I believe that our lives tell a story.

They tell a story of a great hero, a rescuer, who loves with a great love and does amazing exploits to prove that, despite the circumstances and the obstacles, overcoming and courageous, determined and kind, wise and powerful.

Our lives tell the story of Jesus.

My life tells His story.

In my ordinary life i am a demonstration of His reality and His power and His grace.

He is my greatest hero.  my rescuer.  my redeemer.

He loves me with a great love and died on the cross as the greatest exploit to save me.

despite the circumstances, the obstacles, my rebellion

He prevails.

He is the hero.

He uses my life to show His love, to show His reality, to show His grace.

That His love never fails.

That He makes all things beautiful.

That as far as the east is from the west He removes our sins from us.

That He makes us His.

That He loves us first.

My story has had some ups and downs.  I have rebelled, strayed, cooled, disappointed.  I have loved, served, being faithful.

But constantly, He is.

Constantly, He will be.

“Our mess is the canvas on which God paints His story of redemption.” -Louie Giglio

I want my life to tell a good story.  A story that reveals His greatness and goodness.  A story that is raw and powerful and that compels others to live for Jesus. I want my story to engage with people and draw them in to hear HIS heart.

My life is being written now.  I am writing my life. The pages of my past are written in pen but the pages of my future are yet unformed.

By my choices i am “picking my path” (loved those books as a child!)

By my choices i am choosing to follow with the hero, or to walk my own way.

but i am confident of this one thing, that i am loved.  that i am called.  that i am forgiven.

Even if the red pen is used in my life story, His promise is that He will use all things for the good of those who love Him, for His glory, for His fame, for His story.

He is the hero.  He is the main character.

It is all about Him.