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Hey you,

God has given you everything you need, for right now.

His Presence is within you, for this moment.

He will never leave you or forsake you.  He will strengthen you inside out.  He has prepared you, equipped you, empowered you.

I often want to read between the lines of the lives of the people in the Bible.  What did they think?  How did the feel?  Did they doubt or fear?  What gave them hope and courage?

They are all like me.  Human.  Flawed.  Normal.

But God delights to take ordinary people and do extraordinary things.  He turns water into wine, loaves and fishes into a feast that feeds the multitudes.  He used a shepherd boy to fell a giant.  He used a silent army to knock down walls.

Today I take hope and courage in security that if God was with them, He will be with me.  This is His faithful promise.

Today I take hope that as I surrender and step out, that God steps in.

Today, He is with me.  For His purpose and His glory.