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listening to:  well, if you know anything about me… you’ll know i am a bit of a LOST addict… so this week i got the soundtrack of Lost S5.  yes i did.  geek i know.  obsessed i know.  but i love it.


coming up:  well its officially school holidays so i have 2 weeks with the kids so fingers crossed coming up will be adventures and fun times, incl a museum trip, movies with caleb, and a trip to smiggle – a stationary shop that is all the craze…   who would have thought that latter one…  at the end of the holidays, in 3 weekends time, we also have our church’s young adults camp – which we take our kids to, as they’re “part” of our young adults housegroup.  is fun times and good time with God and connections.  our whole family stays in one of the bunk rooms and we take our bikes and my hubby takes the kids out for the arvo to the beach and to do “stuff”.   i’m also preaching next weekend.


on the box:  well while i was sick i did some lost rewatching.  so good.  tonight tony and i are going to watch BOY – a brill kiwi movie – sort of a comedrama genre.  havent seen it yet but i’ve head much raving about it and from the sounds of it it sounds iconic.    i got out the smurfs the other day for the kids.  i’ve put that off because gargamel is a bit of a wizard and there is some magicing, but oh i have fond memories of the smurfs as a kid and so skipped down memory lane.  the kids are LOVING it and caleb the other day even used the smurfanguage by inserting smurf instead of a verb (smurf me the toast)  which was so funny! 


reading:  between books again. 


on my mp4:  been listening to some good messages.  bethel had someone talking about promises the other week – i confess i am not sure who the speaker is – but it was good.  challenging and encouraging – how God gives a promise but sometimes there is the delay of outworking and we got to hold fast and have hope and allow character to grow.  good real life stuff!  also been relistening to myself preach – yeah, sounds odd, but a good way to grow and learn.  odd listening to my own voice though!  if you’re interested they’re on


challenged by: 1 john 2:3-6 – if you say you know jesus you’ll obey him.  john was actually big on stuff like that.  in john 14 he says if you love jesus you obey him.  if you dont obey him you dont really love him.  i often within myself feel a tension – i know its by grace we’re saved, a totally free gift, and our lives are in response to his love and grace – but i also feel strongly that we’re called to obey and outwardly live our lives totally for God.  does that sound odd or unnormal?  i dont want it to cross into works or to sound like that because its not.  but i dont want to live complacently and influenced by the flesh and world. 


eaten:  having adventures with my slow cooker (who would have thought i’d sound so domesticated!)  made a chicken in it the other night – or rather cooked a whole chicken in it the other night… delish!  done a few casserole things too.  all fun. 


bridesmaiding:  was bridesmaid last weekend for a friend.  fun times.  i remembered to smile.  i smiled lots i was told.  i was kinda faking it cos i was so nervous and knew if i didnt intentionally smile i’d probably forget!  had my hair curled which was fun!  got complimented on my speech and asked by 3 people where i was from.  yes i have an accent, but it is a kiwi one!!!  weather was semi atrocious – windy and wet – but was good for the times it needed to behave!  and, i know from experience, wet weddings can be fun!  our own was! 


looking forward to: the young adults camp.  sunshine weather!  wearing my new Lost tshirt…

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Do you know that you are a vital part of God’s army – of God’s team that he uses to reach the lost.

General George S. Patton said it like this:

Every single man in this Army plays a vital role. Don’t ever let up. Don’t ever think that your job is unimportant. Every man has a job to do and he must do it. Every man is a vital link in the great chain.

Warrior Chicks by Holly Wagner

You are in a unique location. You are a unique person. You have unique gifts, talents, experience, personality… thus you are the only one suited to the task that God has appointed for you. There is no one else like you.

You may look at yourself and think you are inadequate and inferior and that God should use that person over there, you know the one with it “all together” – the uber gifted and charismatic person who has it all sorted who lives under the end of a rainbow…. You know the one we all imagine that everyone else is…

YOUR gifts are YOUR gifts and GOD has GIVE them to you for his glory and his purposes. To change the world.

warrior-chicks-notitle some people can sing. Sing so that it touches heaven and changes hearts.

