2 years ago I needed glasses.  It’s that thing that happens when you turn 40.  I couldn’t read the Netflix suggestions and if someone waved to me across church I’d be completely unable to tell you who it was.

When I went to pick my glasses up the optometrist got me to stand near the back of the shop and look out across the road.  I could see there was a café… some people…. Parked cars… then I had to put my glasses on.

Well.  The song I can see clearly now was sooooo true.  The café had words on it, signs.  The people had faces.  The faces had freckles!  It felt like a miracle.  Everything was in high definition!

We can walk around life with blurry vision instead of having our supernatural glasses on to see clearly as God wants us to see.

Now I’m not just talking about seeing things in the spiritual realm –  there are people in the bible who saw visions and angels, Jacob saw a ladder from earth to heaven with angels decending and ascending, ezkeiel had the most phenomenal visions and the Spirit would literally teleport him to another place, Isaiah had a vision of the throne room of God in Isaiah 6 and John saw Jesus while in exile on the island of patmos.


We live in a world that has a spiritual dimension, both good and bad but its about more than just seeing angels and demons, visions and dreams, its about tuning in the eyes of our heart to see the more that God is doing, its about seeing things from His vantage point and seeing the bigger picture.



See the past

Who we are today is the product of what has happened to us in the past or more importantly how we reacted and responded to it.

Good or bad the past has happened.  We can not relive it.  We cannot change it.  In the wise words of LOST whatever happened happened.


Our scars tell a story.  Scars you refuse to hide can become lighthouses that warn other people who are headed to the same rocks you crashed on. jon acuff

This scar on my little finger reminds me that I cannot do everything myself and that you should always see if you can reach the pedals before hoping on a tricycle….

My son has a few scars that reminds us to wear clothes while riding your bike and that you should be careful riding escalatiors and one of his hand that he got at HKC cleaning up.    Cleaning up is dangerous yall.

Seeing our past with supernatural eyes will empower us to live healthy, regardless of what we have experienced.   We never want to minimalise pain and difficulties but allowing God into those spaces of our heart, choosing to move forward trusting God, allows healing to happen.  Seeing our past with supernatural eyes and living in healing takes courage and doesn’t need to be done alone.  For some things we need professional help and yay for counsellors and phsycologists and all the help they give.   Its okay to not be okay but its not okay to camp there.

We need to see the difficulties as the fire that forges character and strength, that without those specific instances we would not be as wise, as compassionate, as gracefilled as we need to be to live out our call right here and now.

2 Cor 1 says that as God has comforted you, go and comfort others.

Sometimes that hard experience equips you to minister in a me too way that breaks through for other people so that they can receive healing from other people.


So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. Romans 8:28