today: is monday #weseetomorrowfirst and i confess, i do love mondays!  monday is my day off and i try to fill it with friends who do my heart well.  this week also my girl goes to school camp!  exciting stuff but oh my mummy heart is stretching!

want to be: close to God

blessings: opportunities

thinking: about the amazing privilege i have to walk through life with amazing people

planning: on having an awesome week

listening to: Ascend the Hill.  i found a cd of theirs in my car last week (after i thought i had lost it a year or so ago) and its like having a new cd.  they’re amazing if you havent heard them, check them out!  will wreck your heart!

watching: arrow

reading: hmmmm i confess that i’m not really reading much at the moment.  blame the overdue fines at the library.  i am reading MINGLING OF SOULS by MATT CHANDLER on my tablet.  is very good!

writing: a message for friday night at youth!

loving:  my family

grateful: for God’s grace and love