I love the Live Your List podcast.  Ryan Eller and Jerrod Murr do a fabulous job delivering an inspiring, challenging and informative episode each week.  Sometime recently I listened to their episode on Starbucks, highlighting their 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary.  I love leadership insights like these that are based in real companies with real successes and like to listen, learn and then apply it to my own life.

These principles are taken from the wonderful book by Joseph Michelli The Starbucks Experience

1. Make it your own. Companies benefit when all employees understand business priorities and look for ways to bring their individual creativity and passion to meet those objectives. 

2. Everything matters. Pay attention to the small things to make the big things happen. 

3. Surprise and Delight. Delight is the caramelized popcorn; surprise is the prize! Nowadays people have a certain anticipation or hope that they will be dazzles, even in the most mundane experiences…surprise and delight them!

4. Embrace resistance. Nothing in nature grows without facing limiting forces. Embracing resistance involves a complex set of skills that enable business and individuals to create business and relationship opportunities when they are confronted with criticism, skepticism, irritation, or wariness. You must distinguish between people who want their concerns to be resolved and those who simply like to complain.

5. Leave your mark. Successful business leaders realize that a key part of their success is leaving a powerful and positive mark on their communities. This is the seventh level of Live Your List. Leave a legacy and make a difference. 

These 5 principals fit with my heart with how I run my life, and my leadership as HKC Youth Pastor.

  1.  Make it your own:   I live with a passion for the purpose of what I am doing – be it as a concrete company customer service rep or as a  youth pastor.  Purpose helps me be intentional and creative and I bring a lot of ownership to what I do.  What I do comes from who I am.
  2. Everything matters:  I always say that everything we do at HKC has a purpose.  Everything.  Star Wars movie nights at the end of term have a purpose – they’re an easy ask to bring friends to.  Cool posters in the kiosk area give the space vibe and buzz.  Encouragement matters.  Facebook matters.  Friendship matters.  Candy matters.  It all has a purpose.  Small things can create connection and connection is 75% half the battle (you know I made that one up right?)
  3. Surprise and Delight:  Earlier this year I began with numbered prize bags.  Some have cool things, like chocolate, or cds, or itunes vouchers, or socks with boxer dogs wearing sungalsses…  Every few weeks or so I fill one of the bags with cotton balls as a prize.  Yes, yes we do.  It’s all part of the fun.  Maybe not a heap of delight with it but it does make for hilarity.  Giving away two bottles of Lewis Rd Creamery Chocolate Milk – yes, yes I will esp as it may help people remember the joy of the gospel.
  4. Embrace Resistance:  Youth ministry has its ups and downs.   It has its fans and its followers.  It has its not fans.  But that’s okay.  That’s part of life.  Life has its up and downs.  That is part of the joy.  Conquering.  Battle.  Epic victories.  Heroes. There is also spiritual war, not against people, flesh and blood, but against the powers that hold people in chains and wreck their lives.  As a youth minister I embrace resistance because I know I’ve won, because Jesus won, and that I’m in this fight for people’s hearts and souls.  It is worth it.
  5. Leave your mark:  I want to see people’s lives changed.  Forever.  For eternity.  He > I.  Always.