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Yesterday we had what I affectionately call an “allergy adventure”.

It involved a couple of firsts for us.

First use of an epi pen.

Followed shortly by first trip in an ambulance for Evangeline.

Today I phoned my fabulous allergy nurse.  She has been a source not only of great wisdom and information but great encouragement.  After walking through what happened yesterday she encouraged me as a mother, as an allergy mother.  Well done, she said.  You did the right thing.  You were awesome.

It did my heart good.

Yet at the same time, I knew I had done the right thing and handled the situation in all the right ways.

We have walked through in our heads and in conversations and in the numerous allergy talks that I have given at school about keeping our friends safe what to do if it was a bad reaction.  The check list was front and centre in my mind.  In my head I had made the decisions already.  I had put myself in the situation in my imagination.

When push came to shove I was made for this.  I was ready.

It’s hard to say that.  And I hope it doesnt come across as a #humblebrag but I was made for this.

I was prepared.

What crisis are you prepared for?

What conversations do you have to have with yourself to be ready?

What decision do you have to make before the moment arrived?

For me the decision to administer the epi pen was easy because I knew the signs and I knew the consequences both good and bad.  Once the boxes were ticked in my mental list the decision was made.  I was prepared.  Ready.  Decided.

Are you ready?



Three weeks ago I got healed of severe food allergies.

Since then every meal and snack has been a delight of discovery and a step of faith to live and eat healed.

I have eaten things that would have been impossible for me to eat and prior to being healed would have had me reacting and sick for at least a week.  I know I am healed.


In the past 3 weeks I have eaten:

toast, gluten free bread



cheese scones

fish and chips! first takeaways in 3 years!

creamy tomato soup

country cheese crackers

turkish delight chocolate

chocolate muffins (from the bakery!)

fluffy white dinner rolls

cookie time cookie


with each new food I eat amazed and humbled that God has healed me.  I eat amazed and awed by the normality of my body after eating these foods.  As I said above, 3 weeks ago that would not have been my reality or circumstance!

I am not taking it for granted.

It is a food adventure!


It was also awesome yesterday to have a lady who came to church because she read about what happened on facebook.  My story has been shared over 300 time on facebook.


All glory is to God who transformed my body and systems so that I can eat normally.  It is an incredible miracle.


Is God real?

Does He heal?

Twice now I’ve hinted at an incredible life changing moment in my life.  Again its still so amazing and I’m in awe of what has happened.   Now that you know my backstory I’ll go into what happened on Saturday and since then.

Over the weekend our church, The River Christian Church (Auckland) held HIS PRESENCE Conference | UNCONTAINABLE.

It was phenomenal.  The worship went off in every session.  Each message was bang on and relevant and God’s NOW words for me and so many others.  It was great to connect with River people and friends from other churches, and of course, make new friends.  Our kids had their own River Kids conference and had an amazing time discovering more about God and His great love for them.

I felt that the message on Friday night by Paul Saunders was just for me.  It was so where I was at – or more importantly, so where I need to be.  It was about no limits and how nothing is impossible with God.  He challenged us to live uncontainable lives, believing that God is the God of no limits and all possibilities and to lift our expectation.

I left that night after the ministry time, where I encountered God in an amazing way, full.  Satisfied.  Challenged.  If nothing else happened on conference I would have been happy.

Then Saturday morning happened.

When Pastor James Anson (Faithpointe Church, Auckland) got up to speak he begun with some words of knowledge for healing.  He had words for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, left ankle issues and then…

Severe food allergies.

I was sitting in the front row.

I stood up.

I dont know if it was audible or tangible, but I felt everyone behind me “oooooh, its claire!” with a sense of expectation.  This isnt just my story.  It is a story for our church.  They all know I’m the food allergy guru and how the allergies have altered my life.  They know my backstory and have walked through the journey with me.

I have been prayed for many many many times over the past 10 years for my allergies.  More so in the last 3 years.  I am always very happy to be prayed for because I have always believed that one day I would be  healed and that one day would come, one day.

Until blind Bartimaeus was healed, he was blind.  Until the lame man was healed, he was lame.  Until Lazarus was healed, he was dead.  I was in my until.  Until I was healed, I had food allergies.

As you can see in the photo at the top people gathered around me (and the other people who had stood up) and prayed.  Like I said, I have been prayed for many times for healing.  But this time was different.  This time had the YES of God on it.   The presence of God was very strong and I was beginning to feel incredibly warm and and and… words cant really describe it.  It was amazing.  I knew I was healed.  Beyond shadow of a doubt.

