare!

So if he can paralyse you and numb you and restrain you and distract you and discourage you… he will… he will use anything and everything to knock you down.

He will attempt to stop you from talking to your workmate or classmate about Jesus. He will stop you from asking to pray for someone. He will stop you from taking that great career opportunity. He will stop you from getting involved in the worship team. He’ll tempt you into that wrong relationship, he’ll sap your zeal, he’ll kill steal and destroy. He’ll lie to you and tell you you are hopeless and insgificant and remember how you sinned earlier today… yeah well that’s disqualifying and unchristian eh.

But you know what… Greater is HE in ME than he that is in the world.

And he is defeated. Defeated at the cross.

And I am armed to the hilt and equipped and protected.

Sure there are days when I’ll feel discouraged or feel pressed down but its at those times I refuse to lie down on my mat and live in that oppression.


So how do we break free?

Firstly John 8:32 says you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free –

– Jesus has won the victory. Done it all.

Secondly – John 8:31 says If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.


The Amp says it like this: So Jesus said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples.

I align my thoughts and my words to proclaim and experience His victory.

Abiding with jesus leads to knowing truth and experiencing freedom (from John 8:31-32)

Abiding with God is a fancy word for being with, staying with, walking with, connected with.



"The Son of Man has authority over whatever has you paralyzed. Get up and walk." – Beth Moore

Sometimes its not the enemy getting us down – its our own self limitations, confidence issues or whatevers!

Sometimes we’ve got to just walk – get some momentum!

Back to Isaiah 61. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and has anointed me TO


Faith has actions. If you believe if you’ll do it. If you believe it you’ll walk in it.

Imagine if the paralysed man did nothing. if he didn’t rise. If he didn’t move. If he stayed on his mat. If he didn’t put those healed muscles into use – if he didn’t use his new given mobility. What a limited lifestyle he would live.

Some of us are acting that same way in our lives – we’re healed and saved and set free and called by God but we’re stuck, paralysed by our own inaction.

Stretch out into the potential of who God has created you to be and who HE is in you.


But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. 2 Corinthians 4:7


You know its His grace that is at work in us and through us. Have confidence in His grace, to love you and to empower you.

Do you have a crazy dream? Something that resonates in your heart and makes your temperature rise and that propels you forward? It might be ministry. This was my crazy dream. It might be to be a mum or a dad. It might be your career path. It might be to talk to one stranger a week about Jesus. It might be to write a book, write a song, write a movie. Travel the world. Be a missionary in outer Mongolia. It might be to reach a people group, like geeks or rugby heads.

Get a dream, live a dream. Get up off your mat and walk. Take those first steps into living out your dreams.

The first step before anyone else in the world believes it is that you believe it. Will smith

Take a spiritual machete to insecurity and get God’s perspective of who we are.

Called. Chosen. Anointed. Gifted. Purposed.

Your personality and quirks are designed by God. Your strengths are purposed by Him. Your weaknesses are no obstacle to Him moving through you.

How often does insecurity want to squeeze us into some mould? Look like that, dress like that, speak like that, be like that, do that, see that. That is not reality. Reality is we’re all different and we all need to be different. If you are constantly checking yourself against someone elses check list then you’re limiting yourself from stepping out and being real. And you know what – sometimes those check lists just don’t exist. THOSE people that we often worry about are NO people.

Think about how much insecurity and comparison distracts us from growing in our own character and calling in life, how it creates offense instead of connection.

Where in the world would we be without people who will take one small step for man one giant leap for mankind – no one had done the moon thing before – pah!

Where would be if Christopher Columbus or whoever it was decided to sail off the edge of the world and in the process discovered most of the western world?

What would American society look like if a woman didn’t write uncle tom’s cabin, if she bowed to the perceived pressure pressure of what was the norm?

Being free from insecurity is a decision to not listen to those voices any more but to surrender to one voice alone – God Almighty, your father in heaven, who created you fearfully and wonderfully, who breathed out the stars and has a plan and a purpose for you. Right now. Today. When you don’t perhaps have it together, when you think you’ve missed the boat. Today. Now. Get up and walk.




Get up and walk and go and sin no more.

Sin can feel so good sometimes eh. The temptation. The quick smack of satisfaction. the rush of the it feels sooo right in the moment.

But its going to paralyse you faster than you can say freeze.

The way to live in freedom is to live in obedience. Not to pay God back for salvation, not to earn gold stars, not to earn opportunities and blessings, but because there is a right way to live and God – remember, star breather, creator of the universe, eternal and all knowing and all powerful – He has the wisdom to know it.

Going and sinning no more is more than a behavioural change. More than just pulling on our big girl pants and going “I will be good!”

