This year to live out the things that God has planned for us we are going to need courage and faith.  God is calling us to stretch out our tent pegs and to step out of the boat.


We have to have courage to embrace change.  To believe in the impossible.  To have the converstations with people about Jesus.  To pray and believe for healing.  To apply for the new job.  To put your hand up for new opportunities.


Moses had to have courage to go up Mt Sinai.

He was one man out of a whole nation and he said I am not afraid I will go up on the mountain and meet God because he knew the heart of God, he had a personal relationship.  The reward of his courage was he met with God face to face, he met with God like no one else has in history.  We have to have courage to go hard after God, to make that decision to carve out time to spend with Him, to pursue His presence and to want more, even if those around us hold back.


Jonathan Edwards, 18th Century theologian and preacher wrote 70 resolutions when he was 19, which he read once a week to remind himself for 35 years, more than 1,800 times before his death in 1758.   All of his resolutions have been summed up in these two statements:


Resolution One: I will live for God.

Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.- Jonathan Edwards

His resolutions echo the challenge Elijah declared as he courageously faced off against the king and his false prophets on Mt Carmel.  He challenged the people of Israel to stop wavering between two opinions and that the God who answered by fire, He was God.  You have to have courage to make the resolve to follow God, to be of one mind, no matter what pulls you or is thrown at you.


Peter had to have courage to step out of the boat and to walk on water.

Abrahm had to have courage to leave what was comfortable and to go into unknown territory.

Joshua had to have courage to have confidence in the strategy God gave him to take Jericho.


Jonathan and his armour bearer had to have courage to climb up the mountain to take on the philistine army.  While the rest of their army nana napped under the pogemgrante tree with the king they snuck out to go make a difference.  They had a chat and said “if we meet the enemy and they call us up then we’ve got them, we’ve won, but if we meet the enemy and they say we’ll come down to you, then we’ll run because that’s a sign from God”  So they find the enemy, and sure enough the philistine solider says come on up….


Boom Jonathan says!  God is with us and nothing is impossible.


It was 2 against whatever, agasint 50-100 men, but the odds were ever in their favour because they knew that God was with them.


They were game changers, while the rest of the army slept they won a great victory.


As we step into 2017 We must understand that God does not live in our “reality.” He is not confined to odds and statistics. God has his own math. God calls us to throw off those constraints and allow ourselves to dream. Jonathan, was a dreamer who refused to be boxed in by “reality”. He had a dream to take on the army of the Philistines. On their way to the battle Jonathan reminded his friend who was carrying his armour that God could save by many or by few. He was declaring the truth that we can dream an audacious dream because the God we serve is not confined to statistics. THIS reality gave Jonathan courage.  THIS reality fuelled his dream.



Now you might not be facing an army or climbing a literal mountain to meet with God and lead a nation but you have got to tap into supernatural courage to do all audacious things that God has called YOU to do.



To talk to your friend or family member about Jesus

To put your hand up for a ministry opportunity

To pray for someone in need.

To go for the new job

To discover your passion and purposes

To seek reconciliation in a relationship

To love boldly

To step out and let God step in

Courage to live your life differently

Courage to pursue God wholeheartedly


You need courage to grab onto the dream that God has for your life.


Where does that courage come from?   How do we prepare our hearts and lives to accomplish all that we are called to do this year so when you stand on the other side of 2017 that you can look back at the accomplishments, at the growth, at the transformation, at the adventures and feel like you’ve moved forward and made the most of the time that God has given you