Some can take a swatch of fabric and toss it on the floor, move one piece of fabric and suddenly make a room look amazing.

Some can make a computer do miraculous things.

Some can smile and welcome us into a church or store and keep smiling even if we have a grumpy face.

Some are great counselors and give excellent advice.

Some can cook.

Some can nurse us back to health.

Some can turn a room full of 8 year old boys into well-behaved young men….

And the list goes on…

Warrior Chicks by Holly Wagner

You may not think they are remarkable or spiritual even. But they are gifts that God has given us and can be used to LIVE and DEMONSTRATE the love and grace of God as we just DO and BREATHE and LIVE. Do you get me?

God has made us into a body. He could have delegated great soul saving roles to great soul saving type personalities. Given all the responsibility to Billy Graham and Ray Comfort type people. He could have given the role of strengthening his church and pastoring his sheep to those pastor type dudes and dudesses and let the rest of us just pew sit….

But God didn’t do that. He didn’t give the good jobs to just 27 people – but to 6 billion (currently alive). We are all called and appointed to care for one another, the lost and the saved.

1 Corinthians 12:12-18 For as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body; so also is Christ. For also by one Spirit we are all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether bond or free, even all were made to drink into one Spirit. For the body is not one member, but many. If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? If all the body were an eye, where would be the hearing? If all hearing, where would be the smelling? But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body as it has pleased Him.

live-together-die-alone_design We are all parts of a wonderful amazing body. Without one part, no matter how insignificant it may seem, we are not whole.  as Jack would say… live together, die alone.  yip thats a Lost reference….

Lets all do our part. This is something i’m really passionate about.  Lets all rise and shine and know our awesome God and make Him known. Lets love each other and really care for each other. Begin by knowing that you are a valued part of the team, and now go and do your part!

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sunshine, glorious sunshine

nice wood for the fireplace

strong men to carry the wood

happy suprized children (we didnt tell them we were staying at a bach WITH friends)

the purple wall

the crazy art


winning settlers

multiple episodes of LOST with nonlosties

the look on their face when something mysterious and exciting happened

we have to go back

yes that was also a Lost reference

and a plan to go back

the beach, wish i had room on my camera for photos

the crazy photos i did take

adult conversation

yummy food


bbq chips



french plaits

curly hair

beautiful scenery

God’s glorious creation

waking up with a song in my heart

new sheets


school socks at a random shop $1 a pair

take away coffee


lollies from the dairy

jack and locke

turkish delight

lego rockband

good friends, good times, good families, glorious God!

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listening to: Love Came Down, the acoustic worship album by bethel worship.  its beautiful.  simple.  heartfelt genuine.  and it was fantastic yesterday while my daughter was home sick on the sofa resting to put the dvd of it on as something relaxing and peaceful (because tangibly it feels peaceful listening to it!) and wasnt too visually stimulating – so i got to enjoy it too!  also enjoying stan walker’s new song Unbroken.  check it out. 


coming up: away on holiday with the family next week.  they dont know about it yet.  surprize!  adventures!  will be awesome.  packing and mad accumulation of stuff begins in the weekend.


on my mp4: i consider myself blest as the other day i stumbled across a recording of a man who knew smith wigglesworth – he is talking about him in a series of messages – not to exalt smith but to exalt God and as an example of how God used someone committed and surrendered to Him and His ways.  its quite moving and stirring.


in my heart: a desire for God to come and move here!


on the box:   i still miss Lost and might rewatch in the hols…  the other day i had a dvd for the kids – IMAX bug’s world or something like that – about bugs in the rainforest – up close and personal kind of thing.  amazing filming and crazy unique God created bugs.  it was fun and cool.  kids were loving it.  all those insane caterpillers and spiders and things.  so i went to get ready for the morning.  about 4 mins later my youngest, nearly 5, evangeline came up to my room.  two huge tears rolled down her face.  what’s wrong sweets i asked.  the praying mantis ate the butterfly she replied.  i looked into her sad eyes and i remembered a moment i had when i was almost 5.  bright eyes by simon and garfunkel, about the watership down rabbits.  the death rabbit comes and the rabbits blend into a big circle thing.  disturbed my heart.  made me cry and sad.  this was evangeline’s bright eyes moment.  so i folded her into a hug and let her sob.  then we went and changed the movie. 


