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“It is not so true that “prayer changes things” as that prayer changes me and then I change things.” (Oswald Chambers)


Never underestimate His voice in your voice. Every bit of encouragement that flows from your heart to another is His generous gift to them ~ Dr. Mark Chironna


“But the gospel transforms us so our self-understanding is no longer based on our performance in life. We are so evil and sinful and flawed that Jesus had to die for us. We were so lost that nothing less than the death of the divine Son of God could save us. But we are so loved and valued that he was willing to die for us. The Lord of the universe loved us enough to do that! So the gospel humbles us into dust and at the very same time exalts us to the heavens. We are sinners but completely loved and accepted in Christ at the same time. … He saw your heart to the bottom and loved you to the skies.” Tim Keller

Again a fairly new song to me – but wow, the challenge to draw near to Jesus and to live wholeheartedly in response to His great love for us…



This is a new song that I came across one day.  Love it!  Love the call for us to turn our eyes towards Jesus and away from distractions, to be devoted to Jesus and His ways!


Turn my eyes to see you Jesus, in all your glory

Turn my heart to seek your wonder of how you love me

Oh my God, forever you reign

Here and now

Hear the sound of your name

Jesus, there is none more beautiful than Jesus

There is no more powerful than the risen Christ

Centre my life on your name




Would who she was really be enough? There was no magic to help her this time. This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take—to be seen as we truly are //  Cinderella 2015

I am sure we have all taken a moment to ask ourselves this same question.

Are we enough?


Can I be myself?

Will I be enough?

Cinderella knew that her worth was not in her gown or fairness of face, but that her worth was in her heart, her character.  She had courage and kindness and THIS defined her.

She would not be defined by the names her stepsisters or stepmother called her.  She removed the power from their labels and walked in the power of her own identity.

With dignity and presence she appeared before her prince.  Loving him as he was, and being loved for herself.

Life is not a fairy tale though.  Yes there are princes, and sometimes nemesis, trials and tipping points that feel magical.  But we have to walk with that same Cinderella sense, to take the risk, to be who we truly are.

Who are you truly?  Will you risk and be that person?


I am LOVING this book by @andrewbergh!!!! I’m being good and reading it day by day as andrew instructs and love the gold revealed each day, that makes the Word come alive.  This is the best book I’ve read about HOW to read the Word and WHY it’s so worthwhile.  I think every new Christian should read it to get a solid foundation in developing a friendship with God, and every older Christian should read it to get a fresh sense of wow.  This book could revitalize your walk with God.

And it’s Free! Like seriously!  Get it from here

From the website: This book will not only help fix this but it will encourage you on a practical day to day plan to live inspired by God’s Word. I’d like to encourage you to start the 21-day inspired life project outlined in this book. I believe it’ll be an incredible investment of your time to either empower you or encourage you to get God’s Word from your head to your heart, every day for yourself!

How deep is God’s love for us?





Never ending.




Amazing love, that held Jesus on the cross, paying for my sin, setting me free.




If you’ve being a mother for more than 5 minutes you know there are mother moments that test the boundaries of our sanity, wisdom and strength, that leave us breathless and wondering what to do next.  It’s amazing how in one world, before kids, we can be executives, teachers, doctors, managers, marketers, salespeople yet give us a baby and we’re left defenseless and often wondering if we’re cut out for this.  Add to that a new isolation, sleep deprivation and the changing seasons of life, hormones and pant size and instead of feeling an inexpressible joy we often are left feeling an inexpressible unexplained mehness.

How can one little or not so little person change us so much and make us feel so vulnerable?

We are in a new season of parenting.  Our son is a teenager and with it comes a surge of new hormones, new emotions and new challenges. He is significantly taller than me (though shhh dont tell him that) and has just begun high school.  Our daughter is in her last year of primary school and navigating the strangeness that is catty girl friendships.

Through all the changes and mother moments it is important to do 3 things:

Appreciate the now

Our kids change so fast.  If you’re a parent you’ve probably had a million people say “time flies by so quickly.”  It really does.  As facebook “memories” appear on my feed it amazes me how much they have changed.  Height, hair, personality.   Be present in their lives in the now.  Be there for the fun and the conversations and the moment.  Invest time with your kids and your family.

Sow into the future

The future is rapidly upon us.  With each season there are new challenges – socially, physically, spiritually, mentally.  We need to sow into the future and have the conversations in the pre-season.  We have talked to our fresh high schooler about peer pressure and sex, drugs and rock and roll for the past few years.  Awkward conversations. Necessary conversations.  Sow also into their potential.  Invest in their confidence.  Encourage their passions.


You will get through this. This is just a season.  This too will pass.  When my son was a toodler and preschooler he was FULL on.  The tantrums were wild.  I felt helpless and hopeless.  I looked ahead into the future and saw a wild out of control teen and it didnt appeal.  I prayed hard and read heaps and had great friends who had been there, done that.  I dont take the credit but our son is the most lovely young guy you’ll meet.  He is calm and good natured.  A friend of mine often refers to the past and how he was and says it gives her hope.  So breathe.  This too will pass.

What do you to to navigate changes and survive mother moments?






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