The greatest love story in the world isn’t Titanic, or Princess Bride, even Romeo or Juliet, it’s the love that God has for His creation, demonstrated with the greatest act of love, Jesus’ death on the cross, exchanging His innocence and perfection for our guilt and shame. While we were still in rebellion, running away from God, ignoring Him, living our own way, Jesus died to win us.

Grace means the undeserved favour of God. It communicates that no matter how good or bad you have been or will be you’ll never be good enough. Jesus lived and died in your place and your salvation is not about your own acts of goodness but about God’s incredible mercy and forgiveness. (Jud Wilhite)

Draw near to God, fall in love with Him, and allow God to stir your heart with love for others. Let HIS love for them fill your heart. That love will compel you to walk across the room and begin a conversation with someone about Jesus.

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