wearing: my slippers.  oh how you keep my feet warm!  i brought my first LOST tshirt the other day.  i havent worn it yet, i’m saving it for next time i preach.


preaching: in july – on faith – begun already with something that God has been stirring in me for a while now, like a theme in my regular readings


praying for: a soft heart, eyes to see, revival, clarity


did you know: orangutans are ticklish.  my daughter just told me.  thought i should pass that on.


awed by:  what God is doing in our housegroup.  we’ve had a month on listening to God – so talked about how we hear, faith and hearing, obstacles to hearing and done some prac stuff too as well as conversating about how it is real in their lives.  good convo about it last week and good encoruagement about what we did the week before – we had a time of worship and listening and at the end we all had to write something for someone we heard from God, maybe like a letter, or a passage from the bible.  that was then radomly given out.  i know my one was so for me and where i am right now.  it is sitting by my computer so i read if at least once a day.  i was part of a group that did this over a year ago at a woman’s retreat – and it so ministered to me and was so right then and continues to minister.  it gave me great comfort and strength as the week after that retreat chris, one of the guys in my housegroup, was killed in a car accident and our pastor was away so i had to inform our housegroup and his friends, support his girlfriend (also part of our group), view his body, and also help organise his funeral with his family and speak at it.  what had been written for me at the retreat was so from God and so ministering.


on the net:  really enjoying finding happy Lost moments and other Lost freaks here at my life is lost – its a collection of how people are, um, reminded by Lost in real life…

eg…i was sitting with a group of friends from church, and one of them shared how he had read in Proverbs 20 a verse about gray hair being a sign of wisdom… i couldnt help myself… i interjected and said, with a wistful twinkle in my eye, “its also a sign of you’re no longer immortal.”  they looked at me, like i was sharing some wisdom, and then one of them broke the awed hush – “that’s from Lost isnt it…?” (that was my real life experience… and yip i sent it into my life is lost and its on there…)

other examples: in science we were learning about electromagnetism and at the same time in history we studied john locke. those were the only 2 tests i were excited about…

I was helping a friend move out of his apartment when an old lady and a dog walked by.  My friend asked her where her other dog, Buddy was.  The lady replied “unfortunately, we had to put him down.” After we offered our condolences, she introduced us to her new dog, Linus.  It took me everything I had not to say “I’m sure he’ll make a great number 2.”…

I got called in for jury duty last month. One of the fellow juror’s name was John Locke. Every time he got called, I wanted to yell, “Don’t tell him what he can’t do.”…

Each time I hit the return button, I do it as if I’m resetting the clock and saving the world…

My girlfriend is very Juliet-esque, but not a fan of Lost. When she asked for something the other night, I said “you got it, blondie.”She told me if I quoted Lost to her again, she’d leave me…

sigh.  its so my happy place…


You must read: i’m moved by the faith and courage of meg, a woman i was drawn to on twitter who recently found out that she has cancer.  she is a young wife and mother and i’m moved by what she shares and by what she learns from God in this time – in the greatest darkness she is in the light.  i felt drawn to pray for her and pray for her healing in this season and find myself immensly blest by her writings and who she is on facebook and twitter.  you rock girl!  anyway she wrote this incredibly provoking powerful post which i had to share:  Complete and Total Submission by Meg Fights Cancer : “When I think of what Christ endured on the cross I am moved to tears. How can I know in my heart what He went through for me, and how He purchased a one way ticket to heaven and still live for myself? Not only that, but He redeems me. He heals me. When His body was broken, that was for me. When the Roman soldiers beat him and spat upon Him, all He could think about was me. I am in awe. I just want to surrender my life and all it’s circumstances to Him. Completely and totally. I just want to make Him Lord over every area of my life. It doesn’t matter anymore what I feel like doing. It doesn’t matter if I look like a fool and lose all my friends and family. All I want to know is this Jesus who hung on the cross for me. Because after He died, He conquered death – because He is the Resurrection.”



excited: my friend in america just messaged me while in labour!