Towards the end of being prayed for I felt strongly that I should test it and act in faith.  Just as those who had the sore ankles and wrists would be asked to do something to see if they were healed, so I too could do something.  I have been asked to eat after being prayed for but have always politely but firmly declined.  But there was something different about this time.  When Pastor James asked people to test it I said to my friends who had prayed “I’m going to eat caramel slice!” I dashed off.

As part of the conference our church puts on a lunch, including baking and I had watched people bring in platters of amazing baking.  Including caramel slice.

I freaked my friends out.  Seriously.   One asked if my epi pen was in my bag, prepared for the worst.  Remember, only 3 weeks ago I reacted to wheat products.

I got the caramel slice and took it back into the church.  And ate it.  Oh how sweet and good it was!

We then all sat down again and waited.  A few minutes later I thumbed up my best friends, all good.  No reaction so far.  No facial tingling.  No hives.  No itch.  Twenty minutes past.  No tummy pain.  No dash to the bathroom.

No reaction.  At all.

Praise Jesus!  All glory to Him!

Since then I have eaten something every day that would have made me react.

Banana cake.

Turkish Delight Chocolate (yeah thats a naughty one!)

and today – bread.  Normal bread.  Gluten full bread.

My life is changed.

Jesus has changed my life.

Jesus has healed me.

I have had my UNTIL moment.

It’s incredible.

A miracle.

Nothing is impossible for God.

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The other day I hinted that I had something incredible to share with you.

Four days onwards I am still finding it hard to wrap words around what has happened.  Its that momentous.

Let me begin with the backstory.

For a number of years I had some serious health struggles.  I was always exhausted.  I was always sick.  My skin was raging with eczema.     My vitamin and mineral stores within my body were depleted.  Life was becoming gray.  I was always at the dr and spent a few years constantly being on and off antibiotics for various sinus and skin infections. The only solution was to take antihistamines and go to bed.  Nothing was changing.  Progressively it became worse. Read the rest of this entry »

1 (1)

i brought these for the kids but… well… you know how it goes… mango slices are delish!




1965079_10152333734916474_1226479742_n 10011257_10202636719332166_108883801_n 1959871_10152333735971474_1612055120_n 10009303_10152333735821474_596717667_n

on saturday our church took part in the Botany Community Day for our 3rd year running.  its a great way to connect with the community and to let people know who we are etc.  we had a mini carnival area for the kids and gave out balloons and Water From The River.  its always a fun day and i love some of the random and God conversations!  even spiderman loves our water!





today i discovered  a new bread.  allergwise bread.  its gluten free, egg free, dairy free – aka good for me!  and its THICK!  and has real crusts!  and is amazing! like real toast.  the texture and taste is like real toast!  its completely different from all the other gluten free breads on the market. as a result my tummy is so full!   i had some for lunch and then we had bacon on toast for dinner!   i purchased my loaf from New World Botany for $7.50


also loving:

SAS re:retreat

field of dreams

river water

bible in schools

holistic hair shampoo and conditioner

winter pj pants


hkc youth

bacon.  of course bacon

elevation worship

christine caine

live your list podcast

Leading and Loving It

chunky necklaces

random questions






and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.



so what are you totally loving this week?

… check out what other peeps are loving whatever day of the week it is over at MNM’s BLOG

things im loving

1621811_10201674898574564_942216624_n 1926714_10201675386946773_188936644_n

This past week part of Caleb’s intermediate school homework included baking for the Room 11 Hottest Homebaker.  They had to bring baking for 30, that reflected their family heritage.  We chose Belgium Slice because i make it, my mum makes it and her mum made it.  Of course i make mine gluten/dairy and egg free so we had a tag team with me and tony in the kitchen for supervising different ingredients.   He also had to write the recipe out, create a display sign and write a few paragraphs about why this entry reflected his family heritage.  The results, i’m told, are delicious.



Belgium Slice

125g olivani

125g sugar

1 egg replacer (or 1 egg)

1T golden syrup

1 ½ c gluten free flour

1t gluten free baking powder

2t cinnamon

2t mixed spice


Cream olivani and sugar

Add egg replacer, mix well

Add syrup and sifted dry ingredients


Press into a greased flat slice tin

Bake 18 mins in moderate oven 180degrees

Ice with white icing and sprinkle with raspberry jelly crystals


It’s fun to do a second month because you get to build on the first.

