Today I rested.

It has been a busy good few weeks with Ascend Camp, work, parent interviews, family, life coaching and friendships.

Which I love.  I thrive on busy.

But I don’t want to glorify it.  How often do we validate ourselves or seek validation when people ask you how we are…. and the common response is “busy.”

There are times when I need to stop.  My heart knows this well.


Today I knew I had nothing on schedule.  A blank space in the calendar.

A day to pray and just be.

A day to read and write.

A day to watch mindless tv.

A day to listen to music.

It’s in times of rest that God refuels us and we can hear His voice. In our restful times we can find order in the midst of chaos and connect with our Creator. Are you getting enough alone time with God?

We need to embrace rest, embrace stopping, in the midst of this busy world.





What do you do to stop and rest?