To live by faith you’re going to need to become very familiar with your bible. You’re going to need to saturate your mind with the Word of God. If your faith isnt rooted in God’s promises, its not scriptural faith. Prioritize the presence of God in your daily life. – steven furtick – Sun stand still

There are going to be times when life throws lies at you.

Everyday there are people that may attack us or live out of their own pain, and we just happen to be in the way and the first person they can lash out at.

Everyday people will let us down, unintentionally and intentionally.

Everyday there will be situations that stretch us, that test us, that turn up the pressure.

Everyday the enemy will aim fiery arrows at us.  His objective is to kill, steal and destroy.  He has many tactics and strategies to bring darkness.

Everyday he will weave words of deception and accusation around us, works of death and discouragement.

Everyday that internal voice we have wrestles with the cacophony of opinions around us, deciding which we will align ourselves with and agree with, deciding which we will discard and deflect.

Everyday it can feel like we’re drowning.

Every day we need the Word of God to proclaim TRUTH to us.

What is the truth of what God says about who we are?  Accepted.  Loved.  Welcomed.  Called.  Liked.

What is the truth of what God says about your situation?  All things work for good for those who love Him according to His purpose and plans.

What is the action of God at this moment?  He is at work to protect and encourage you, give you hope and peace.

God wants to saturate us with His hope, life, love, grace and peace.

By making the Bible a priority we make the truth and reality of God a priority.  We fill ourselves with His Words, His life, His purposes.  It makes it easier to spot a lie and to offensively shut them down.  It raises up the shield of faith that cannot be penetrated by the fiery arrows of the enemy.

The enemy is a liar.

He is defeated already.

Jesus has won.

Jesus defeated Him and brings life in abundance.  Jesus gives hope and truth.

To live as overcomers we overcome by what Jesus has already done, already paid for, already purchased, already won.

We live in His victory.

We have to live saturated in His victory.

Whose words are you listening to today?