Everyone has them.

Some of us feel more and express more.  But we all have them.

As we become self aware and grow as people we need to be aware of the influence of our feelings.

Lysa Terkeurst says “Feelings are indicators, not dictators.”  Feelings are real yes, but we can choose to act upon them or not to.  They can reveal deeper truths, fears and issues but dont necessary need to be expressed in their raw form to those around us.

We can choose how we respond instead of just reacting.   Push pause before responding and take a moment to weigh up what is going on.

When in a situation that is pushing our emotional buttons its important to Trace, Face and Replace.

Trace It – what am I telling myself?
Face it – is it the truth or a lie?
Replace it – if its not the truth then what is it?  Displace the old with the new.

What is the feeling telling us?  What is it about?  What is at the root of what we’re feeling?

What is real about this?  What is the truth?

What do I need to do about it?  If my feeling is indicating something, what action do I need to take?  What feeling do I need to express?  Or do I need to do some internal rewiring to remind myself of the truth and to change my feeling?


The 7 Steps to Healing our Feelings
1. Awareness that we do Feel
2. Knowing what our body Feels
3. Allowing our Feelings
4. Expression of Feelings, as deeply as they are felt
5. Release of negative Feelings
6. Replacement of dark with light
7. Rejoice! and celebrate life