Today we have a choice.

How do we live?

Broken or whole?

Ruined or restoring?

Shadow or light?

Today God invites you to walk a new road, into wholeness and restoration.

He is the God who rebuilds the ruins and reestablishes cities.  He makes all things beautiful in His time.

In this process, of wholeness and restoration, we must choose the yes.  We are active participants in change.  We partner with God in saying YES and by taking a hold of the future He promises.

We renew our mind, aligning our thoughts with His Words, His truth, His love.  We take captive any thought that seeks to keep us adrift from His love and purposes, that seeks to entrap us in ruin and brokenness.

The Word of God is the truth we should write on our hearts.

Anything that doesn’t ring with that revelation and love and rightness must be discarded and a new thought, a new way, a newness must be adopted and embraced.

It is often said, that as you think – so you will become.

What a promise filled statement.  What you think so you will become.  Do you see?  That means we are not “stuck” in today, in the broken spaces, in the ruins of our life.  We are not held prisoner by our fears and doubts, by our rejections and disappointments.   We do not need to live in the shadows.  We can be more.  We can be whole, free, transformed.

What we think – we will become.

Choose to think free.  Choose to think new.  Choose to think loved.  Choose to think whole.  Choose to let light in.

Life life through the filter of God’s truth and love for you and through you.

Allow Him to write line by line a new story on your heart.