As children of God we are free.

Freer than we may ever know.

We are no longer slaves, slaves to our self, slaves to our shame, slaves to our past, slaves to our rejection, slaves to our sin and the sins of others… we are free.  Truly free.

His freedom is limitless.  It removes every chain, every burden.

His freedom is given by grace, walked in by grace, felt by grace.  Oh what grace it is that sets me free.

I am no longer a slave, no longer ashamed, no longer at arms length – but I am invited in, right in.  I am invited to come and be loved and to love.  I am seen as innocent and acceptable by the grace and works of Jesus.

My freedom was not freely purchased, but cost the life of my Saviour Jesus Christ.  It is His death that won my freedom.  He who was no slave but is the King of the universe became slave to death to defeat it.

My freedom cost Him His all.

I receive.  I receive.  I bow and receive.  I worship and receive.

All that was won for me I receive.

Thank you for your freedom Jesus.