Who here watches youtubers.  We have a few that play regularly at our house… pat and jen… crainer and thea… various minecraft youtubers and every youtuber has this thing they do….

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Hit that little bell




Here are 4 ways to hit that little bell as a way to remember 4 ways that we can go 100% for God and take it to the next level.


Believe that God has it figured out

God sometimes works in weird ways am I right?   This is why reading the bible is so vital, because we read about crazy situations people are in and how God does weird and wonderful things to rescue them or to get them to where they are meant to be in life.

Jericho Joshua 7

Crossing into the Promised Land Joshua 1-2

David and Goliath 1 sam 17

Naaman 2 kings 5 elisha


These 4 passages tell stories of how God used out of the box ways to change lives and win battles.  He uses the weak things to confound the wise, the small to defeat the big.  He uses our obedience and ability to trust Him with the outcomes, no matter what the situation looks like with our natural eyes.




Establish a history with God

In Exodus 33 we read about how Moses would hang out with God in a special tent and God’s presence would come down like a cloud over the tent and in the tent and Moses would pray and meet with God.    And Joshua would be with him and then when Moses was done he would stay back and hang our more with God.   When it came time for the people of Israel who had escaped slavery in Egypt to go into the promised land God chose Joshua to be the new leader after Moses died.  Joshua had seen God do amazing stuff.  He trusted God.  So when God said send the priests carrying the ark, the most precious thng in the whole world to the Israelites, into the flooded river Jordan – Joshua knew by experience, by history that all would be okay.  The river stopped flowing and the people crossed on dry land.  But they had to step out into the water first, trusting that God had it worked out.


History with God helps us trust God 100% today and tomorrow.  The bible says he is the same today and tomorrow.



Learn from the lessons of others

Perhaps you can relate to the plight of the Israelites. Some kind of giant is standing before you, taunting you, harassing you, and insulting you. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s anger. Maybe it’s a feeling of rejection. Maybe it’s the sneaky but all-too-familiar giant of comfort that compels you to live for something lesser. It might even be an addiction.

Whatever this giant is in your life, day after day it has been robbing you of power. You’ve tried to stop the taunts, but you feel immobilized. Held back. Paralyzed from moving forward. Ultimately, you know you’re not living the fullness and freedom of life that God intends for you.

The good news is that God has made a way for these giants to fall. It starts with believing that even though the giant you’re battling might be big, it’s not bigger than Jesus. In fact, He has already defeated the giants in your life. When He came to this earth, He endured hell for you on the cross and rose from the grave so you could shake off the prospect of a doomed life. He came to set you free from the giants who rise up against you and hold you paralyzed in fear.

The solution to facing the giant of fear is not determination but faith in Jesus. It isn’t so much saying, “Fear, go away,” but confessing, “I have confidence that Jesus is bigger than this giant and has already defeated it.” In Romans 10:17, Paul states, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (NKJV). When you see and hear God in and through his Word, the Word allows you to see and hear that He is bigger than your giant. That builds up your faith, and your faith in turn becomes the stone that shuts up the giant that’s already defeated.


Live life his way

Staying 100% for Jesus means we live life HIS way, not our good ideas way.  Proverbs says that there is a way that SEEMS right to a person, but in reality it leads to descruction.  Jesus lays out the challenge when He says SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and promises that all these other things, other priorities will be added.  Again, its not easy.  It takes time.  It may look different than we expect.  But God is a good God and we can trust Him and trust His wisdom and love.  Living life His way is worth it.