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In the words of the great Lost – “live together, die alone” – it isn’t actually too far untruth for us as Christians.

We’ve being put together, in the church, in community, in a family – for a reason.

Lostism aside – together we are stronger, but as individuals we can become distracted, diswayed, discouraged and destroyed easier.

We live and succeed together but we can fall and fail alone.

You have a part to play – you’re part of the family – part of the community – part of the burgher… (theme of the night at youth group!)

So what’s up with the burgher???




The word Burgher is, according the wonderful world of google a Dutch word Burger meaning citizen, commoner or inhabitant of a city/town.

For us, the church is the burgher. Not “just” The River, but like the capital The Church – all Christians everywhere all around the world – but also including The River. The River is our burgher that we belong to and are part of. Bags me be the cheese :o)

And just like how a burgher is made up of different bits that add flavour and add to the taste and delishness of the burger, so the church is made up of different people who add flavour, I mean strengths and gifts to accomplish the plans and purposes of God.

You see God didn’t think it would just be a cool idea that we have meetings on Sundays and nzeal on Friday nights, just cos, you know, what a cool idea… these times we get together are for a purpose and the whole church thing isn’t just a good idea but a great idea with a mission!

The reason we come to church and come to youth is to worship God, learn more about Him, encourage each other, get connected to God and others, get empowered and equipped and transformed so we can get out there and change the world.

God calls the church a family. Cos we’re ment to love each other, be real and honest with each other and help each other in the good times and bad.

Your family is ment to be your safe place, where you can be yourself, where you can say, hey I need some help, where you can also have fun, learn how to be a grown up, be mates and have adventures together.

Who here has chores at home? *interaction*

So back to the burger thing. Imagine if we were all meat patties. A friend of mine had a picture on his facebook page of a guy who ordered a burger in McD’s with 12 meat patties. GROSS! Or imagine a burger with just lettuce. Or worse still, just onion!

God, and Paul puts it this way:

You can easily enough see how this kind of thing works by looking no further than your own body. Your body has many parts—limbs, organs, cells—but no matter how many parts you can name, you’re still one body. It’s exactly the same with Christ. By means of his one Spirit, we all said good-bye to our partial and piecemeal lives. We each used to independently call our own shots, but then we entered into a large and integrated life in which he has the final say in everything. (This is what we proclaimed in word and action when we were baptized.)

14-18I want you to think about how all this makes you more significant, not less. A body isn’t just a single part blown up into something huge. It’s all the different-but-similar parts arranged and functioning together. If the foot says, “I am not a part of the body because I am not a hand,” that does not make it any less a part of the body. 16 And if the ear says, “I am not part of the body because I am not an eye,” would that make it any less a part of the body? If the body was all eye, how could it hear? If all ear, how could it smell? As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where he wanted it.

19-24But I also want you to think about how this keeps your significance from getting blown up into self-importance. For no matter how significant you are, it is only because of what you are a part of. An enormous eye or a gigantic hand wouldn’t be a body, but a monster. What we have is one body with many parts, each its proper size and in its proper place. No part is important on its own. Can you imagine Eye telling Hand, "Get lost; I don’t need you"? Or, Head telling Foot, "You’re fired "?

1 Corinthians 12:12-21

Did you know that you use more than 200 different muscles to walk? If your feet and their muscles are not working well you aren’t going very far. Furthermore, if you dislocate a tiny bone in your foot your whole body is miserable. Feet are awfully important. So why should the foot say, “I don’t count; I’m not important; no one ever notices me; no one cares about what I do. If I do anything, no one sees me or cares about me. I don’t belong. I might as well give up.”