We already have a month or so of data to pull from.

So here’s you’re first challenge:

Find out what worked last month.

I want you make a list today of all the things that helped you hustle on your goal last month. The tips, the tricks, the tools, the people, anyone and anything that moved your forward on your goal needs to go on your list.

Jon Acuff 


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Today, as we get closer to ending the first 30 days of hustle, I want to ask you two similar questions:

1. If you do another 30 days of hustle, where do you want to be after the second 30 days?

2. If you hustled for 12 months, what do you hope is true of your life next year?

That’s it. Two simple questions. Two easy ways to look into the future a little bit.

Jon Acuff

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“I just made excuses until my dream came true!” Said no one ever.

It’s true, excuses never move us forward. They only drive us backward, but we still make so many of them, don’t we?

If ideas came as easily as excuses, we’d all be geniuses.

Today’s task is to drag a few of your excuses into the bright light of day.

I want you to write down three excuses that you tend to make. And then I want you to write the truth beneath them. I’ll go first:

1. It’s hard to work out because I travel so much.
Not true. I won’t start speaking a lot and travelling a lot until April. It’s very easy right now to work out.

2. It’s hard to eat healthy because I have so many lunch meetings.
Not true. Nashville is full of healthy restaurants.

3. The workout my trainer gave me takes too long.
Not true. I just don’t give myself enough time at the gym.

The funny thing is that once you do this exercise, it’s harder to listen to those same excuses next time.

Get your pen, get your paper, get your Facebook group.

Let’s eliminate a few excuses.


Jon Acuff

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Today is Day 16 in the 30 Days of Hustle and reminded us about the DIP that can sometimes happen when we’re dreaming.

you know, that moment when everything feels stagnate, including your heart.

when the going gets tough, and life interrupts.

when the shiny new thing feeling wears off.

when the results deflate your determination.

it happens when the novelty of the choices and the hustle become meh.


The concept is simple. Seth Godin argues that in any endeavor or goal there is a period of easy wins. He uses learning Spanish as an example. When you first start studying, it’s fun to pick up those initial words and you feel like you made some progress. But after this rise in your ability, you hit what he calls the Dip, a time when things get hard.

This is the valley of any adventure where most people quit. This is conjugating verbs or the 7 days in a row when the scale doesn’t move an inch. This is the Dip. And I would suggest that depending on what you are trying to do, it can start happening as early as day 16. So if you are in the Dip or will hit it soon, here are three things I think you should do:

1.    Admit it. Sometimes, just giving yourself permission to acknowledge that’s where you’re at is very freeing.
2.    Reconnect with your WHY. Remember that from day 2? Studies have shown that if we’ll reconnect with our WHY during difficult times it actually helps us get through them.
3.    Tell your WHO. Don’t go it alone. Tell the person who is holding you accountable what is going on.

The Dip isn’t fun, but it’s often where a lot of growth is hidden.

Jon Acuff


Dip happens.

it happened for me when i woke up at 2am on friday morning, knowing that the alarm was going off at ten past six regardless of how well i slept.

when the numbers stayed the same despite no soda and no sweets for 16 days.  16 DAYS peoples!

surely there must be a movement, a reflection of the effort and intention.


My WHY is so that i can feel more energetic, master nasty habits, be a better wife / mother / leader, be happier in my own skin.  its about going the distance and increasing capacity for every area of my life.  its about stepping out of the boat and living the dream.  its about living for health and strength.

My WHY reminds me of the core of my motivation, it is the prize i aim for.  Its the reason i can say no, because i’m saying YES to something greater.



When your dream takes a dip you’ve got to reconnect with your WHY and renew your motivation and purpose.    Its about finding new ways to reenergise your passion.  sometimes its about just doing it, even when  you don’t feel like it.


i like what Andy Stanley said in a recent YOUR MOVE podcast – I am doing a great work and i cannot come down.  its a quote from Nehemiah 6 when circumstances and people and negativity try to put a dip in Nehemiah’s dream.  Nehemiah keeps his eyes firmly on his WHY and HOW and resists the dip.  He is doing a great work and will not be discouraged or distracted.


I am doing a great work.  I will not come down.  I will not let the dip deter me or determine my destination.



What do you do to keep motivated when you hit the dip in pursuing your dream?

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