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Yesterday we had what I affectionately call an “allergy adventure”.

It involved a couple of firsts for us.

First use of an epi pen.

Followed shortly by first trip in an ambulance for Evangeline.

Today I phoned my fabulous allergy nurse.  She has been a source not only of great wisdom and information but great encouragement.  After walking through what happened yesterday she encouraged me as a mother, as an allergy mother.  Well done, she said.  You did the right thing.  You were awesome.

It did my heart good.

Yet at the same time, I knew I had done the right thing and handled the situation in all the right ways.

We have walked through in our heads and in conversations and in the numerous allergy talks that I have given at school about keeping our friends safe what to do if it was a bad reaction.  The check list was front and centre in my mind.  In my head I had made the decisions already.  I had put myself in the situation in my imagination.

When push came to shove I was made for this.  I was ready.

It’s hard to say that.  And I hope it doesnt come across as a #humblebrag but I was made for this.

I was prepared.

What crisis are you prepared for?

What conversations do you have to have with yourself to be ready?

What decision do you have to make before the moment arrived?

For me the decision to administer the epi pen was easy because I knew the signs and I knew the consequences both good and bad.  Once the boxes were ticked in my mental list the decision was made.  I was prepared.  Ready.  Decided.

Are you ready?




Happy  New Year from my family to yours!

Praying 2015 is a year of adventure, blessing and joy for you all!



In the past month I have been reminded that parenting can be a war sometimes. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as disrespectful to those who live in actual real war zones with bombs, horror and death. I hope you hear the intention behind my words, my heart. There are seasons where it seems that our kids have been possessed by zombies or hormones or both.

Relax, this is normal. Seriously.

Our kids will push the boundaries. They will stretch out to find out who they are and discover their own independence. Unfortunately our toddlers and teens usually don’t have tact or grace in their methodology. It’s all on. Loud and inelegant. Awkward and brash. It can be hurtful and feel intensely personal. It can feel like the world around you is disintegrating into a mess of broken hearts and slamming doors.

Just as in a legitimate war zone it’s important as a parent to have a plan and tactical responses to skirmishes and trouble so that you are prepared and equipped. We want to do more than survive. The goal is to thrive. Even under pressure.


Come read the rest over at NEW ZEALAND CHRISTIAN MUM – where i was a contributing writer earlier this week


our delightful girl turns 9 today.  

delightful is the word that God used to describe her and prophecy about her when she was a day old.  it is the word she is.

she adores ballet, frozen, lego, rugby and Jesus.

she convinced me to become a bible in schools teacher because she told me her classmates needed to know about God’s love.

she devours books and strawberries.

she is tenacious, spunky, kind and yes, delightful.

she is my heart.



 999_10151277754434258_1846207102_n24602_411454724257_536149257_5148043_5837692_n   big mouthclaire and evangeline princesses copy EVANGELINE old 33P1110561P1150170  P1200153  

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  love this very kiwi song by Stan Walker, Ria Hall, Troy Kingi, and Maisly Kingi – it showcases our incredible talent, our spectacular nation and our national anthem.  go stan!



Lost tv-shows

its been ten lovely years since LOST first premiered at Comic Com.  to commemorate the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the show’s broadcast premiere (on Sept. 22, 2004), ABC’s Comic-Con booth hosted this special video featuring series bosses Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, whose messages bookend a cavalcade of highlights from the show’s run.




The River runs a great Tuesday afterschool programme called The Zone – my kids love it!  last week they had a professional face painter in and wow she did amazing work!  check out Imaginaire Entertainment if you’re in Auckland!





its been wonderful having my nieces and nephews over from Australia for some of the school holidays.  thankfully the weather was beautiful the other day and they all got outside for a spot a monkeying around.



this is what i am loving…. how about you?  what are you loving this week?

orange flowers


today: is monday #weseetomorrowfirst and the first day back at term for the kids at school and me at SAS

want to be: speaking the words of God, hearing His unique and on time message for preaching this Sunday night

blessings: opportunities

thinking: about the amazing privilege i have to walk through life with amazing people

planning: to drink turkish delight this week

listening to: Hillsong NO OTHER NAME – sooooo good.  loving that the songs are all about jesus.

watching: downtown abbey season one on dvd

reading: leaders eat last

writing: about energy management for SAS next week

loving:  my gracious husband

grateful: for God’s grace and love


i’m so stoked for my son

he is heading off to his first youth conference / camp ever tomorrow!

the HKC youth from The River are sleeping at church and then car pooling off to the Ascend Youth Conference for the days and nights.  

i just ooohed and ahhhed over some of the speakers – Sy Rogers is a headline speaker and one of my favourites!  

praying he encounters God in a life defining life changing way!


i love hillsong conferences

my friends are there right now, in real life, enjoying the noise and the people feel

but oh i love that they stream it

and i adore their backstage team.

tonight they brought much joy to our household as only a #shoutout can.

they invited viewers watching the live stream to tweet in 

so with the kids around i grabbed the opportunity

and tweeted a hi from my kids and their friend who is staying with us for the week (yes, while her parents are at the conference)

and then called them in to watch the stream


their tweet shout out got read out

the kids literally bounced

that was OUR names!

on the tv!  

(yay for hdmi cables hooking the laptop to tv!)

simple pleasures.

they feel like they’re famous.

your name, on the airways, on the screen.

i totally won the #coolmum award tonight.

thanks #hillsongbackstage for the interaction and connection





i’ve had some unexpected FROZEN time… aka Evangeline has had the flu last week (thankfully not the dreaded vomit bug that has gone around our mums group!) and so we’ve had lots of snuggle time and watched Frozen at least 3 times.  it may be 4.  good thing i love it.  i think i have a Kristof crush.



elevation_27 0

have been loving this series by Elevation Church (Steven Furtick) called Crash The Chatterbox.  Our Mumstime group have been watching the church series in our morning group and then we have started watching it, and the dvd series, in alternative weeks, at the best housegroup in the world.   Steven is an engaging preacher and both groups have taken away massive amounts of challenge and encouragement.




it was my birthday last week and so i made cake for housegroup – its a tradition – everyone gets a cake for their birthday at housegroup (i make a lot of cake!)

but it was lovely to be sung to and feel the love!  and eat the delish LOVE CAKE – gluten / dairy / egg / nut free – but taste full!






check out the right hand side… yes thats us in the small box… that’s my SAS peeps (and me!) skyping JON ACUFF, author of START – our required reading for Term 2.  that was our tuesday.  Jon is funny, insightful, wise, and the skype session was perfect.  yes really.   I’ll tell you more about it #soon.



also loving:

lip syncing battles with jimmy fallon


GF cocktail sausages – nom nom (another sick day tradition)

flower girl dresses

ugg boots




and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.



so what are you totally loving this week?

… check out what other peeps are loving whatever day of the week it is over at MNM’s BLOG



this is the youth group i got saved in, 20 years on.  we met again and celebrated our friends 20th wedding anniversary over the school holidays in napier.  20 years is a long time.  some of these people i have reconnected with in real life over the years, but some of them, it had been the full 20 year quota of time between conversation.   but throw us back together and it was like no time had passed.  it was glorious.  here we are with our spouses and kids, changed and living our dreams, yet it was like no time had been between us.  it was glorious.

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