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. 6We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. If a man’s gift is prophesying, let him use it in proportion to his faith. 7If it is serving, let him serve; if it is teaching, let him teach; 8if it is encouraging, let him encourage; if it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously; if it is leadership, let him govern diligently; if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully. Romans 12:4-8

The church is made up of different bits. We’re not all worship leaders or musos. We’re not all preachers or talkers. We’re not all evangelists or pastors. We’re not all prayers. We’re not all good at being friendly. We’re not all good at working out what the Bible really says. We’re not all good at design or working the sound desk, or figuring out the finances, or making babies happy, or baking, or singing, or organizing everyone for lunch on Sunday, or going into the prison, or thinking up creative ideas for events. But if we didn’t have someone doing crèche then people like tash wouldn’t be able to lead worship. If we didn’t have friendly people like Rowena we’d all sit at home alone eating our marmite sandwiches on Sunday afternoon. If we didn’t have cool people like *media person* we’d all be making our own words up to the songs that the band lead us in… We’re all like super delish bits of the best burgher in the world…

Remember what Jack in Lost said?

Live together, die alone.

We’ve being put together, in the church, in community, in a family – for a reason. Together we are stronger, but as individuals we can become distracted, diswayed, discouraged and destroyed easier. We live and succeed together but we can fall and fail alone.

In Hebrews 10 it says: And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:24-25

One of the reasons we’re put into church/community is to stir up the good stuff, encouraging one another, helping each other follow Jesus in the hard times and the good times.

Now this doesn’t just mean saying nice things to each other: it means being honest, being real, being there in someones life. It means listening to each other and learning from each other. The bible says we should confess our sins to each other and that we should with love give each other a slap if we see someone heading the wrong way – okay, maybe it more suggests going and talking to them and saying the hard honest things that will stop someone from falling over and making tragic mistakes.

Don’t give up on coming to church – they need you, we need you and you need them. I don’t reckon church is an optional extra for us as Christians. The foot cant say to the elbow, I don’t need you. I’m just going to amputate myself and go do my own thing. The knee cant kick the stomach out… a body pretty much needs all the bits to function together. If God invented the church then it’s pretty important.

So how does this work in real life.

First. God creates churches. Be part of one. Join in. Get involved. Do something. Help out. There are lots of ways to get involved – even really practical things like crèche and handing out the notices are important.

Second. You’re part of the burgher! God created YOU and made YOU the way YOU are with gifts and talents and cool stuff. Your cool stuff helps other people. Your cool stuff helps the church. Your cool stuff helps The Church capital letters. Your cool stuff will help people learn more about God and draw near to Him and get saved and get free and healed and all that good stuff.

Third. Recongize that it takes all of us together to go forward and make it work. All of our gifts, all of us working together. It’s all about loving God and seeking His Kingdom first.

Altar call:

Tonight the main thing you get is that you belong to a family. A really big family! A family with God as our Dad and lots of brothers and sisters. And you’re important and you have a part to play.

Firstly – be part of the family. Be born again.

Secondly – ask God how you can contribute. What’s your part? Together we can and will go forward into great things with God.


notes from message for youth group – theme = burgher = community

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lost 4

yip, i am offically a lost freak.  i love lost.  have watched every episdoe since day one.  own seasons 1-3 on dvd.  post on fb after every episode, have several blogs i read after watching.

have mentioned LOST every time i’ve preached in the last 2 years (i preach at least once a month…)  and for those that know me.  yes i was influenced by Lost in naming our daughter… Evangeline.

i’m known as The Lost Freak.

Obsessed.  Totally.


so what do i like about it?

this is my random collection of why i like Lost:


i love that lost is character driven – that the people matter.

so my favs:







you know i have an affinity and liking for all the characters.

lost ben at first when ben, as henry gale, started, in S2 i was like what a slimy minor character… until it was revealed he was the leader of The Others.  and then when he had jack, sawyer, kate and hurley tied up on the docks, this mild mannered teacher looking guy had another side….  he had that way of appearing so innocent and so conniving all in the same scene.  yet i hoped for redemption for him.  esp when alex his daughter died.

there was just something about daniel.  and when that something came out,lost-daniel_l that he was a whidmore, well.  i loved his journal and experiments.  and the way emotion flooded his eyes.  he fast became a fav.  there was just something about daniel.

