“How you are internally poised will affect how far you go in living out the destiny God has for you” Charlotte Gambil

Are you at peace on the inside?

Living with hope?

Holding on with faith?

These internal poises will affect how you live out your life and how you live your purposes.

I want to be someone who lives with purpose, on purpose.

The peace I have on the inside is a gift from God.  There are times I am so messy and up and down!  There are times my thoughts rage against me.  My worst enemy lives between my two ears.  But the Bible says that God gives peace that is beyond understanding, that doesnt require circumstances to be a true peace.

The hope I live with comes from a confidence that God is who He says He is and that He is good, and great.  My hope is founded upon His character.  It also is a gift that He gives, an ability to see the world through the lens of His power and heart.  The world may be dark and my life surrounded by struggle but because of the promises of God I can live with hope.

The faith I hold onto isnt something I work up or work out.  It isnt about being good enough, trying harder or being more spiritual.  The object of my faith is worthy of the faith and trust I put upon Him.  Jesus.  It’s not my faith that is special but Jesus that is worth it.  I hold onto faith because His promises can be trusted.  I have seen it in my own life.  I have seen it in others.  Life is a journey and I hold onto God’s hand as I navigate every pathway.  Even in my weakest moments I know that it will be okay because God is with me.  Even in the mess of life I know that I am loved, chosen, called, liked, accepted.

My poise is a response to God.  It is a response to His love, grace, faithfulness and power.

It lives and breathes His peace, hope and faith.  It is fueled by His love.

THAT is what empower me to live the plans and purposes of God.  Himself.

How are you living your life today?