woman wearing brown hat

Photo by Helmi Lutvyandi on Pexels.com

“Lamentations 3 tells us “His compassions are new every morning.”  God’s compassions, or mercies are available minute by minute, step by step, decision by decision, reaction by reaction.  We don’t have to get bogged down and label as unable.  We just have to ask God for forgiveness and move on. I am a woman on a journey of learning how to make sure my reactions don’t deny Christ’s presence in me.  ~ Lysa Terkeurst

Grace covers me.  All of me.  There are no spaces of my life where grace and the good news of the gospel cannot flow and bring hope.

Even the hidden spaces I am hiding from are seen and covered by the grace of God.

No matter what I do, I am covered by His grace.  No matter who I am, I am covered by His grace.

On my best days, and my worst.

In my strength and in my weakness.

This is the good news for everyone.  No matter how dark you feel your soul is, no matter how wild your behaviour, know that the grace of God is enough.   More than enough.

Grace invites us to draw near when we would hide.  Grace comes and sits beside you in your aloneness, in the space you shut everyone out.  It shines light into the corners where we shrink away.  It takes our hand.  It wipes away tears.  Grace is the new morning, the fresh start, the clean slate.  Truly.  Really.  Totally.

There is nothing we can do that will disqualify us from His love and make Him turn away from us.

No pit.

No affair.

No sickness.

No depression.

No cutting.

No anger.

No lying.

No darkness.

No mistake.

No rejection.

No fear.

Today there is hope.  Every day.  Moment by moment there is grace for the now.

In that grace there is the promise of change and healing.  In that grace is the removal of guilt and the warmth of real love that invites us to come close.

Grace says yes to us.

Open the door to grace.

Trust grace.  Say yes to grace.