It’s flu season in our neck of the woods.

I had a shocker one the week before school holidays started.  My hubby and daughter went to school camp that week and I relished in the full bed experience (knowing I wasnt waking anyone up either!) and in enjoying “spoiling” my teenage son with takeaways most nights that week.

My hubby then caught the flu and spent the weekend in bed.

It has reminded me that our spirit is often willing but oh how our flesh is weak.

We need to look after ourselves – flu season or not.

Here are a few things I do to look after myself:

  • Rest well.  Sleep is important.  Really important.  I value my sleep, primarily because I still struggle with a sleep disorder so sleep becomes something that I must do.  I try to schedule an early night once a week at least (by early I mea 8:30pm!) and I cherish Saturday morning sleep ins.  Esp after a late night at youth.  The joy of not having to answer to an alarm and to “catch up” on sleep is bliss.
  • Find what gives you joy and do it.  I love reading so I try to ensure that I always have something that feeds my soul via my eyes.  I now use a reading app on my tablet and download books from the library so I’m not tied to having to go to the physical library and all that.
  • Friendship.  Friends encourage, speak truth and see us for who we are.  Good friends are people you can watch Fuller House with and then have to rewind half an episode because you started talking about life and #allthefeelings.  Good friends enhance the richness of your life.
  • Wait upon the Lord.  Isaiah 40 has some powerful promises.  Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  I look after myself when I spend time with God.  Or rather He looks after me when I spend time with Him.  However it works, I know I am a better person and more balanced and cared for when I am having regular time with God, in the Bible and with prayer and worship.


What do you do to look after yourself?