lost desmond desmond was facinating.  right from "see you in another life bruther" in the stadium with jack, to his first on island appearance in S2 in the hatch, to the fail safe button, to his reality travelling in the constant and his brilliant masterminding in S6, he was facinating.  his love story with penny was beautiful.  and his accent dreamy :o)

richard, the never aging guide first made me antena stand up lost ricahrd and take notice when locke came to the others came and he took locke aside and gave him more background info.  then as we saw he never aged the questions began piling up.  dark and mysterious richard was an enigma.  and yay they unfolded it and his episdoe ab aetero was amazing.  what a backstory.  what pain.  he went from being all together to all falling apart, from wise and all knowing to frail and flawed.

lost jacob i’m glad jacob got a face and a backstory and interactions beyond the cabin and whispers, which in the end werent really jacob at all.  he was just a name, some force.  but he was so much more.  i loved when jacob went and met with each of the candidates in their past.  that was an oh my goodness moment.  i loved the tension of perhaps he ISNT the good guy.  i’m glad the fireside chat happened to explain a bit more.  i love how he knew actually what to say to make it work.  and i love the mystery.

hurley is hurley.  i’m so glad he was The Jacob in the end.  so right.  i love helost hurley was Our Voice – he would say what we were thinking – like about adam and eve and roaming around in the forest with jack and his star warsisms.  hurley was just hurley, perfect.

i love jin and sun and how their characters developed from stiff disconnected people to the lost jin and sun 2warmth and evident love, and i loved them speaking in korean, breakthrough move Lost!  i love rose and bernard, their humour, their down to earthness, their faith in each other, that they lived on the island and made their home there, just the two of them and vincent.  i like miles and his dryness, you have to be dry to talk to the dead i reckon.

i love seeing how characters are linked in their pasts and in the sideways reality.  even the minor characters.

i love how you sometimes cant work out if a character is good or not.  like ben, or juliet.

i love how we get so connected to them, and we rejoice with them at the good moments and weep at their tragedies.  like they were real people.

and they were so well acted.  locke, ben and richard esp.  i loved how in S6 locke was both so believable as evil incarnate and as lovely locke in his happy place with helen.  impressive.  and ben was just right from his henry gale days so wonderful – hard to read, mean and wiley, yet at the same time there was a vulnerability.  oh he was a great one.  sawyer and juliet in the final of S5 were impressive too – i cried so hard!  Lost had such an amazing cast – i think credit goes to each actor for playing their character to the best.



i love the way Lost has used words and phrases.  even rewatching some of S1 i see how they used words and phrases as more than what they just seemed.  themes like whatever happened happened, and fate and faith, black and white, good vs evil, "it worked", live together, die alone", all play into this.  what they say on the surface may have a different meaning and i love that, esp in the quips and humour too.  i love hurley’s star wars jokes and sawyers nicknames.   and i loved the other things, the images that were like dialogue themselves – apollo bars, airplanes, numbers, mirrors….



i tweeked early onto the redemptive path of lost…or at least i hoped redemption was a theme.  all these people with pasts that were broken, flawed, just plain wrong end, up together on an island where they had a fresh start and a new hope… hello….

it seemed like every character found themselves or made a better life and dealt with their issues on the island.  there were lots of full circle moments – jin and sun’s love story, claire raising aaron and not being alone, jack’s esteem issues, sawyers need for vengeance and distrust, saiyd the tourterer, hurley the bad luck looser, charlie the hopeless drug addict…  they all changed and became something they were not before.  i loved the scene in “what they died for” by the fireside where Jacob explains that he didn’t drag anyone out of a happy existence but that they were all flawed. He says that he chose them because they were all like him – all alone, all looking for something that they couldn’t find. He says he chose them because they needed the Island as much as the Island needed them.  As Jack said to Locke re his back, and kate said to jack re his life "Nothing is irreversible." which as a christian resonates with my faith that God can make all things new and He is into redemption.

lost 3


i love the connections between the characters – the love stories, the friendships.

i loved desmond and penelope – and the constant remains one of my favourite episodes

i loved jin and sun and their death was very poignant

i loved, though at first i was skeptical, sawyer and juliet.

i semi liked jack and kate, that through it all the ended up together and that she was always with him and supporting him

i liked charlie’s love for claire and daniel’s love for charlotte though i am not sure if it was played out strongly enough.

