Last week was the shortest day of the year.  Already we see the days lengthening and changing, the weather attempting to be warm to lure us into the promise of spring.

Seasons change.  With new seasons of the year come new opportunities, experiences, weather patterns, habits, blessings and “hassles”.  Each winter I end up buying new winter gloves because invariably the ones from the year before have wandered off into who-knows-where land.  When the bite of a frost chills me to the core I always long for the sunshine of summer.  But I love winter for pumpkin soup and hearty roasts.  I love winter pjs and slippers, the roar of the fire and the coziness of a blanket.  In winter you can snow, in summer you can surf.  Summer speaks to me of ice cream and walking along the beach, and lazy afternoons with a book and sunglasses.

As with the seasons of the year, so life changes.  It has its own seasons.

There are seasons of growth and harvest.  Seasons of productivity and creation.  Seasons of depth and preparation.

What season are you in?

Every season has its opportunities, experiences, patterns, habits, blessings and “hassles”.

Here are 3 things I do to appreciate and maximize the season I am in:

1.  Be aware.  There is something settling about knowing what season you’re in.  When its cold, wet and frosty I remind myself, “yes, it is winter”.  Just that acknowledgement settles my heart to prepare and accept what may come.  It reminds me to add another layer of clothing and to bring in the firewood.  It settles my heart with a resilience to weather the season. What seasonal changes do you need to accept?

2.  Prepare.  “What you store up in the silence you comes back to you in the storm” Christine Caine.  Prepare your heart for coming seasons.  Prepare your physical body for future seasons.  Prepare your life.   Learn.  Grow.  Feed your spirit with the Word of God and worship so that when the season changes you are prepared for anything.  Anchor yourself in the promises of God.  One could look at this another way too – the animals that store food for winter survive in that cold season on what they gathered during the warmer months.  Are you prepared for the coming season?

3.  Stay warm.   Did you know there is a very real mental condition that is affected by the weather and season (and a lack of vitamin d)?  Whatever season you’re in aim to maintain a warm heart and a great attitude.  Your attitude determines your altitude.  Navigate change and seasons with grace, proactivity, faith and victory.  Don’t let your heart become cold and your attitude bitter because the season bites.

Do you know what season you are in now?  What can you do to maximize the opportunity in this season?