Isaiah 35 is one of my most favourite passages of the Bible.

In a dry time of my life when I couldnt feel the presence of God, God breathed life into this chapter and claimed it as my own.

His promise is that in the dry places, in the desert of our life, that springs of living water will flow, that the deserts will bloom and that there will be new life and new growth.

The phrase “deserts will bloom” sings of such hope and power.  The promise that life will flourish in a place where no life is possible.  Miraculous refreshment.

Sometimes we hold back from God, in our desperate spaces, because of our own unfaithfulness.  We got ourselves in a dehydrated state, so thus, how can we ask God to help, to ease our sorrow, to fall afresh upon us.  But God’s presence and power is not dependent upon my own faithfulness but His own.  He is faithful.  When I am dry He breathes new life into my soul.   Deserts will bloom.  Will.

There is no situation too far away from God’s grace.

What desert do you need to bloom today?