I’ve been rewatching LOST again.  Yes, again.

I am slightly still very much obsessed with this show.   It is my happy place.

I think one of the reasons that I adore it is that there are certain moments in the show that springboard thoughts for me that stir my heart’s affection towards God.

The Moth is one of those moments.

Live together, Die alone is another that resonates.

Charlie sings it as You All Everybody.

Togetherness.  This is how we do this thing called life.

All, everybody, together.

To live our dreams, to serve and thrive in our purpose, to be who we are called and created to be, we must be in community.  Surrounded in the together.  

Yes, it takes vulnerability to do life with people.  It’s a risk.   People are not predictable.

But the pay off is so worth it and the penalty is dangerous.

We need voices to cheer us on and celebrate the steps forward.  We need encouragement to live our dream.  We need hands to hold us on the dark road and to shine a light with wisdom as we navigate each day.

We need people alongside us to remind us who we are and where we are going.

We need big people who may have walked in similar shoes to point out the pitfalls and precipices ahead, who can share their insights and the lived out secrets to their success.

Who are the people you’re doing life with?  Who can you ask the big questions to?  Who are you learning from?   Who are you inspired by?  Who encourages you?  Who speaks the honest truth to you?  Who can you lean on?  Who can you be real with?  Who are you enriched by?  Who are you challenged by?  Who loves you unconditionally?

Moses had Joshua and Aaron.

David had Joab.

Paul had Barnabas.

Jesus had his inner circle of disciples, John, James and Peter.

Jesus knew the importance of friendship and doing life with people.  He wasn’t a lone ranger.

We are all on a journey.  Who are you journeying with?  Who are you together with?