the hurley charlie friendship and hurley jack friendship was awesome.  and miles and sawyers work relationship was cool too.

they dynamic between jack and locke right from the start is amazing – rewatching S1 makes me wonder why i never clicked all the way through that it would totally be those two that faced off at the end.  it was always destined to be a jack locke showdown.



how could you not love the mystery of Lost?

i love all the unanswered questions.  i love the ones yet open and i love the answers we got, like for adam and eve, how did the 4 toe statue get broken, and smokey, why richard never aged, and who jacob is, the black rock etc.

i loved the way that Lost could surprize me.  the muffins and book club of the others – hello they live in HOUSES?  the freighter.  charles whidmore.  flashforwards.  time travel.  eloises room.  ben – ben – ben.  desmond running locke over. the temple.  la fleur and setting up life in the dharma institute.  sawyer and juliet.  crazy claire.  eloise shooting daniel.  the coffin with locke in it. miles and mile’s father.  the nuke. other stations.  that locke was paralyzed.  the other island.  815.  oh so many OMGoodness moments.

some of the other questions (that i’m satisfied with not being answered but ask anyway) are: how did the temple get there, how did jacob “travel” to the real world, how did richard and any of the others travel to the real world, why did pregnant women die (was that a jacob thing?),  how the rivalry between ben and charles got so fierce, why did it always rain when something full on was going to happen, how did the dharma institute come to be on the island, what was so special about walt…?



the constant totally stands out as a fav for me.  and the richard episode – ab aeterno, and the finale and what they died for.  and the start of S2 where we met desmond again in the hatch.  i loved most of them.  even thinking about them i am like WOW.  well done Lost team.

lost 8

yes.  i got lots of joy from watching Lost.


some other good LOST reading:

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i just got my LOST reference for my preach this sunday night.

every time i have preached since the end of 2008 i have mentioned Lost in one form or another.  its like a thing.  and that is at least 12-15 times i’ve preached.  sometimes it is an analogy, other times it is my breather – the part in the message that breaks the message up, gives people a chance to breathe and laugh and “reset” their minds for listening…

one of my housegroup guys told me i also make gun noises.  i wasnt aware of that one until he told me… that was an unintentional quirk.

so i have my Lost reference set for this weekend…. happy.

whatever shall i do when Lost is finished???

listening to: had a glorious time listening to Jesus Culture’s new album CONSUMED over the weekend at our young adults camp – one of the couples had downloaded it onto their ipod… oh waht a blessed invention!   also been listening on high roatation on the car stereo the disney princesses songs – songs from teh disney movies.  seriously.  motherhood.

watching on tv: havent really had time for tv lately.  the mentalist has started here in NZ and that is probably what i most want to watch.  the fringe is good but a bit gross sometimes.  bring back lost.

eaten: well nothing for about 10 hours so far – am on a 12 hour fast for blood tests.  last thing eaten was popcorn and a toffee pop  as we had housegroup movie night on at our place.  i did restrain myself!

blood tests???:  yes, i confess for the last month i havent been feeling on my game.  i have been really really tierd.  tired leads to withdrawn feeling and worn out.  spill on effect is that i dont feel like i’ve been a present mum or wife or giving my best to the things i do.  i’ve been gonig to bed real early and also resting on the days my wee girl is in kindy but no catch up.  thought cause was a cough both me and wee girl had about a month ago and both were on antibotics – i coughed hard out for a week at night and so slept real little.  but havent really recovered.  so having blood tests to check iron levels and b12 and lots of other things.

blood tests???: did i mention i so dislike blood tests???  i do.  with a vengence.  but i tough them out.  or i talk them out. i nonstop talk during it.  apparently there may be a wait at the blood letting place and so i am taking my bible and notebook along to prepare some notes for preaching times coming up. and so i dont get bored.

coming up: am speaking at youth group outreach this week – cool!  am aiming for a straight up gospel message based from 1 john 5:11-12 God has also said that he gave us eternal life and that this life comes to us from his Son. And so, if we have God’s Son, we have this life. But if we don’t have the Son, we don’t have this life.  also preaching twice in sept with our young adults on who we are in christ and also end times.

