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its being a good week in tweet world… partly because i discovered a new tweeter, and a new book i want…  and partly because i’ve had a few awakened nights which is usually when i’m reading tweets… but here are some of my favs from the week/month


twitter 2


@BrianCHouston: CHURCH: Where Christ is exalted, the Holy Spirit is welcomed, and God is glorified, as the family get together to worship!”


@CherelleSeelye  “God has marvelous ways of taking our worst tragedies and turning them into His most glorious triumphs." -Joseph Stowell


@nickygumbel  Live as though Jesus died for you yesterday, has risen this morning and is coming back tomorrow.


@ChristineCaine "… I see four men walking around in the fire…" Daniel 3:25 Whatever trial you are in know that He is there! Deliverance is coming!


@MikeGriffithsNZ ‘Take my yoke upon you’, Jesus said. We were never designed to do this life alone. Get beside God. He’s made room for you.


@EddiePoole The decisions that we make today determine the stories that we’ll tell tomorrow. -Craig Groeschel


@BCooP “The only way our dreams become our destinies is if we die to ourselves.


@PaulTripp You can stand unafraid before the exposure of the mirror of God’s Word because what’s revealed has been covered by the blood of Jesus.


@DarleneZschech ‘Stewardship is the act of taking your life and allowing God to spend you’…David Jeremiah


@jesusculture "The key to seeing an entire generation awaken is you." –@thebanning


@Aaron_Walsh1 Waiting on God is the voluntarily submission of our hearts to God so he can author our breakthrough in a way that maximizes His Glory


@SamBurge1 We are here 2 proclaim that through this man Jesus there is forgiveness 4 your sins Everyone who believes in him is declared right with God


@TamiHeim Breathing, moving, and held together by love. #PraiseHim


@ttlovesjc We find out what we really believe when we come upon limitations in our lives. – Charlotte Gambill


@JesusIsBook Even in our darkest moments of sin and self-centeredness, God still loves us no matter what.


@JesusIsBook God is on your side not because of who you are but because of who He is!


@JesusIsBook Knowing who Jesus is and knowing that He is here for us is the ultimate source of perspective.


@JesusIsBook Religion says that obedience brings acceptance; the gospel teaches acceptance brings obedience.


@JesusIsBook God loved us before we existed!


@JesusIsBook We are sons and daughters of God by birth, not by worth.


@JesusIsBook We should live in a state of awe at the magnificence, the beauty, and the majesty of the Creator of the universe




and me; @fireball3316 what a heart knows by heart is what a heart knows // YES!




@louiegiglio Don’t settle for less that what Christ was raised for.


@casey_doss Always remember, you can never manufacture real fire. It either burns in you, or it doesn’t.


@BurkParsons Jesus wasn’t simply born to die or remain sinless, he was born to live and fulfill the law so that his death would secure our redemption.


@BurkParsons What makes me beautiful to God is Jesus. Tim Keller


@nickygumbel I believe in the poetic genius of a Creator who would choose to express such unfathomable power as a child born in straw poverty. – Bono


@MatthewBarnett The attitude of the dreamer determines the altitude of the dream.


@ChristineCaine  There is something profoundly liberating about choosing to not allow the fear of man to dominate your life, decisions & choices. #obeyGod


@followsmitty Facts can change people’s minds but only the manifest presence of God can change hearts and minds


@DailyKeller "In our work we are God’s hands and fingers, sustaining and caring for his world."


@DailyKeller "What God gave us at Christmas was not just his Son…What God gave us at Christmas is a whole new life."


@MarsHill Faith is an inward conviction that is demonstrated with an outward action. #Godwithus


@PaulTripp The manger should remind us of how deep our need is. God must go to this extent to restore us to himself and fix what’s broken inside us.


@PaulTripp He came as the Son of Man. He revealed himself to be the Son of God. He now reigns as the conquering King, all for our salvation.


@bobgoff God doesn’t call us failures when we fail, He calls us His beloved. We’re defined by our joy, not our success @lovedoes


@abracamanda That feeling of operating in your gifts for God’s glory… there is absolutely nothing apart from it that compares. Reignite your passion.


@soulsupply  "There’s a crack (or cracks) in everyone…that’s how the light of God gets in." – Elizabeth Gilbert



and me

@fireball3316 Nice to be home 🙂

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some of my most fav tweets from the weekish!


@BurkParsons  RT @JustinBuzzard: Don’t try to be the Holy Spirit in another person’s life. Let the Spirit be the Spirit. You just speak the truth in love.



@theramp  "Revival is the intervention of God within a community." @BrianBeasley6



@davidsliker  Our single greatest ongoing need is to know and encounter the love of Jesus.



@JarridWilson We don’t need to make Jesus relevant. He’s Jesus.



@YancyEaton “We’re never anywhere by chance. We may very well be there because we were sent.” –@RyanDeaton



@lori_wilhite   God doesn’t need to do 1 other thing in my life to show me He loves me. He’s already shown me thru the life & death of Jesus. @JudWilhite



@johnwimber Jesus not only claimed to be God, he acted like God.



@theramp "If the way you spend your time does not line up with your ‘radical’ lingo, then you’re not radical."@micahrwood



@CharlGambill There is no small part in Gods global jigsaw. We r all a necessary part of The BIG picture. So put your piece in!



@micahrwood The decisions of your past don’t have to determine the course of your future. Today is opportunity for change. There is hope.



and then there is me:

 Claire McLean Claire McLean@fireball3316

God is a powerful creative God… Able to bring life and changes where it seems impossible – come breathe Spirit of God ezekiel 37

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