You may have noticed the sound of crickets around here lately….   The photo kind of gives it away.  About 5 weeks ago I broke my finger.  Playing dodge ball at youth group.  I’m the youth pastor and I think the first official break for the year.  But it means that for a few weeks its been painful to type.   After 4 weeks of pain and no longer being able to really bend my finger I decided that it wasnt getting better by itself so saw the dr, who sent me off for xrays.  I chipped a bone in my joint and then fractured the bone between the joint and my hand.  No wonder it hurt.  I’ve had it in a buddy strap splint since then.  Which actually has made all the difference.  Mobility is returning and it is less painful to do normal things like indicating in the car or brushing my hair and cutting my food.  Though, when the splint is on I’m a bit hopeless.  I cant bend my finger or type properly.  Or cut my food.  Or carry things.

You know, sometimes in life we’re broken.  A bit cracked.  In pain.

Sometimes we need to strap ourselves to a friend and let them support us and strengthen us through the healing process.   Yes seriously.  Life lesson from a broken finger.  Who are you strapping yourself to today?