in the bible: in job, genesis, psalms and matthew

reading: a breath of snow and ashes by diana galbadon (sp) – i ahve read it before, have all her books in this series, and totally enjoying it again.  stories are a gift from God that restore my soul, if that makes sense to you

the weekend: how could i forget – just spent the weekend with an awesome group of young people from church including our housegroup.  was a phenomenal weekend filled iwth laughter and fab food and awesome worship and God encounter and connecting with each other.  we took our family which had some funny moments – we were th eonly ones with kids.  our housegroup are wonderful with our kids and totally included them.  our pastor spoke on nehemiah 2 – awesome message.  on teh way we visited the snow – a first time experience for the kids. wetter and colder than they had imagined.  fun times!

overall: pressing in, trying to figure out why i am so tired, but excited about what is coming up!

listening to: my new cd WE CRY OUT by Jesus Culture.  is fabulous.  raw.  loud.  great drums and guitars.  but best of all, great worship!  also in my 5 cd player – , we wont relent by Misty Edwards, This is our God by hillsong, united we stand by hillsong united and christmas songs.  yes christmas songs.  the kids like them.  i must remember to take that one out for tonight – for housegroup….  oh and in teh car i have been listening to shane and shane, mellow guitar duo who are awesome and have great heart.

on the box:  well right now it is kids stuff, but tonight it is the lost final.  will be taping it as we have hosuegroup.  may get to watch it tomorrow.  next week Fringe stars.  looking foward to that.

reading: Precious Remedies Against Satan by Thomas Brooks.  very good.  old book.  but i love it.  also just finished a novel, secular, calld Recipie for A Happy Marriage or something like that which really was good.  parallels two generations of women in the same family who marry not for love but for other reasons (one an arranged marraige by her parents and the younger because she is in love with being married, nt with the guy she marries) and it is the story of how they build love and overcome their emotions and the i dont love youness of their marriage.  i myself think love is a choice so it resonated with me.

coming up:  preaching at our young adults service this week, topic is Proclaiming Christ.  might talk about how we all have a story – a testimony and how to give it.

looking forward to:  apart from the lost final….  we’re going on a me and the kids holiday to see my sister in wellington and then over on the big ferry to the south island to see my mum and dad for a week.  will be getting my hair cut in wellington, my sister is a top NZ hairdresser.  i get spoiled.  also get to meet her new man, do the big sister check up….

challenges:  always challenges as a parent.  parenting isnt just about providing the basics but about training someone, esp int eh ways of God. this week we’ve dealt with bad language that our 7 year old has been saying that he learned at school.  oh how times change. i dont think i heard the f word until i was about 13.

weather:  freezing.  coldest frostiest winter so far here in auckland.

new things:  new car is lovely :o)

wearing: my new spotty knee high socks, blue jeans, cons, and it feels like about 65 other layers!   gloves and hat a must for going out to school!

eaten: nothing yet, but enjoyed my flat white coffee!

in the bible:  am in deuteronomy now, i like that book.  in pslams (read 70 last night) and proverbs 14 (read a few verses a night), haggai (now that is a challenge!) and Revelation.

health:  evangeline’s asthma is doing  really good at teh moment.  we changed her medication and it has made a real differnce.  and we’re still praying for healing of course!  she hashad some allergic reactions to who knows what lately, which isnt fun.

lost and heroes, csi (but not the gross bits!), the smell of my kids after a shower, chocolate, cake, pringles (esp the texan bbq flavour), coke cola, worship music like kelanie gloeckler, kim walker, misty edwards, cindy ruakere, hillsong united, and irish music like hothouse flowers and glen hadgard, movies, musicals, seven brides for seven brothers, once, lamb chops (the food), smurfs, the sound of my kids laughing, roast potatoes and parsnips, talking to friends, blogging, facebooking, watching movies with my hubby, laughing out loud, necklaces and vintage tshirts, doc marten boots, starry nights, frost on the grass, calla lillies, funky art, red, bono, taking photos….

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