This year I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to do an amazing Life Coaching Course (up to level 2).

Each week I drive over the Harbour Bridge into adventure.

I meet with an awesome bunch of people and our tutor and we learn the skills, and “practice” upon each other.   It’s insightful being both coach and client.  We walk in the shoes of what it feels like to peel back the layers to explore limitations and beliefs, values and purpose.  It takes courage to open yourself up to the questions of a Life Coach.  Sometimes its not easy to push past the surface into the real why of what is going on.  But I have learned that freedom is on the other side of that uncomfortableness.  Awareness releases new strength and strategies to overcome.  Sometimes we need to have that brave conversation (with ourselves, or a friend, or a coach) that will reveal the hidden chains that hold us back.

These chains can be the very thoughts we think about ourselves, or things that people have said about us.

As people we have to be prepared to peel back the layers of our hearts before God, to allow Him to transform us from the inside out.  We need to allow Him to write new truths upon our heart that empower us to live the life He is calling us into.  Yes, it can be uncomfortable.  But it is so worth it.

God wants to exchange our mourning for joy.  Beauty for ashes.  Strength for weakness.

What layer do you need to peel back today?