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I stand in absolute wonder
When I hear You call my name
I am completely astonished
You wash my sin away

I’ve been saved
The Fathers Love

How Beautiful
How Glorious
How outrageous is your Love

We’ve seen Your faithful hand
Your mercy without end
A King who bled and died
A God who sacrificed

Be enthroned upon the praises
Of a thousand generations
You are worthy. Lord of all
Unto You, the slain and risen King
We lift our voices with heaven singing
Worthy, Lord of all

All through this life we lead
And onto eternity
Our endless praise, we’ll cry
Jesus be glorified


I was looking for some 80’s worship songs for a cheeky video I was making for church and came across this Bethel version of a song I loved way back in the day.  I like it still.


This is a song that has grown on me.   It was playing one day, in the background, and I felt my spirit respond.  Does that ever happen to you?  So I paused what I was doing, listened in, leaned in, and was like wow, those words match my heart.


I have come to this place in my life
I’m full but I’ve not satisfied
This longing to have more of You
And I can feel it my heart is convinced
I’m thirsty my soul can’t be quenched
You already know this but still
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“I will kneel in the dust, at the foot of the cross, where mercy paid for me.”

Sometimes there are songs that we need to sing.

Songs that rewrite truth into our hearts.

That renew our mind.

That breathe hope when we can feel hopeless, love when we feel unlovely.

This song is such.

I love spontaneous worship – the overflow of worship in a moment, in a service, in a heart.

We worship you Jesus.

Worship is a powerful way to re-calibrate and refuel our heart.   In the storm, it brings peace.  In the fire, it is our hope.  In the wilderness it is our anchor.

It reminds us who God is, what He has done and what He can and will do.

Worship is that place that we find answers, wisdom, strength and comfort.

Whatever you face today, put on some worship and let the truth soak into your heart, reminding you of all that God is and that He loves you and is able.

The words of this song are so powerful.  They shine a light when it seems dark all around.  They breathe hope into a soul drowning in hopelessness.  They give strength to those head down, heart broken.

God shines.  Look up.  See His love.

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