“Your life from seed to full-grown tree is a process. We all like the idea of fruit, but rarely do we allow ourselves to build a root system.” Banning Liebscher

What dreams do you have for the future that you need to plant the seeds for today?

How can you best nurture those seeds?

Today I had a fascinating conversation with my 13 year old son about memory.  He told me that there are 4 types of memory.  Short term, long term, now memory and future memory.

Future memory is about vision and dreaming.  The person you want to be, the things you want to do and have.

I want my future memories to become future realities.  I want to take them out of the dream realm into the now realm.

So I plant seeds in my now.

I nurture the gifts and talents that I am graced with.

I stir up the passions and purposes of God.

I read and learn and grow and stretch so that as time passes I am becoming and being who I am meant to be.

I nourish my root system with connections and relationships, with conversations that spark a sense of determination and delight, with books and podcasts that reframe how I see the world.

I want my fruit to be rich and productive, to speak of a life lived with God, for God, by God.

I want my fruit to encourage and inspire other people into the greatness that God desires for them.

I want my fruit to be eternal, lasting, significant.

I want my life to touch other peoples lives, not for my own fame but to make His name famous.

As I see this end in mind I must nurture a life that walks with God in my today, in my now.

My now has a profound influence on every part of my tomorrow.

How are you nurturing your seeds and roots?