“Can i let you in on something?  there is a place i escape to that allows my soul to braethe and rest and reflect.  it is the place where i can drop the “yuck” the world hands me and trade it in for the fullness of GOd.  it is the a place that God reassures me, confirms that He has everything under control, and gives me a new filter through which i can process life.  the bible calls it the remaining place (John 15:4).  i call it my sweet secret place.” page 51 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN SAY YES TO GOD // Lysa Terkeurst




ahhhh i get this.

i need this space.

i carve out the time to spend time with God, not because its a good idea and its what good christians do, but because i need it.

I need His presence.

i need His peace.

i need His love and grace and power.

i am pulled in many directions and that stopping, pausing, remaining, dwelling is where i am pulled in only one direction.  towards Jesus.

its where my heart is realigned and renewed.  refreshed and restored.

sometimes all it takes is for me to close my eyes in the busyness of the day and say “hello Jesus, here i am.”

other times i like to take time, to meet with Him.

to lie on the sofa, music on, heart open.

in winter there is a space on a bean bag by the fire with my name on it.

in summer, the deck calls to me.

at night, when everything and everyone is quiet i read my bible, following a plan, day by day soaking in His Word and truth and revelation.

sometimes i talk to Him, pray, bring my needs and wants before Him.

sometimes i share my feelings.

sometimes i am still. quiet. listening.

every time i meet with God like this i come away changed.

i wait on the Lord, He restores my soul.