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“Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God will come to know God because they know you.”


As Christians we should be the most positive, compassionate, wise and caring people in our world.  Not because there is anything special about us but because there is something special about God living within us.   We should be the safe place for people to turn to when their world falls apart.

What we do, what we say, WHO WE ARE, makes a difference.  As Christians we should be different from the world.


It’s the times that we change the conversation from tearing someone down to building someone up.

It’s the times we turn up to church even though we could have slept in.  It matters.  It shows that church is a priority.

It’s the decision we make to do relationships with purity and respect the way God says to.

It’s the attitude we serve in when someone asks you to move the chairs, or fill in for the car park guy who couldn’t make it, or when your boss asks you to do something.

It’s the respect we show in the classroom or staff room or office.

It’s the language we use.

It’s the times we actually forgive and move on and grow.

It’s the loops we allow our thoughts to ride on…. Do we let them loop around like a record player saying you’re a failure, worry worry worry, who do you think you are… or do you smash that record and start a new loop that has the voice of God that says you’re an overcomer, God’s got this and that He loves you and has a plan and a purpose for your life.  The words we speak and what we think about most determine what we believe.  And what we believe will leak out in our actions and words, in the way we live.  They will preach.

Small things eh.  They tell a story about who we are living our life for.

Never discount how much of an impact these small acts make on those in our world.


Benjamin Franklin wanted to interest the people in Philadelphia in street lighting. He did not call a town meeting nor try to persuade the people by talking about it. He acted upon what he considered a good idea. He hung a beautiful lantern on a long bracket in front of his house. He kept the glass polished and carefully trimmed and lit the wick every evening at the approach of dusk. The lamp helped the people see the pavement ahead; made them feel more secure at night. Others began placing lights in front of their houses. Soon Philadelphia recognized the need for street lights.

In the same way we live in the light and allow the light of God to transform our lives it makes a difference to those around us and shows them that there is a different way to live, a better way.  And more importantly that there is a God who loves them and is worth knowing.


Seth Godin, a marketing guru says that people like that are sneezers – they catch onto a new thing really fast but more importantly they let everyone in their world know – they’re like an infectious bug that is then sneezed into everyone in the room so before you know it, you’re all sick. The aim of marketing is to get the sneezers excited about a product/service so that they’ll ah ah ah achooo it out into the world.

When there is a great sale on at the mall, or a new burger joint opening down the road, or a new movie opening or you’ve just had your hair cut by the most amazing hairdresser ever – don’t you tell everyone? We naturally sneeze what we’re into to the people in our lives.


When my daughter started intermediate they had a “get to know me” type project where they had to bring items that were special to them and that showed what culture and communities they were part of.   I was really impressed when she took her bible along and talked about church and being a Christian and how that was important to who she is.  I was even more impressed when at a meet the teacher evening another parent approached me and asked if I was Eva’s mum.  Her son had been so inspired by her bold stand for Jesus in front of her class that he wished he had done the same because he was a Christian too.   Her action, her turning on the light, encouraged and inspired someone to let their light shine.