If you’ve being a mother for more than 5 minutes you know there are mother moments that test the boundaries of our sanity, wisdom and strength, that leave us breathless and wondering what to do next.  It’s amazing how in one world, before kids, we can be executives, teachers, doctors, managers, marketers, salespeople yet give us a baby and we’re left defenseless and often wondering if we’re cut out for this.  Add to that a new isolation, sleep deprivation and the changing seasons of life, hormones and pant size and instead of feeling an inexpressible joy we often are left feeling an inexpressible unexplained mehness.

How can one little or not so little person change us so much and make us feel so vulnerable?

We are in a new season of parenting.  Our son is a teenager and with it comes a surge of new hormones, new emotions and new challenges. He is significantly taller than me (though shhh dont tell him that) and has just begun high school.  Our daughter is in her last year of primary school and navigating the strangeness that is catty girl friendships.

Through all the changes and mother moments it is important to do 3 things:

Appreciate the now

Our kids change so fast.  If you’re a parent you’ve probably had a million people say “time flies by so quickly.”  It really does.  As facebook “memories” appear on my feed it amazes me how much they have changed.  Height, hair, personality.   Be present in their lives in the now.  Be there for the fun and the conversations and the moment.  Invest time with your kids and your family.

Sow into the future

The future is rapidly upon us.  With each season there are new challenges – socially, physically, spiritually, mentally.  We need to sow into the future and have the conversations in the pre-season.  We have talked to our fresh high schooler about peer pressure and sex, drugs and rock and roll for the past few years.  Awkward conversations. Necessary conversations.  Sow also into their potential.  Invest in their confidence.  Encourage their passions.


You will get through this. This is just a season.  This too will pass.  When my son was a toodler and preschooler he was FULL on.  The tantrums were wild.  I felt helpless and hopeless.  I looked ahead into the future and saw a wild out of control teen and it didnt appeal.  I prayed hard and read heaps and had great friends who had been there, done that.  I dont take the credit but our son is the most lovely young guy you’ll meet.  He is calm and good natured.  A friend of mine often refers to the past and how he was and says it gives her hope.  So breathe.  This too will pass.

What do you to to navigate changes and survive mother moments?