We have the righteousness of Christ. It’s a gift. We swapped accounts at the cross. Jesus got my bad rap sheet and I got His perfect rap sheet. It’s done and finished and accredited to me. But there is a living out of that.

And the greatest motivation to do that is to fix your eyes on Him and see His magnificence and His goodness and greatness. Have a hunger and longing to know Him and let that be what burns inside your life and motivates you. Its more than just morality or ticking the boxes it’s about knowing God and living to please Him.


Right now make a decision to break the cycle. Right now make a decision to get up and walk and live changed.


With God we can overcome any addiction and any habit. With God we can see life long change even from the most ingrained habits that we may put down to personality trait.


My 3 keys for change are this:

  1. replace the sin with something of greater satisfaction – how did I change my eating habits from gluten full to gluten free – I replaced the temporary satisfaction of eating fluffy white bread with health. Change a promiscuous sexual lifestyle with a vision of a committed fulfilling marriage – free from the destruction that baggage and multiple sexual histories and possible stds brings. Change a deceptive leaning with an image of the healthy credibility account you’ll have which will create fantastic stable drama-less friendships. Change a life of feeling far away for God with drawing near to Him and encountering His presence. What is your greater satisfaction? God. Every time. He is better.


  1. Don’t give room for sin to grow. You don’t find many alcoholics hanging out at the pub. You won’t find me any time soon loitering at a bakery. Turn off the tv. Turn the computer off. Don’t reply to that text message. Create a habitual lifestyle that makes it easy to obey. Proverbs 4:23 says Above all else, keep and guard your heart with all vigilance, for out of it flow the springs of life. Guard your heart with your decisions and choices and positioning. And it’s not just the really wicked things that rob us of that intimacy with God and lead us astray. Matt Chandler was saying at hosuegroup the other night that it is the neutral things that steal away that affection and desire we have for God. Think about those things that stir your heart towards God and create passion in your life to know Him and make Him known. Cultivate them. Make room for them. And conversely, think about what steals that away and makes our hearts lukewarm and then avoid them like the plague!


  1. talk to someone – a big person in your life, a mentor, housegroup leader, youth pastor – you know, we’re real people and we’ve struggled too and prob with the same things you are – talk to someone, see how they’ve overcome, what strategies they’ve used If you confess yr sin 2 God u get FORGIVEN (1 Jn 1:9). If u confess yr sin 2 others & get them 2 pray 4 u, u get HEALED (Ja 5:16). Good, open accountability w God & gd ppl is the only way 2 walk in freedom! (totally pinched word for word from Peter’s fb status on Tuesday)


Reality is – we’ve probably heard that 100 times before. Right?

Reality is – we still sin. I still sin. I am by behaviour a sinner. I stuff up all the time. As much as I don’t want to. I stuff up by the things I do and the things I don’t do.

We tell ourselves that a real Christian wouldn’t do the things we do… a fired up Christian wouldn’t make the same mistakes we do.

"Sometimes paralysis of unforgiveness can be towards yourself." – Beth Moore

Sometimes we haven’t recognised the power of God’s forgiveness and grace and how getting that on the inside can change us.

Don’t let the past hold you back – jesus has reckoned it dead and forgiven. Don’t let your own failures and flaws paralyse you when Jesus doesn’t count that against you. That’s the whole point of forgiveness and grace. Our identity as children of God is not secured by our lack of sin but by Christ’s blood.


For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:11-12


Give yourself a history lesson of all that God has done.

The next time you feel like GOD can’t use you, just remember…

Noah was a drunk

Abraham was too old

Jacob was a liar

Leah was ugly

Joseph was abused

Moses had a stuttering problem

Gideon was afraid

Samson had long hair and was a womanizer

Rahab was a prostitute

Jeremiah was a bullfrong… Just kidding! Jeremiah and Timothy were too young

David had an affair and was a murderer

Elijah was suicidal

Isaiah preached naked

Jonah ran from God

Naomi was a widow

Job went bankrupt

Peter denied Christ

The Disciples fell asleep while praying

Martha had anxiety issues

The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once

Zaccheus was too small

Paul was too religious

Timothy had an ulcer… AND

Lazarus was dead!



You are no longer paralysed. You have a new life, a fresh start.

Use it.

Get up and walk in the ways of God.


John 5:9 says At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.

At once, immediately, right then the mans life was changed. The chains of paralysis were broken forever. He got up and walked.

That opportunity is yours right now to take.

Get up and leave the insecurity behind.

Get up and walk in the victory Jesus has won for you.

Get up and step into your destiny.

Get up and change the way you live.

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