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I love Amanda Cook’s sound and style.  I’m not sure if this is a “proper song” or a spontaneous one but I like it.

There’s no space between You and I

You are closer than

The air I’m breathing in

You and I


The words of this song are so powerful.  They shine a light when it seems dark all around.  They breathe hope into a soul drowning in hopelessness.  They give strength to those head down, heart broken.

God shines.  Look up.  See His love.

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God doesn’t give His love in pieces.  His love is unconditional, full, real.

His love is life, filling us, making us whole.

His love will change everything.





We never have to come to Him and have it together.

Grace and the gospel invades all the bad spaces of our lives, otherwise its not good news or grace.

But how great is the love of God, that He calls us children and friends.  We are no longer slaves.  We are no longer far from God, but we have been brought near.  Live in that freedom.  Live in that truth.



There is something incredibly powerful that happens when we lift our eyes from our today and our trials to look to God.

Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.   Psalm 121

When we stare into the holiness and strength of who God is we can declare with trust and confidence that IT IS WELL.

It is well despite the storm.  It is well despite the fire.  It is well.

God’s love for us is so fierce and strong, true and real.  He is for you.  For you.  For you.  Let that soak in today.  He is for you.

Fridays are my days to relax, catch up on reading and washing… and to spend some time in the presence of God.  Today I hooked up my youtube account to the tv (thank you appletv!) and put on a randomish playlist of worship artists i liked.  and wow.  my heart was so blessed.  God is so good!  it reminds me how necessary and vital this is for my heart and life.  His Words are life to me.  His Presence is my breath.


now THIS is my kind of christmas music!


loving this worship time at bethel church – it just lifts my eyes and my heart to remember how great and good God is!

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